Fan2000's Plumpers- Page 49

This page features Katherine Heigl, Kirsten Dunst, and Liv Tyler.

Katherine Growing with Hollywood

Katherine Heigel has decided its time to start gaining weight for the newwer, bigger figured Hollywood. Katherine's only regret is that she'll have to give up her favorite bathing suit.

What's Kirsten Done?

After a big year for the young actress, Kirsten Dunst has decided to get as big physically. Kirsten has started a crash, mega calorie diet to start gaining weight as many actresses see the benefits of a BBW body. Kirsten wants people to see her plump side.

Mia...No, Liv Tyler

When the photographer took this picture, he thought was Liv Tyler's half sister, Mia. But as he continued watching the bulging beauty through his lens, he was astonished to see it was Liv herself. This picture as no made the photographer's career soar.