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The Australian Society of Astrologers Inc

ASA Activities in Your State

 New South Wales

~The ASA in Sydney meets the first Friday of every month for discussions, lectures and talks on everything astrological.

~Courses in astrology are run at all levels by correspondence and face to face……….

~September 22nd 2000 we will be having a barbecue and open day for astrological discussion celebrating the Spring Equinox. AUD$25-00 per person

For details contact: Gregory de Montfort: Telephone +61 2 9754 2999

 South Australia

For details contact Peter Whitewood : Telephone +61 8 8340 8834




~Monthly astrology meetings are held the first Thursday of every month

~Astrology classes………

For details contact Renee Badger: Telephone +61 7 5445 8017

Western Australia


Northern Territory