Religious group writes letter to Paramount supporting Laura

Ann Keitz wrote:

>In my book it's not different at all. Both groups should be taken to >task for trying to force shows off the air via pressure tactics. You cross a line that shouldn't be crossed when you change from saying, "Don't watch that show." to "We demand you take off the show."

Dr. Tom replied:

I don't have a problem with such a demand.

First, behind the demand is an economic threat and not, say, a threat to bomb the company, yes?

As consumers we reward, harm, and even destroy companies with our buying choices, every day. Usually we make a purchasing decision based on how well price and product suits our needs, but is there anything wrong with making the decision on other bases? Is it wrong of me to spend my dollars in ways that work to effect change in a company that irresponsibly supports, with *its* dollars, someone who harms people with her mouth? Where is it written that I should give my money indiscriminately, regardless of a company's behavior?

This is radio, not the web that we're talking about here. The fact of the matter is that there aren't that many slots for radio talk shows in this town. Slots are precious, and Laura's got one. She represents just about everything that's negative about humanity, and I'd rather someone else had her slot. What's wrong with my trying to effect this change with my purchases? It's not like this gives me some unfair advantage, either; every one, even people who love Laura, have this tool at their disposal. It's a very level playing field, unlike the world of radio talk show broadcasting, in which Laura has a platform that I do not, simply because she's a hyperbitch.

I'd also like to point out that Laura has no qualms about using pressure tactics with--as her web site puts it--her "call to actions" to her worriers. I suppose the answer to this will be that we should be better than Laura. To which I would respond that we already are.

- Dr. Tom