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Lady Wraith...

Her E-mail address is:

Her ICQ number is: 22661723

Her Paragraph:
All I really have to say about myself is that I am addicted to the OD, and it has been very therapeutic for me. I love writing, and this is the best outlet I've found for me to write whatever comes to mind.

I also have poems posted at under the pseudonym "Ursy" if you are at all interested in reading them. I've only started writing poetry since March - it was something I thought I could never do, and I've basically impressed myself. The poems have really helped me deal with stuff that I've been going through (as opposed to turning to alcohol or something like that), and I love writing them.

I am majoring in English right now at University, which should come to no surprise for whoever is reading this after all I've been talking about is my love for writing!

Her Open Diary...