Tomorrow Is A Gift


- Amedee Ozenfant

Artist, Theoretician, Teacher
1886 - 1966

Before World War II John spent three years studying drawing and painting at the Portland School of Fine and Applied Arts, followed by one year at the National Academy of Design in NYC, supplemented by classes with Yasuo Kuniyoshi at the Arts Students League.

After the war, John returned to life as an art student studying with Amedee Ozenfant at his School of Fine Arts in New York City. John married Maxine Lemon and proceeded to have a family of seven so he made his way as a draftman.

During John's golden years he was able to pursue his real passion for painting and creating works of art. John also enjoyed designing postcards & bookmarks. His creative talents are also expressed in a collection of banners and drawings.

John Gregory Burke
December 1, 1919 - May 14, 2007
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The Truth about
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Nov/Dec 2008