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Links and Resources Page

 Online Chart Calculation

 Astrodienst Online - Calculates Charts & Has Comprehensive Atlas and Time Zone data base

 Zodiacal Zephyr - Features Chart Calculation and Birthdata Database, articles and links to many sites on the world-wide-web

 Astrolabe Software - Free Chart & Mini-Reading (Automatically Calculates LAT, LONG, Zone)

 Asteroid Ephemerides & Positions

 Online Celebrity Birth Data

 Zodiacal Zephyr Celebrity Search

 Matrix's Celebrity Astro*Search Online Database

 144 Charts of Celebrities - Steinbrecher Collection

 Very Latest Chart Data - from AA's Transit Newsletter

 Internet Movie Database - Birthdays of Many Actors & Directors - Search by Name (click NAME radio button) or by Date

 Lois Rodden's AstroDatabank - free current data examples and ordering information for commercial data product

 Free Astrological Software

 Riyal Calculation Software - Positions of Planets & Centaurs, Free Program Created by Juan Antonio Revilla

 Swiss Ephemeris - Free Accurate Ephemerides of Planets & Asteroids with Free (Non-Graphical) Software

 Astrolog - Fantastic Astrology Freeware created by Walter D. Pullen

 Online Tools & References

 Sabian Symbols Oracle

 Marc Edmund Jones - original 'mimegraphed symbols' - an early form of his Sabian Symbols

 NED Coordinate Calculator Page - This is great for transforming RA & Declination into Ecliptical Longitude & Latitude at will

 Lunar Perigee & Apogee Calculator

 Geocentric Distance-Conjunctions 1900-2019

 Distances in Astrology - Online Table Generator Tool

 Asteroid Name Search

 Minor Planet Ephemeris Service - Orbital Elements & RA/DECL Positions

  On-line Books

 Christian Astrology Vol. 1 - by William Lilly - scanned and converted text (word document)

 ASA Member Sites (-financial members only)

 Gregory J. de Montfort's Astrology on the Web - A site dedicated to all astrologers and the furtherment of astrology's knowledge base


 Non Member Sites

Macro-Astrology Research Centre

A research site by Terry MacKinnell specialising in the precessional ages, such as the Age of Aquarius, utilising the techniques of macro-astrology

C.U.R.A. (Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Astrologie) is a magazine on line and an association initially open to researchers, but also to practitioners and sympathizers of astrology.
It aims at involving the enlightened public as well as that of specialists (in particular anthropologists, philosophers and epistemologists) in examining the viability and relevance of astrology as it takes steps to advance knowledge.
Specifically, a dialogue with university research departments would be very welcome.

The "Graha-anukul ratna-visheshajna parishad" or Planetary Gemologists Association (PGA), is a regulatory and research group formed to help unite all genuine Planetary Gemolsogists around the world. Articles and more!!!!!

"Please feel free to email the WEBMASTER details of your site or resource for listing to this page

NOTE: Qualifying Criteria for Links is as follows:

A: For listing to the Members section you must be a current financial member of the ASA

B: For all listings:
1/. to have suitable informative articles disseminating astrological thought and principles for use by beginners or professionals
2/. be dedicated to bringing astrology into repute by clearly demonstrating the principles of the ASA Code of Ethics.