Ian on Bush (get your filthy minds out of the gutter, it's GW)

Not for Smoking! wrote:

> My favorite photo of W shows him reading a book with a very intent and interested look on his face. Only one problem: It's his autobiography.


Jim Gray wrote:

If his lips weren't moving, it was just a pose for the camera.


Ian wrote:

Y'know, Reagan just handled this sort of situation with more class -- whatever I think of his presidency, he was *great* with publicity stuff.

At one point, he was at a publicity shoot to promote his upcoming biography. He sat down at a table with a bunch of blank sheets of paper, with a pen in his hand, and pretended to be writing, with the ghostwriter looking over his shoulder. After the shoot, he said to the press, "I hear it's going to be a great book -- I look forward to reading it myself."

Y'know, when *Reagan* said things like that, it's cute and witty. When W. does, he just looks stupid. I think it's W.'s facial expression, which makes him look sort of like a constipated and bewildered cow.

Or maybe sheep. I can't really decide.


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