My ARTD-L PSA: Join GA in the fight against GCS...


GCS (Georgann Chenault Syndrome) is a debilitating ailment that affects the brain of its victims. It starts innocently enough as a fascinating diversion, but the victim doesn't realize the grave danger that awaits. Soon, the fascination becomes an obsession and the helpless victim is overcome by an insane need to bring clarity and logic to those incapable of such things. This obsession takes on an insidious life of its own as the victim slips further into the real hell of GCS. Eventually, every waking moment is consumed with the desire to simultaneously strangle and educate "The Rock of Georgann."

Just DON'T do it. Don't respond to GC. It's a living hell. I know; I was there for many months. It's a pain-filled, futile life. GC is utterly incapable of rational thought, and I got sucked into banging my head against The Rock of G until I thought my head would split. At first, the thrill of it was quite intoxicating, I couldn't get enough. I'd rush to the computer to see what she said next. But then the real hell began, I started to need more and respond more. GC's ignorance and myopia is seductive in their simplicity. That's the trap. It's so clear to others not suffering from GCS that all attempts at reason and logic are futile. It's like quicksand - the more you fight, the faster you drown. Finally, when I hit bottom, I started to question my own sanity. It does nothing but raise blood pressure, ruin your mood, and create a black cloud over everything.

I kicked the habit and things are so much better now. I too was trapped in the hell of an addiction for many months, but with the examples of others (namely Otis) I was able to see that others were having a beautiful life. So, after examining my life, I decided to go cold-turkey. It's the best thing I've ever done. I have a more positive outlook, the days are brighter, my blood pressure is down, my ulcer is going away. Unfortunately, I can now see the hell that other are suffering through as they struggle with GCS.

Please, join GA (Georgann Anonymous). Seek the help of your friends and family. Together we can all beat this horrendous addiction. Remember, even though you think it can't happen to you, it happened to me.

One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important.

-- Bertrand Russell



On Meat Markets


NOTE: None of the following is necessarily directed at anyone specific here.

While lust may not be the true goal of men's tennis; I think that it is nonetheless just as much a "meat market" as Playboy. I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again: Do you really think that anyone gives a f*** if Andre Agassi or Pete Sampras can even spell "tennis?" - No. They don't. Did anyone care if Michael Jordan could even spell "NBA?" - No. They didn't. Does anyone care if Ken Griffey can tie his shoes? No. They don't. Does anyone care if Stephen Hawking can even walk? - No. They don't Does anyone care if Claudia Schiffer can walk and chew gum at the same time? No (as long as she doesn't try to do both while modeling).

Personally, I think it's arrogant to belittle and disparage someone/anyone for their job/line of work. We're not all Einsteins or Hawkings or Crawfords, of Sanders (as in Barry the traitor) or Williams. Everyone is making the best of what they have. To downplay or minimize the importance of what anyone does is to presume that "we" are better.


Neutrodyne wrote:

Is he really in it for the tennis, or is it just a vehicle to get his face and ripplig biceps in front of the camera? I guess the driving determinate factor would be the attitude of the person doing it.....

There are plenty of women exploited by posing for playboy or entering bneauty contests but I can't believe all or even most of them aren't well aware of the situation and choosing it of their own free will.


I agree. It's their choice, and their life.