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Protecting The Brain From Damage With Ginko

Super Ginkgo Biloba to Slow Down
And Reverse Aging of The Brain

Super Ginkgo Extract 100 120 mg caps

European physicians are prescribing Ginkgo Biloba to slow down and reverse aging of the brain. A number of well designed studies published in medical journals have shown that ginkgo can improve mental function in people of all ages. Some European physicians have stated that ginkgo is more effective than high doses of Hydergine in treating senile dementia.

Studies have consistently shown Ginkgo to be beneficial in treating a variety of conditions. Ginkgo Biloba has a positive effect on circulation, both cerebral and peripheral, including an ability to reduce abnormalities of muscle tone, of blood vessels, capillary permeability, abnormal aggregation of blood platelets, arterial damage caused by atherosclerosis and tissue damage caused by low blood flow.

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