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Christina Rosetti-Presidential Candidate 2000

More Information On The Christina Rosetti Campaign

Essay by Christina Rosetti:

Christina Rosetti is now a Presidential Candidate for the New Millennium. Christina Rosetti has taught for many years in the Central New York region. She has taught Physics, Mathematics and other academics in the Secondary schools, Colleges, Universities and Graduate School. Christina Rosetti now teaches methods of Spiritual and practical living for all. Christina Rosetti has become known for her strong activism in the field of Human Rights. Christina is also known for her Rape Prevention Lecture/Workshops. Christina Rosetti believes in a Spiritual approach to life and politics and as President, would promote the Spirituality of the individual and their place in society. Christina Rosetti also would promote the Spiritual concept and practice of the Brotherhood of Mankind. The main platform is full support of Human Rights and the equality of ALL; As a survivor of a hate-crime perpetrated by campus police at one school where Christina Rosetti taught in central New York; Christina Rosetti knows the importance of tough hate-crime legislation. Christina Rosetti also believes in protecting our children from Big Tobacco, and protecting our children from the proliferation of guns in this country.

Christina Rosetti further believes that full Democracy is not possible without very strong Campaign Finance Reform.

Other platform positions include making Social Security and Medicare solvent.

As President, Christina Rosetti will end the hypocrisy of profits over people and end the tradition of giving automatic trade preferences to countries having an official policy of repressing those of faith or belonging to Spiritual groups.

Christina Rosetti has written a book entitled: The New Spiritual Bible. This book contains the methods and concepts that can enable each person to attain full equality and peace on the planet and end terrorism. Those wishing to volunteer or contribute to the success of the Christina Rosetti for President campaign please call the number below or contact the below email address:

Contact number: 315-251-9028


Chris Rosetti

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