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Crying Wind...

She asked me to either write a paragraph about her for her or take something from her diary I decided to take something from her diary since she is a very good writer this is her description:

Welcome to A ~Maze Of Moods~

This diary is dedicated to YOU. To all those that have ever had a broken heart. To anyone that has ever suffered with depression or bipolar. An eating disorder or SI (self mutilation).

For anyone that has ever even thought about suicide, or perhaps lost a loved one to this terrible illness. I hope to say something here to bring you comfort.

My name is Donna. I'm a survivor of Suicide. I've also lost four friends to Suicide, two of which were like my own brothers. I'm a victim of Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder. I am a recovering Bulumic and I know what it feels like to cut your body into ugly scars.

I know the Maze of Moods very well. I know the dark pits of depression and dispair. The world of hoplessness and longing for death to come.

But I also know the love and mercy of God's healing touch. I know the miracle of finding just the right medication for "your" body's chemicial reactions. I'm a nurse as well as a patient.

Come with me into my Maze of Mood's as I share with you my ups, downs and all arounds of this disorder. I'll be honest with you. I'll do my best to write when I'm sick as well as when I'm doing well to show you first hand how this illness changes a person, but in doing so, to hopefully show you that this can be controlled as well.

Listen now...As you read from Crying Wind~

Her E-mail address is:

Her Open Diary...