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Australian Society of Astrologers Code of Ethics

(This must be read before joining the ASA) 

Members of the Australian Society of Astrologers Inc., (ASA) will always be expected to adhere to the following code of ethics, as membership is thereupon conditional.

Promotion of astrological Knowledge & Practices:

1) Members should always endeavour to promote and ensure, when the need arises, that the general public is accurately informed about existing and appropriate astrological knowledge and practices.

2) It is important for all ASA members to continually strive for the highest possible standards in astrological expertise and to conduct themselves in their best professional manner when representing the Society.

Qualification of members:

1) Recognised qualified members, as determined and awarded by the Management Committee of the ASA, can use the letters "ASA" after their names. The ASA and its members should always endeavour to accurately inform the general public—whenever possible—on qualified members, and of attempts and claims by unqualified persons, who provide astrological services to the public.

Behaviour of Members:

1) Members are expected to ensure that the integrity and professional status of astrology will be enhanced and preserved; and accordingly to behave in a manner appropriate with the ASA’s listed code of ethics. The ASA Management Committee reserves the right to assess the ethical behaviour of any member/s when called upon, and to discontinue membership if need be.

2) Members should always endeavour to respect and help fellow members in their individual astrological pursuit of knowledge without bias, and to discourage any and all divisions of astrology.

Client Protection:

1) The well-being and welfare of any client must always be put above the member’s self interest; and the first and foremost consideration must ensure that the client’s understanding of his/her natal birth chart is brought forward in a constructive, positive and helpful fashion, with due regard to the emotional state of the client (any negative reflections are totally undesirable).

2) Clients must always be informed of any astrologically interpretative limitations, such as: Inaccurate times; unreliability of birth data, etc., including the requirement for rectification. The client must also be made aware that, even though calculations can be precisely formulated, predictive or futuristic events depend purely on the judgement of the particular astrologer.

3) Member’s must always ensure the requirement of the greatest possible accuracy in the erection of all astrology charts for their clients.

4) Any and all consultations with any client is deemed to be totally confidential, unless such confidentiality can cause physical harm or danger to another person or persons.

The following application form may be printed and posted along with the appropriate
subscription fee to:-

Send to:
Australian Society of Astrologers
P.O. Box 7120
Bass Hill,
New South Wales 2197.

Telephone/Facsimile: +61 2 9754 2999

Membership Application Form

Name ________________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________


Post Code __________________

Phone __________________________/____________________________h/w

Birth Details (optional)



Student or Pensioner Card No (20% discount $40-00) ______________________________________________________________

(20% discount includes husband and wife as a joint team $80-00)

Annual Subscription ($50-00): $ __________________________

Bi-annual Subscription (two years - $90-00) $ _______________

(husband and wife as a joint team - two years - $150-00)

I enclose Cheque/money order for: $ ______________________

 I have hereby read and agreed to abide by the ASA’s CODE OF ETHICS — a copy of which is in my possession.


Dated ________________Signed _____________________________________