Why are they listening?


During the past couple days, I've been involved with a large group of parents at my youngest son's school. We've been planning an upcoming social event for the graduating students. It's a private school in an upper middle class neighborhood with a proportionate number of both SAHM's & WM's. We were taking a lunch break and the topic of LS came up. Every mother there had something negative to say about her though many listened to her. I asked why they listened to her and they said it was for the same reason they listen to Howard Stern, the shock value and the comic relief. We were all incredulous as to the number of callers who clearly seem to have no idea as to how she would respond to their "moral dilemma".....do these people actually listen to the show or not?

The main point I'm getting at is, how many people who listen to her actually admire her? None of the women I spoke with could stand her or her opinions. One mother brought up a very good point about feminism......especially considering how LS is so anit-feminism! Would she have had the opportunity to become as well-known as she is today in radio and in the literary field if it wasn't for the feminist movement? Highly doubtful, hmm? The very organization that she despises is in part responsible for her success.

It's amazing how many people equate the large number of listeners with admiration of LS. I think that when her show actually airs, this will become even more evident. Let's face it, how many of us could stand to watch her on a regular basis as she was on Larry King or the Today show? Her interviewers are so easy on her! Why not get to the heart of the matter? I would like to hear someone say to her, "Tell me Laura (not Dr.--just to piss her off) why are you so nasty to your callers? You never let them finish their question without interrupting them and relating their dilemma to you and some type of food that you've had to give up, etc......

What I wouldn't give to see her reaction to something along those lines.