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His Paragraph:
Well what do u want to know? name's Daniel Hourigan. i am commonly called that amongst other things (i.e. ashen, fenris, spouro). I'm 18, studying music, writing, and philosophy at univeristy, i live in Queensland, Australia. Ummm...i play guitar, trumpet, piano, drums, percussion, and sing from time to time. i write a lot, and compose a hell of a lot of music. i live w/my mum mum and my lil' sis. i think way too much for my own good (i've reinvented the wheel 5 times), and am smitten for one person very special to me. but i won't bore ya'll w/those details. if i manage to offend anyone w/what i say, i don't intend to. oh yeah, please go read my OD :) caio

His ICQ is: 51216063


Yahoo: ashen_shegar


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