Blatant Sexism (Tina mops up all that sticky crap on the floor of the ng with GOSMG)


Gosmg wrote:

I don't expect to attract a woman like torso tiger who may be attractive enough to land a millionaire.


Tina retorted:

Or a great guy who just has an average job.


Realistically, not being wildly rich, it is not reasonable for me to EXPECT to attract a woman who is perfectly fit with a Penthouse figure.

Thats right, because "Penthouse women" ONLY want rich guys.

Torso Tiger has obviously made fitness a priority, and as you can see from her post, she uses her body to attract men for sex, and probably subconsciously to get a provider

What a sexist. Guess what? MILLIONS of women can and do support themselves with NO help from a man, especially, the <cough> quality you are.


Also, we live in a society where you can't tell a fat woman she's fat. It's unacceptable.

Sure you can. This FAT woman here will CLEARLY state she's fat. I dont have a problem with it. Neither do the guys I date. Seems to be the hang up of shallow people.


gay lifeguards on Baywatch.

more Stereotyping.


So, I am not a candidate to date a fat woman

And we all applaud!!


they are better matched to guys in their own body type category.

How pathetic you choose someone by their "body type" as opposed to personality and similiarities and values you have in common.


>Hope I helped to clear up any confusion.

Yes, you stereotype and are shallow.



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