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Anti-Global Protests

ã Copyright Terry MacKinnell 1994, 2001 All Rights Reserved

The May 1st anti-capitalist protests in some Australian cities and London followed similar violent protests around the world over the last few years. These protests are usually directed at major international economic forums and have been labeled as primarily `anti-global’, though other issues are also found under the umbrella of this movement. There is a perception amongst the adherents of the anti-global coalition that big business and governments are selling the world short through desecrating the environment, undermining peoples livelihood and subjecting societies around the world to living below the poverty level, especially third world countries.

From an astrological perspective, this anti-big business sentiment can be readily correlated to the sign Virgo. This is because Virgo’s opposite sign is Pisces. Pisces traditionally rules, on the mundane level, large bureaucracies and corporations. Pisces relationship with companies is further demonstrated by the fact that companies are treated legally like virtual humans. This fits in with Pisces ethereal nature – which is why Pisces also rules Hollywood and the movie industry in general. Pisces can deceive its audience into believing it is what it is not. This is the definition of a good actor.

Companies are actors on the world stage but emulate humans in influencing the worlds’ politics and societies. Virtual companies not only are legally treated as a virtual human, societies treats them as real entities. Furthermore companies have come to be perceived by some as a quasi-life force affecting society, but not necessarily to the benefit of society overall. Unfortunately, in a Virgo period, Pisces does not do well. This opposition aspect between Virgo and Pisces of 180 degrees to each other on the zodiac is one of a number of primary aspects used in astrology. As a result of Pisces’ difficult situation in a Virgo period, Pisces elements in the world can have a downturn.

This anti-capitalist sentiment of the anti-global movement is a classic example of this Pisces bashing under Virgo. However, according to macro-astrology, big business need not be too concerned - this is only a passing sentiment with a public life-span limited to no more then 15 years. The reason why the techniques of macro-astrology limit the anti-global sentiment amongst some sections of society to about 15 years, is that 15 years is about the length of a micro-age.

Each precessional age of some 2,150 years each has 12 sub-ages of approximately 179 years each. Each sub-age has 12 micro-ages of around 15 years each. Based on the current rectification used in macro-astrology, the world is in the Age of Aquarius, the Sub-Age of Libra (the fourth sub-age in the Age of Aquarius) and near the peak of the first micro-age of the Libran Sub-Age – the Virgo Micro-Age. Though the Virgo energy of a Virgo Micro-Age takes 15 years to build up to its peak potency, and another 15 years, at least, dispersing its effect far and wide, it is competing with similar micro-age energies on either side. And so each micro-age must content itself with its 15 years of glory.

Under the current Virgo Micro-Age, a congregation of events is showing clear Virgo symptoms. Virgo-ruled farm animals are taking the headlines due to mad cow disease and foot and mouth disease. Dolly the sheep was cloned. Crops are being genetically modified for increase resistance against disease and to promote further growth. Virgo ruled public health issues such as AIDS and genetic manipulation as a tool for disease control have also made the headlines. AIDS is plundering Africa and many third world countries with an estimated one in six Africans HIV positive.

With such a strong Virgo influence, it could be assumed that Pisces is in for a difficult time, but this is not the case. The little Virgo Micro-Age may be bashing Pisces, but Pisces has a much bigger brother to depend upon – The Pisces Age Overflow. Though the Pisces Age finished within 15 years of 1462AD, all periods in macro-astrology are strongest at their ends. So the Pisces Age was pumping at full power around 1462, and has been dispersing its effects upon the world with a momentum of over 2000 years to back it up. Out of this Pisces Overflow came the proliferation of virtual humans – companies.

The first proto-companies appeared immediately following the end of the Pisces Age, when Pisces was at its full power. These companies or organisations were few and far between but where big and powerful in their day. They typically where state or private monopolies, also linked to Pisces. Such organisations and monopolies included: the King of Portugal's spice monopoly 1506; Muscovy Company 1554; British Company of the Levant 1581; British East India Company 1600; Dutch East India Company 1602; Dutch West Indies Company; Company of One Hundred Associates 1627; French West Indies Company and French East Indies Company 1664; French North Company 1669; Guinea Slave Trade Company 1685; China Company 1698; and Saint-Dominique Slave Trade Company 1698 (Saint Dominique must have turned in his grave at this).

With companies came capitalism, as the ownership of companies and profit sharing were tradable quantities. This stimulated the appearance of stock exchanges at commercial centres. This Pisces momentum is very large and strong and it is unlikely that our little Samson, the Virgo Micro-Age, will kill Goliath capitalism of the Pisces Age Overflow. The first waning of the momentum of capitalism and big business is not due for almost 200 years, and even then, will remain powerful for a few thousand years more. This first waning is due to age-decans. The last age-decan in the Age of Pisces was also Pisces, and its overflow, mingled in with the Pisces Age, does not get pushed aside until the first age-decan of the Aquarian Age reaches full effect late in the 22nd Century.

So while protesters bitterly complain about globalism, capitalism and free-trade, this is soon to be replaced. Fifteen years from now, the world will have to deal with the full effects of the Leo Micro-Age, which could commence anytime, and may already have started. Leo is opposite Aquarius. Will Aquarius get its bashing then? Will protesters rail against computers and technology. Will some societies attack small minorities that they perceive to be too different than the local mainstream? Will schizophrenics be imprisoned or locked away. Will personal and democratic freedoms be increasingly curtailed? Will revolutionary protesters, ruled by Aquarius, be subdued? Will strong pressure be placed upon `rogue states’ to conform? Will some threat be made against astrology or astrologers? It is likely but like Pisces, Aquarius has its big brother, the Aquarian Age. Whatever the regressions incurred under Leo, they are bound to also be only short-lived. You cannot hit the Aquarian Age on the head with a mere Leo Micro-Age, and get away with it.

For comprehensive details on the techniques of macro-astrology used in this article, please surf your way to the following Macro-Astrology Research Centre website:

Terry MacKinnell