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The Shamen's Portal

Coronado's run in with the Paranormal

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado           (1510-1554)


From the time of the earliest Spanish voyages to the New World, the soils of Texas and Oklahoma have inspired a continuous flow of legends and searches for deposits of gold, silver and mysteries. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was among the very first of this long line of fortune seekers in the midwest.

Coronado was born at Salamanca, Spain in 1510. At the age of twenty-five, he sailed to the New World, and settled in Mexico City. There, he married, started a family, and was appointed in 1538 as governor of the province of Nueva Galicia.

In response to reports of riches at the fabled Seven Cities of Cibola, Coronado led an expedition into what is now the southwestern United States and northern Texas. The expedition totaling nearly one thousand men left Mexico in 1540. After months of searching, however, the expedition found no trace of treasure. Most of the party returned to Mexico the following year, but Coronado and a smaller force continued the search. They finally returned to Mexico City, with their saddlebags still empty, in the spring of 1542.

Although Coronado lost considerable credibility during the expedition, he regained his post as city councilman on his return to Mexico City, and remained in that position until his death on September 22, 1554.



Although Coronado's expedition failed to produce gold, it marked the beginning of an endless stream of tales of lost mines and buried treasure in Texas as well as the continuing enigma in the  strip of land known as "no man's land" (An affectionate term given it by the indian natives who knew it , later this term was adopted by the white settlers for other reasons). These legends, some documented and others passed down only by word of mouth, inspired countless searches into the sun-baked expanses of Central and West Texas. And it did produce one other legend , which stands alone in its own right, The Shamen's Portal , other wise known as the Beaver Sands Portal.  The Shamen's Portal is a place of mystery, nestled  somewhere in the sand dunes of Beaver State Park, just outside of the town of Beaver Oklahoma.  It is a little known enigma, a gate in the unknown if you will. Coronado and his men were the first white men to experience what the  natives of the area had known for thousands of years.  It is a place that demands respect of its power. Coronado lost three of his soldiers in a blinding flash of green light.  He was careful to avoid the area on the way back to Mexico.  A friar who went with  Coronado's soldiers kept a journal of the experience.  " It was the work of El Diablo" he penned, " That night by the sandy hills we had been warned  by the natives to avoid, lost we three able bodied men of valor : Juan Viscaino,  Marco Romano, and Juan Munoz. They had been hunting game for the men when the three fated soldiers were taken from us in a lightning bolt of green" (translation by Albert Gettis. -The Journal Discourses of  Fray Juan De Padilla ,1543)  Hernando Bermejo did  record the incident as well, but was later ordered by Coronado himself to strike it from the  notes. This was to be the beginning of the largest coverup in centuries.  In fact it took centuries for the truth to come out.  it was not until 1993 that any real investigation began, although people had continued to disappear until 1987, and these disappearences were always  highlighted by the same green light. This Shamen's meditation ground, was it the real reason the Oklahoma panhandle was first called by its native s"no man's land?

Rather than fade with time, the legends seemed to grow with each new wave of immigrants to the new land. Cowboys on the old trail, settlers in the land rush,  By the early nineteenth century, no less notable Texan than Jim Bowie tried his luck at tracking down some of these reported  happenings.

(Richard E. Bohlander (editor): World Explorers and Discoverers. (Macmillanpublishing company, New York et al., 1992, The Journey of Coronado)

Some of us in the Paranormal community take this story seriously. I my self have researched this vicinity for about three years, since the first reports I recieved from an Oklahoma University archaeologist (name withheld by request). in Feb. of  1995.  The geologist I hired to go on my first Expedition to "no man's land" in Beaver county found samplings  of  ionized soil cores ( an implausible find) and electromagnetic interference that was off the scale!. In fact I found many similarities to phenomena encountered in  both the Bermuda triangle. and  the Roswell crash. And the same type of coverup by both local and federal officials. We were in fact warned away  by some gentlemen in black suits and very official Government credentials.  Imagine suits in the middle of some  sand dunes! The threats to our careers were more than implied if we were to return. Were these the fabled "men in black? I do not know.

Be cause of what Idid find ( not  all can I discuss here as yet) Leads me to believe that this is in fact not a portal, but rather a CRASHSIGHT! A DOWNED  SPACE VEHICLE BURIED UNDER THE SAND WITH ITS STAR DRIVE STILL ENGAGED! This would explain many things, The ionized soil cores, the Time/Space warping ability of the Portal, the green light,  and the disappearances, To prove my hypothesis I must go back...anyone want to come with? ......................sincerely, Dr. Mark Thatcher

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