Biological Errors?

People are thinking too "inside the box" when they see sex as a single issue biological process. Sex is the only way to reproduce and that is its primary function. The issue of homosexuality has been distorted by people like Laura in that one now must either be gay or straight. Sex is not a black and white issue - it's not digital. There is no reason why people, if left to their own natural inclinations, would not use sex to reproduce heterosexually and also use sex for pleasure and emotional bonding in homosexual manifestations. The error is not biological, it is a sociological one. Society has errored by forcing people to choose one type of relationship and one type of sexual identity throughout life. Sex has been distorted for financial gain - just like Laura is using sex for financial gain. Kings and Popes had much more to gain if their subjects went forth and multiplies. Frankly, nearly every lesbian that I know has been married and has children. Gay people do often reproduce and then go on to personal fulfillment in a same-sex relationship.

One of the great dangers to the continuation of a species is overpopulation. I believe that homosexuality is one biological control that limits fertility, thus assuring that people will not have so many babies that we will all die.

The fact that Laura can reduce a complex issue like sex into a one sentence proclamation is just more proof that she is an intellectual midget. The fact that the sentence is a damning, hurtful, judgmental dismiss of a whole segment of society is proof that she is a self-righteous bigot.