Apathy about Pedophilia


Genitals asked

Have you conducted a poll to substantiate this -- gone around with a clipboard, asking people how they feel about pedophilia and pedophiles? I do not think a substantial proportion of randomly-chosen respondents would have "little opinion."


Cussin' Christian answered

I would agree with her based on the hysteria created when a few started posting here. That certainly wouldn't lead me to think they are passionately opposed to it. Apathetic is the word that comes to my mind. Lawrence and maybe two others actually addressed the issue.


Bleached Blonde Genitals wrote

We also have not addressed "the issue" of necrophilia, or "the issue" of patricide, but that doesn't mean anyone in this group supports fucking the dead or killing our fathers. There is no "issue" to be addressed, regarding pedophila. Amongst sane people, there is no controversy about this matter. The wrongness of pedophilia has been decided, about as unanimously as society ever decides anything. Unless someone goes out specifically lifting rocks and looking for the lowest of lunatics to talk to, there's nobody who's pro child rape. Pedophile lobbyists are not making headway persuading Congress to enact pro-pedophiliac legislation. This is not a hot topic on The McLaughlin Group. There is no perceptible groundswell of public sentiment toward legalizing or legitimizing sex with children. There's no debate on the subject at all, except among lunatics. Why do you participate, and invite the lunatics to lounge around here?

Bushman wrote

Excellent questions. I think it's a variant on the Jerry Springer approach. Georgann and kel are obsessed with it because it is a safe subject to flog.

Red & Green Genitals replied

have better things to flog, and I can't imagine a safer, more sanitized subject then this one. Nothing is gained and few are entertained by taking a public position nobody sane can argue with, and anyone who pauses for even long enough to see the enemy as human (hi, Lawrence) will be skewered as a traitor...........................