Presenting the Rocks On a Rope Collection, handmade by Dr Laura Schlessinger, your favourite radio physiologist. Sure, physiologists have strung beads before, but you've never seen them like this-- put up for auction on E-Bay, ranging from $1,200 to $3,000. There's something extra special about these though, most Artists put a little something of themselves into their work, Laura put in a little bit of her husband Lew, instead. Without further ado, the piece that makes The Rocks On a Rope Collection a jewelery collection worthy of notice.

Lew's Teeth

Yes, friends, 312 year old Lew Bishop Schlessinger's teeth lavishly adorn all 17 inches of this macabre necklace of dime stor-- I mean, Tibetan beads and semi-precious stones. "I like to horriblize things," says Dr Laura of her work, and she means it.

Available on E-bay only til Dec 11, for a mere $1,500. (does not include shipping--sorry!)


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