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The Australian Society of Astrologers Inc.

Letters From The Chair


Hi everyone

I’d like to apologize to all ASA members who haven’t been receiving any newsletters for a while. You’re probably thinking that the ASA has gone into demise? Well, actually, nothing could be further from the truth. If anything ‘ASA’ (or pronounced ahsa! as our new National President, Renee Badger, likes to call her) has been completely restructured via a strong cohesive effort from three separate states. Previous interstate discussions with a number of longstanding members have now resulted in the ASA (ahsa!) having a strong foothold in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia:

The reformed ASA National Committee now resides in Buderim, Queensland; the new ASA Web-site and Newsletter facilities, via Gregory de Montfort, are now based in Sydney, New South Wales; and the new ASA Administration Office, via yours truly, is based in Croydon Park, South Australia.

Having a foothold in three different states will undoubtedly ensure a far more professional and cohesive ASA structure. The new Management Committee have already had a very positive meeting where it was decided, with advice and input from Gregory de Montfort and Elida Marchisone, that a bi-monthly newsletter would be most advantages for all concerned. It was also decided to introduce a (collector oriented) ASA Yearbook for members to encourage an increase of rejoining members as well as an increase of new membership applications. In other words, to give back to all members the best possible value for money—new members will be able to chose between a new membership book or specific Year book!

At this stage I would like to sincerely thank all of the members of our previous Management Committee who have done an outstanding job in keeping this very worthwhile organisation alive and afloat over the last 19 months or so. Especially Alice Portman whose help has been most invaluable. Thank you Alice!

I’ll leave any further details to our new Editor, Gregory, who has been officially accepted and welcomed as the new ASA Web-Master and News-Editor.

Thanks to everyone for having allowed me to be your National President for the last two years. Although I’m certainly not leaving, as from here on in I’ll be continuing to serve you as the new Administration Officer as well as Chairman of the Examiners Board.


Warmest regards to everyone.


Peter W. Whitewood


P.S. When you get the chance, check out the transits that have had a restructuring impact on the ASA‘s chart on March 29, 3:31 PM on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. They’re amazing! [ASA CHART – June 10th 1997 8:30 pm Coolangatta. 28S10 & 153E32]



 Hi everyone,

The ASA has just had a major shift and has moved back to the Sunshine Coast.

I wouldlike to say I am honored and excited about being elected the National President of the Society. I will do my utmost to maintain the high standard that Peter Whitewood has kept throughout his time in office. I would like to thank you Peter for doing you have done for the ASA, and for having the courage and determination o keep everything together, "well done Peter," I am really pleased that you are still staying with us on the committee as Administration and Chairman of the Examination Board.. Thank you for your support and every success for your new venture - The Starburst Academy.
I would also like to Alice Portman Vice -President for all the work she has done for the society as well as Patsy Reeves for her newsletter which was ]most enjoyable to read. Also a big thank you to Monica Belosevic who has been our treasurer and has contributed greatly to the Society in many areas.

I have always been excited about the ASA since it was initially formed back in June 1997. 1 envisage the ASA to be a Society wherein we all work as a team with a shared vision of encouraging and educating the public about the bent its that Astrology has to offer. With the firm backing of the AS A, everyone will have the support to achieve their ends. There is still much ignorance out there towards astrology, and it is only Astrologers who can change this. It is important that Astrologers join together. The Australian Society of Astrologers is only young but will be a very strong society. By obtaining more members through promotion - research and the media, then and only then can Astrology become accepted and have more respect from the public. It will enable everyone to open new doors of awareness, giving greater knowledge and a wonderful tool for all of mankind to access.

The ASA will be there to do everything in her power to support fellow members, Astrologers and students and to help in obtaining their desired goals and aspirations. This is a society that gives the opportunity to work as one for all of humanity.

Recently, our Adelaide office set up a research centre for members - with access to books and computers etc. This is a wonderful beginning for encouraging the growth and development of Astrology to all.

.. thank you again Peter and Monica. I would like to see other states follow suit in the near future.

Tbe ASA will encourage and support all Astrologers and those interested in Astrology towards opening up new avenues for networking and research through scholarships, libraries, archival branches and the promotion of new techniques. Another one of her goals is to see astrology wideIy accepted and approved by, the Education Department, Corporate organizations and the Medical profession.

If anyone has any ideas or input on how we can better the Society please ring or write to myself or Christopher. 07- 54458017

Renee Badger





Hello and greetings

I would personally like to thank the previous team that has supported the A.S.A throughout it's continuing growth and ongoing development.

Their roles and encouragement have been applauded by us all and their efforts certainly valued in these difficult early times of growth. As the A. S.A now undergoes more changes it brings with it a corresponding change of committee members who naturally want to give their best - both to the society and to its members.

As vice President, I certainly aim to achieve this end to the best of my abilities and would like to extend a warm thank-you to those supporting members who honored my election.

n this capacity my services and support go naturally to the President offering her full encouragement and strength when needed. My services extend also - to the entire A S. A, wherein its ongoing growth and success will be paramount. As planet Earth and all of humanity move further and further into the 21st Century , I foresee a world of unlimited potential opening up for us all and the tools to attaining these potentials lie within Astrology and the unfolding of the human spirit. Each shall impel the other and my goal is to encourage the role that Astrology will play in this exciting new world.

In the past I have been criticised for having unattainably high ideals but will always believe that such idealism can inspire all of us towards creating a better world for the future.

The dream of seeing Astrology elevated once again to the grandeur it received by the ancients can surely be realised as increased awareness continues to grow in mankind.

Schools and research centres can be built, Government and educational support can be realised and Medical utilisation can begin. For any of these ideals to start, knowledge of and vindication of Astrology must occur in the mainstream consciousness which reinforces the need for strong and supportive societies such as our very own A. S. A.

I feel it is important that all members act more on their hearts and give all of us the encouragement and bonding that will be the backbone of a truly influential society.


Christopher H. Badger


 4: Media Representative and Editor's Report

Hello to all and welcome to the new ASA web-site!!

We hope that this website will be a great addition to the world-wide astrological community, providing not only ASA members with resources and a useful forum for astrological discussion, but extending to all who are interested in astrology.

By the time the new ASA newsletter belatedly comes out to readers, you will be no doubt wondering if this state of affairs is going to be the norm. We hope not!!!

The recent management committee restructuring, coupled with some heavy Pluto/Mercury/Uranian transits to the ASA chart has held things up in the publishing department for some time, but all will be back to normal shortly.
Your patience and continued support is greatly appreciated.

From next month, the cut off date for articles and news from members will be the 15th of each month, with publishing and posting to members carried out by the 20th.

All members are encouraged to submit articles and astrologically oriented news stories, with the best article each month being published to the new ASA web-site and/or the ASA newsletter - The Australian Astrologer.

Show your support for the ASA by submitting articles and organising (or assisting) local ASA activities to provide astrological information and interest in your local community according to the guidelines of the ASA -contact your local ASA representative as listed on the Committee Page.

Members with special astrological interests -viz, Cosmobiology, Humanistic/Psychological, Vedic, Sabian Symbols etc. are especially encouraged to come forward with their expertise.

A Letters to the editor section will provide a forum for discussion where all may express their opinion in true Aquarian fashion.

I do ask that members use a reasonable amount of common sense and decorum and of course follow the ASA Code of Ethics in compiling their contributions.

Initially, the news-letter will follow a similar format to what you have been used to in the past with the exception that some new areas of interest will have been added.

Please feel free to write to me (P.O. Box 7120, Bass Hill, NSW 2197), fax (+61 2 9754 2999) or email
( ) with ideas, suggestions and information at any time.

Most importantly, if you feel provoked by any articles that appear, how about writing an interesting article about your experiences and point of view and sending it along to me?

Looking forward to hearing from you all

Astrologically always

Gregory J. de Montfort.