Fan2000's Plumpers- Page 16

This page features Alyssa Milano and Shania Twain.

Alyssa Milano Curvacious

A newly curvacious Alyssa Milano is starting a new season of Charmed and hopes fans love her new image. A stylish and pleasantly plump witch, who plus-size fashion sense is great. From what the shows producers have said Alyssa's new weight has been a great addition to the show.

Alyssa Milano Posing

With fans loving her new plump body, magazines and television shows have been fighting to get the curvacious young actress on their covers or shows. Alyssa has been amazed at her new found success as movie deals have started rolling in.

Shania continues to Grow

As her weight continues to rise, so does her appeal to women. It seems every pound she gains adds thousands of new fans to her already huge legions. Shania's gain hasn't stopped her from a crazy schedule of concerts and as pictured above videos.

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