A scary thought

wrl wrote:

>I sincerely doubt that she would take heathen children into her pristine
>home where they might contaminate her child with impure thoughts.

Well she said she wanted to get a whole bunch of land to do this on. My first
thought was: why does she think she has to get a ranch to have foster kids? The
estate she has now is more than any other foster kid would get to live in. That
stipulation of hers makes me think it's BS.

However, Laura getting a huge secluded range and populating it with
emotionally fragile kids who have no real support system sounds like the making
of a cult to me.



Why is she SO unhappy? (3/07/2000)

Well the answer is that she is a narcissist who thrives on being persectued.
  Look at it this way: Laura is a wealthy, sucessful woman who basically created her self. She got where she is through hard work, talent and a little luck; whatever shortcuts she took, she did them herself. She makes a lot of money, and has a huge following. She commands $30,000 per personal apperance, and she is respected by different religous factions. For three hours a day, people line up to tell her how great she is, how smart and wise, how they have changed their lives by listeing to her and then to supplicate themselves and allow her to dissect their behavior.
    And she's not happy.
If you listen to her rant today you would think it came from a homeless person on the street (they all want to stop me from telling the truth, but I am the only one who knows...) You would have no idea that people call all day to tell her how they admire her, and support her; she calls herself "the lone voice..." She acts as though she is forbidden to talk, as though government agents are standing behind her at this very moment. She says that the other side uses half-truths and disinformation, that they attack private citizens to further their agenda, but she is above that. Isn't the term for this cognative disonnance?
  She is really unballanced, if I had an aunt that acted this way I would keep all sharp objects from her and drive her to therapy myself.