Fan2000's Plumpers- Page 3

Page three contains pics of Jennifer Aniston,Cindy Crawford, and Stephanie McMahon.

Jennifer Aniston

With Ms. Aniston's weight gain, producers of Friends decided to give her a chef boyfriend that would feed her lots of fattening foods. Everyone on the show is hoping that she'll gain control of her appetite, but Jennifer has been heard to say that she's going until she can't move anymore.

Cindy Crawford

After years of diets and programs to keep her thin, Cindy has decided to let herself go. This photo was taken by Lane Bryant for their Swimsuit catalog. With a supermodel and celebrity now in their services, Lane has decided to do anything to keep her including paying for all her megasize meals.

Stephanie McMahon

Recently, Stephanie has taken control over the WWF (which is owned by her father). Her clamouring for more power and everything good that comes with it is expressed on her body as she is known to eat huge meals and fattening snacks between them. Her wrestler husband, Triple-H is to the right.

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