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ã Gregory J. de Montfort

The Midheaven forms the cusp of the 10th house of the natal chart. The axis of the Midheaven, (also known as the M.C. or ‘Zenith’, is the point at which the ecliptic passes the meridian at the moment of birth) and the Imum Coeli, (I.C. -or the ‘Base of Heaven’ of the chart) is an indicator of the potential of our Spiritual and material path in life.

Along with our Ascendant/Descendant axis and the Moon’s Nodal Axis, the Midheaven/Imum Coeli axis reflects the way that we interact with the world at large.

It is sometimes known as the Axis of Destiny.

By natal position, you will feel a strong identification with the ideals of this Sign and hence admire, respect, and work hard at trying to develop those qualities. It symbolises qualities that we grow toward as we mature, but requires that we put in the effort to attain the optimum expression of those qualities.

A planet posited in the 10th house of the natal chart represents ways of being, qualities or types of activities that are important to us and which we will express in our public life, hence the connection of the Midheaven and tenth house with reputation. Experience shows that a 10th house conjunction to the Midheaven tends to express more definitely than a 9th house conjunction as there is a more specific and concentrated focus of energy in that arena of life - it is the cusp of the 10th that we are speaking of after all.

The house position of the ruling planet of the Midheaven's Sign is significant also, as this reveals a field of experience that very often will feel like a true calling at a very deep level.

The Midheaven reveals the reflection of our position within the community.
The Midheaven is a ‘public point’, that is, no transit or progression to this point can be kept quiet so to speak. Matters involving the job, career direction and lifestyle can emerge as this point receives contacts in the course of our life.. In youth, the M.C. can symbolise the parent by whom we define our public self. (Usually the father – but in cases of sole parenting, or where the father does not play a significant role in the bringing up of the child, it will be the mother or main care giver). Keep in mind when interpreting conjunctions to the Midheaven, that this is an axis - MC/IC - and is the vertical of the cross of matter - so polarity comes into play. The 10th /4th house axis represents our career and home; father/mother respectively, so what affects one (conjunction) will necessarily be reflected in the other (an opposition).

By solar arc direction, and progression, the Midheaven moves through the birth chart at the same rate as the Sun.
Most of us will experience the conjunction of Midheaven to a natal planet or planet to natal Midheaven at least once in our lives, and these contacts signal major life changes of some kind.

At these times our antennae to the cosmic influences is activated. Potentials of this activation are revealed in the horoscopic blue print of the potentialities of the birth chart, - as it receives contacts, we receive energies and qualities symbolised by the planets contacting the Midheaven. The contacts correspond to key periods of decision making, new realisations or important events and activities in our lives.

The Midheaven can reveal what we know about ourselves - that is, our self-awareness or ego-consciousness.
The symbolism of the zodiacal sign of the Midheaven, combined with the decanate, provides us with an understanding of the potential for self awareness and the drive to be that which we were divinely designed to become - wholeness, or individuation. To expand this understanding, a synthesis of the Midheaven with the rest of the chart through aspects to the planets is necessary.

This article addresses only conjunctions to the Midheaven, using Reinhold Ebertin's A Combination of Stellar Influences and Vivia Jayne's Aspect's to Horoscope Angles (both published by the American Federation of Astrologers), as a basis for delineation of the individual conjunctions and does not take into account other chart factors. . Other aspects indicate means other than the need for action and self-projection associated with the conjunction according to the individual meaning of the aspect involved.



In terms of consciousness, a conjunction of the Sun addresses the very goals of life. Individuals with the Sun and Midheaven conjunct in the natal chart tend to be more in touch with their own consciousness because what they are and self-awareness are focused in the same direction. With no aspect between the Sun and Midheaven, this 'connection' is more diffuse. The Sun/Midheaven conjunction focuses on advancement toward attainment of ambition and recognition. During the time when Sun and Midheaven are conjunct by progression, you tend to recognize changes in direction or goals quite clearly. The conjunction aspect generally describes the beginning and ending of a cycle. Thus any conjunction to the Midheaven heralds a key period of fulfillment - and what occurs during this time will be the harvest of the seeds sown in the previous cycle. This culmination relates to the beginning of a new period in life, emerging from the previous cycle. The Sun conjunction can represent connections with authority figures of any type, or a connection with the essence of your very being and that which you are drawn toward becoming.


When the Midheaven conjuncts the Moon, there is a direct connection between ego-consciousness and the soul (the unconscious self). Our senses at this time are heightened, and there is an emphasis on inner spiritual meaning and values which can become a catalyst for self-understanding. It allows for diffuse interests based upon deeply rooted spiritual values. During Moon/Midheaven conjunctions, preconscious or unconscious motives merge into awareness involving soul, relationships and changing objectives. Our strongest needs tend to be 'out in the open' at this time, encouraging a new approach to our mental, social or professional activities with an emphasis on emotions, nurturing and our kinesthetic responses.


The Midheaven/Mercury conjunction addresses self-knowledge through information and thought processes which are immediately available for self-examination. A Midheaven/Mercury conjunction can allow resolution of inner conflicts to occur directly through self-awareness or ego-consciousness. There is a need at this time to have our points of view refined and clarified. The emerging cycle involves clear thinking, ego-conscious action and vocational changes. Generally, we will feel a need for knowledge and education, and may decide to undertake a course or participate in a self-study programme through books in order to deepen our understanding.


According to Ebertin the Midheaven/Venus aspect addresses the quality of individual love - either falling in love or deepening an existing relationship. According to esoteric astrology, Venus relates to concrete knowledge. This combination emphasizes profound awareness that all concrete knowledge is rooted in the principle of love. Another expression of the Mid-heaven/Venus conjunction is emerging artistic expression, involving either the physical world or interpersonal and social relations. The conjunction focuses on the individual's emerging awareness of the capacity to love, attachment and/or falling in love. Career advancements through recognition of your expression or creativity.


The Midheaven/Mars conjunction indicates emerging awareness of ego-conscious action or motivation resulting from our reason being enthused with an idea or feeling. The ability to decide what to do and the action itself are closely connected to the awareness of self. Prudence, a quality not normally associated with Mars, can emerge because the individual is bringing self-awareness to his or her activities. The integration of ego-consciousness with action results then in more orderly activities and fewer missteps. Less constructive expression can result in careless action due largely to the lack of clear thinking processes. With Mars energy manifesting in focussed action, directed motivation and drive, conscious control of these energies provides for improved results. The conjunction can signal recognition and achievement of goals, change in occupation and ego conscious action.


Conjunction of the Midheaven to Jupiter emphasizes the nobler facets of human expression as a result of self-awareness. The urge to expand is joined with self-awareness to provide direction and develop optimism. The desire to accomplish something important can be a powerful motivation toward success; in the negative expression, it can lead to a sense of self-importance, and so ego-centric behaviour and arrogance can result. At this time recognition, success, professional gains and travel may manifest into one's life. The new cycle heralded by this conjunction focuses on success, conscious objectives and optimism.


This conjunction is about our awareness of change and more about the limitations we find in the physical environment. There is a focus on the structure of one's own personality rather than on things outside the self, and there can be a tendency to be self-critical, sometimes leading to an actual loss of ego-consciousness. There is a motivation toward some tangible form of achievement necessitating clear thought processes to negate any tendency toward depression. Change may be inhibited, self-examination and learning from experience will emerge as endurance and the capacity to handle responsibility. Generally at this time there is a focus on ambition, professional change, family developments perhaps involving a major shift of thinking or even a physical move.


Midheaven conjunct Uranus indicates a state of tenseness, being ready to take action, coupled with a strong intuitive sense of what direction to take with one's life. When these aspects are controlled by a well-trained mind, they provide equilibrium, as the individual can foresee conditions and events clearly. When they are out of control, emotional imbalances can occur and change controls our life, - an indication that we are ignoring some significant portion of the psyche and its messages. The conjunction suggests originality, assertive action, and the ability to advance in career through sudden and unexpected changes of circumstance. It is important at this time to remain open and receptive to what is happening around you and to curb any inclinations toward stubborn refusal of opportunity or change.


Uncertainty is the keyword for this combination. As with all Neptune contacts, we must work hard to manifest the higher qualities of our psychic awareness. Integrity and working toward the highest good is the only way to handle Neptune energy. The strength gained from contemplative practice of meditation can provide a consistent mental focus which compensates for dreaminess and aimlessness associated with the Midheaven/Neptune conjunction. Definition in the physical realm balances the lack of definition emanating in these energies. The conjunction can indicate uncertainty, devotion to objectives, strange ideas and a penchant for action/deception. There is usually an accentuation of creativity at this time, but this aspect can indicate feelings of a loss of our individuality and our individual rights.


Through sheer force of will, this conjunction inclines us to seek a goal in life and to fulfill it. As the ego-consciousness is focused on our life's goal, personal power is mobilized to attain success, to organize our life and to express personal authority. Any misuse or misdirection of personal power can lead to ruin. This conjunction indicates power, authority, fame and attainment of recognition. It also suggests that this is a time when past mistakes can be opened (exposed) to view and threaten ruin.


A Midheaven conjunction with the Lunar Node suggests a need for recognition and a desire for relationships with like-minded people and the effort to form associations aligned with what we are trying to achieve. It also indicates an inner developmental process wherein we learn about the impact of self upon soul and vice versa. A less constructive tendency is to waiver in relationships. This is a consequence of the desire to maintain or to establish our personal being, different from others, or to place our personal considerations first in relationships. The conjunction involves friends, groups and associations, and individual relationships with an emphasis on taking charge and self-awareness within those relationships.


Chiron's influence is profound in matters healing to the soul. With Chiron here, much wisdom can be brought to the chosen profession, but usually only after facing, owning, and letting go of feelings of inadequacy - particularly in matters of career and social standing. Potentially, Chiron in this position advocates a feeling of a special calling in a healing or teaching capacity - much will depend upon other aspects and factors in the chart under consideration.


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