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Was Baha'ullah a Prophet or Imposter ?

The file photo of Mirza Ali Nuri 'Baha'ullah' has been removed due to complaints from Bahais

        Bahaism is among the youngest religions in the world. Founded in around 1863, it developed in Iran from the break away sect of shia called Babism. Its founder Mirza Hussian Ali Nuri declared himself a Prophet as a fulfilment of a prophecy of the founder of Babism. Today Bahaism has around five million followers,  its texts have been translated into 350 odd languages. It has 150 national assemblies and 20,000 local spiritual assemblies. It is a self-consciously universal religion as it perceives humanity as one and the different religions as manifestations of the same divinity. The Lotus temple in New Delhi is one of their major places of worship, although the chief three are located in present-day Israel, it has established itself firmly around the world. But the big question still remains 'Was Baha'ullah really a prophet?' especially when Islam  declared Prophet Muhammed  ( PBUH ) the last messenger of God more than 1200 years before Baha'ullah. Due to this it has entered into a conflict with Islam.

        Thus in the following pages we are going to cover a wide variety of topics from history to fundamental beliefs of the Bahais & from philosophy to sects in the religion & try to answer the fundamental question - 'Was Baha'ullah really a Prophet of God ?'

Note : This site is for the layman just as much as it is for the religious experts of Islam & Bahaism. Most sites of this kind try to overload the reader with comparative religion, verses, philosophies, etc. which may be confusing to the layman. So we have made an earnest attempt to present more facts that are of sober nature & points which invite more thought & reasoning rather than making the reader to withstand strong blasts of comparative religion. We hope readers from all religions & sects will find these pages informative.

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Topic wise Index

   Introduction ( current page )
1. A glance at history
2.What the Bahais claim
3. What Islam says
4. Scientific statements in Islamic & Bahai scriptures
5. The Acid test
6. The Acid test 2
7. The status of Bahaullah in Bahaism
8. The final word
9. The Quran Central
10. Links


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 Was Bahaullah a Prophet or an Impostor?

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