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Blackholes and N.D.E.s

The above web site asks the question of whether or not there is a blackhole within the center of our galaxy.In this article that I have written a direct correlation between blackholes and N.D.E.s (near-death experiences) is postulated. What do blackholes and N.D.E.s have to do with one another? There is the Hermetic Axiom which states: "As above, so below." The micro is the duplicate and replication of the macro. In our solar system we have a massive center which is our sun to which the planets orbit around the sun. In our galaxy we have a massive center to which all other star systems in the galaxy orbit around it. Our solar system is a microcosm of the galaxy itself. An interesting sidebar to the Hermetic Axiom is something that Steiner once postulated. He said that the human eye was created by the forces of the sun. As we developed here on earth over time and continued to live on the earth our eyes were created by the forces of the sun in order to perceive the light of the sun and the world around us. If you look at the photo below you will see a picture of a solar eclipse. The eclipse is like a picture of the human eye in its macrocosmic form. The darkened sun is a picture of the pupil of the human eye while the rays of the sun are as the iris of the human eye. You only have to look at one's own eye to see the comparison of the micro to the macro. The sun did create the human eye.

Also, in this picture we have an expression of another point about the sun that Steiner once made which science has yet to observe. The interior of the sun is a vacuum which is devoid of all light, energy and matter. It is a place that is completely hollowed out from the rest of space. In the interior of the sun there is nothing but pure etheric forces which leaves the interior of the sun dark and opaque to human physical perception. If you look at the picture of the solar eclipse you would then get an approximate picture of the true interior of the sun. When we see sun spots we see openings into the sun which give us a window into the interior of the sun. There we see the hollowed out etheric sphere of the sun with no physical light, energy or matter.

Steiner also postulated that the sun is like a vacuum in another sense in that it draws to itself from space matter and energy. Matter and energy from beyond the solar system is drawn into our solar system towards the sun. This cosmic dust and energy approaches the sun from the exterior of the solar system and gradually begins to increase in density until it reaches its highest point of density around the regions of mars and the earth. It then begins to dissolve and become more refined as it approaches closer to the sun until it is finally taken into the sun. This would explain why the earth and mars are the most dense planets in the solar system. This matter and energy is taken up into the etheric sphere of the sun where it is no longer physical matter and energy but rather it too becomes etheric forces. Later these etheric forces release themselves back out from the sun where they condense back into physical matter and energy and are expelled into the outer regions of the solar system and beyond. Our own earth and all the planets in this solar system have a hollowed out etheric center within them. Electromagnetic forces are constantly streaming into and out of the earth as a micro reflection of the processes of the sun's etheric conversion of cosmic matter and energy. Since these etheric centers pull matter and energy into themselves and release them again would this possibly explain gravity? Is gravity the result of this whole process?

With this process in place in our solar system by our sun we could say that the sun is like a blackhole within our own solar system drawing everything in the way of free cosmic matter and energy into it. This is why I would say that the article that is sighted above which asks the question as to whether there is possibly a blackhole that sustains the center of our galaxy is I think absolutely possible and probably true. Our solar system is a microcosm of the larger galaxy and so staying true the Hermetic Axiom, "as above so below," I would say that our galaxy is sustained by an etheric blackhole.

These blackholes take in matter and energy as in any 'dying process' and lift them up into the etheric realm where they are then given back to the physical worlds in the form of 'supernovae' of physical matter and energy. These supernovae are often referred to as 'whiteholes'. They eventually become again the newly created stars and galaxies which are the outer physical manifestations, the outer vestures, of higher spiritual beings. In a near death experience or in any dying process we have a similar process on a microcosmic level. In astrophysics there is the term 'wormhole' which describes the process of matter and energy being drawn into a blackhole. It is like a vortex or funnel in which matter and energy stream into the blackhole ( not unlike the funnel phenomenon of a tornado in reverse). I believe that what is seen here is the beginning stages of the conversion of matter and energy into etheric forces. In a near death experience (or in dying) the individual will experience the sensation of passing into a tunnel with tremendous force. What that person is experiencing is the conscious awareness of the mix of both the forces of the physical body and the forces of the etheric body as the soul and EGO are being lifted out of the body. One experiences one's own physical/etheric vortex as the replication of the macrocosmic vortex of a blackhole. We are then returned to our physical bodies after the near death experience or we are returned again as in rebirth (as matter and energy are returned to space on a macrocosmic level in the form of physical manifestations [stars and galaxies] of higher spiritual beings).

Rick Distasi [2001]