Fan2000's Plumpers- Page 11

Shania Twain and Britney Spears are featured here.

Showing Signs of Fame

Shania Twain is showing signs that she relishing fame and her body is expanding and so is her clothes. Hopefully, Shania has just begun to gain.

Shania Bulging

Shania Twain, the ultra-bottom heavy country-pop star, has finally relieved her current weight. At a weight of 215-pounds, Shania is not only eclipsing her former svelte self, but also most of the music scene (with exception to Britney Spears and others seen on these pages). Shania has stated that she'd still record music and tour even if she'd have to brought to the stage by a forklift.

Big Britney Spears on Stage

Even with a larger body to contend with Britney Spears is dancing and prancing her way across the stage as she tours to promote her new album, "Weighin' In." Britney's fan base has increased along with her body as more young women feel more in tune with her. Britney has been upset at tabloid reports of her being in the range of 400-pounds or as one report has it a donut away from ever moving again. Two of the comments Britney has made are interesting thought. First on the nearly immobility report, Britney commented that she'd manage to move under her own power even if she literally weighed a ton. And second, the only problem Britney has exprienced do to her added weight has been getting use to her body taking long moving from side to side.

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