Reality has a liberal bent

For the umpteenth thousandth time I heard some arrogant assholes on the radio agreeing on how liberal the media is.


You are the media and you are a bunch of right wing fucks. The only liberal in the media I think is Alan Colmes. Christ look at the ass licking the media did for the brownshisrts when they were after Clinton when repeatedly polls showed the majority saw it for the witch hunt it was. Media people are so far to the right generally that when any basic truths about the real world manage to wriggle their way through the filters, they scream "LIBERAL".

Well I've got a secret for you neo fascists - reality is liberal. The real world is left wing. There really are poor people. 1% of the population truly does rule. Gay people are attacked. People are unfairly persecuted. The wealth is unfairly distributed. Multinational corporations don't have our best interests at heart. We are destroying the environment. Species are going extinct at a greatly accellerated rate.

George W. Bush is a silly clown. Dick Cheney is a minion of the oil industry and a player in the military-industrial complex. Children and old people (to name just two groups) do suffer greatly because our health care system is out of reach to them until it is too late. The whole world sees how stupid and inconsistent our embargo of Cuba (except of course Elian's insane Miami relatives). The oil companies are making record profits off the current "crisis". Dr. Laura is an ugly crock of shit. I could go on.

But, Jesus, conservatives, get with it. Maybe if we know you are talking about the same world we'll take your ideas seriously. Meanwhile don't kill the messenger. He's trying as hard as he can to hide the truth from you.
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