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~Greetings Sites~

 Quintalons Quest  Poofcats Greetings"  Moniques Greetings
 Dobhrans Greetings  Darel's Rhealm  Lori Flowers Page
 Angelhart's Haven  Inspiring Thoughts  Fun and Silly Greetings
 Somebody Cares!  Wisehearts
 Where My Worlds Unite  Kathleens Pages  Ishaah's
 Veronica's Urls  Rose A Day  I Want's Page
 Praise  Mamma's Greetings
 Greeniiis Greetings  Inspiring Thoughts  Net Laughter
 Sir-Gawains's Web Page  The Magic of Love  Eakles-Family Entertainment
 Humorhaus  Ropes Applet galleries  AngelRays
 This Funs For You  It's A Crying  AnnieRebs Lake Applets
 Deb's Fun Pages  Inspirational Poems & Friendship Poems  Silk Dreams Love
 Hi There! Greetings  Meadowlark's Love and Friendship Greetings  Diane's Peaceful Hush
 Cuddle Cards  Mom's Place  BooKitty 62's Place
 Send a  Fairies's Fantasy  Tender Moments
 Minibites Place on the Net  Greetings Earthling.Net  Welcome to the Net "Hutch"..Cc Rabbit
 Greetings From the Heart  Silk-Fire's Fantasies of the Heart  Treena's Heart Tugs
 DreamVisions  From the Tulip Garden  Poems to Touch Your Heart
 The Poetic Dreamsharer  WestWynd's Links  Underwater Portal
 ICQ Greetings by Karin  Heartfelt Greetings by Barb  Angel Wings Loft
 Kas' World  Send For Fun  Jesse's Home Page
 Funnybuny's Homepage  The Doorway Garden of Thoughts  Sarah's Angels
 A Rose Forever  Just Because  Always on my Mind
 Swt Melode's Place  Passion Thoughts  Love This Site
 Debs Spot on the Web  DaisyLou2U's Web Welcome Page  Poetry From The Heart
 The Fun One  Blue Eyes Place  Patti's
 Cristina's Castle  CeleryHeart  Joy's Lil Spot
 LadyJ's Haven  Nervous Nelly's  Promise Of God
 Friendship's Online  Musictoons & Musical Messages
 Heart.Tellers.Link's  Heart & Soul  Fun Page Land.Com
 Kissed By An Angel  Hugs & Smiles  The Beary Patch
 Utah Cowboy  Bunny's Cyber Greetings  Ty & Surf's Greetings
 Mary's Heart Greetings  Sentimentally Yours  Whisper_01's World
 Webspirations  Luv's Creations  Luckylady's Love Notes
 Elsadiq Web Productions  Ishaah's Inspirations  Silly
 321 Greetings  Rainbow Connextion  Fun e cards
 Fun Shack  Your Guiding Angel  Secret Pal
 A Fairy World  Wise Hearts  Andie's Isle
 Fool Kitty  Maggie's View  ICQ Romance
 Links to ICQ Greetings  Autumn's Splendor  Light Of Love
 Susie Q's World  Debbie's Welcome to my Cyber Greetings  Caprial's Welcome To Shangra-La
 Sunysmiles Home  Joy  Rhymehearts
 bcactusl's Welcome World  Mr. Mom  The Alaskan Rambler (poetry)
 Riversongs Greetings  Visions And Wisdoms  Lori's Garden of Inspiration
 Welcome to Shockey'  A Peaceful Place to Dream  Escape from Reality
 Link 4 U  Old Souls Station  Whispers of Love
 Mistycal Get-away  Dream Drifters  Scarlett's Web
 From Angel Fairy with Love  Welcome To Whoohoo  Poetry by Nicholas Gordon
 Belladora's World of Art and Poetry  My Friends  Kalype's Greetings
 Special Pages of Nice Stuff  Wind Of Spirit  Hugs and Smiles
 BB's Home  LadyHawke's Land Beyond The Mist  Lady Marie's Special Songs & Poems
 Lady Oceans Home  My Misty  Love And A New Day
 Welcome to Edots Attic  Heronwings Fantasy World  Katie's Castle
 Graham's Romantic Poetry  Poetic Pegasus  SharecuzIcare
 Skyblu's Poetry  Forever Creations  Krik's Kastle
 Graham's Realm of Wonders  Robyn Aileen's Poetry Pages  Rita's Fun Pages
 Bev's Poems & ICQ Greetings  Hello's by Woodrose  Alterative Greetings by Nervous Nelly
 Care2 Make the World Greener  Shared Greetings  Softest Kind Of Love
 Shazdraco's Poetry  Valarian Scrolls  Kathy's Friendly Moments
 Land Of Dreams  A Bit O' My Poetry  Tazgirl's Writers Block
 Shari's World of Poetry and Verse  Demelza's Web  Miss Elegance

~Greeting Card Sites~

 Crimson Court (posty notes)  Forever Yours Musical Greeting Cards
 Sojourney's of the Heart  Brandy's Notes from the Heart  Electronic Postcards:more than 175 elinks
 Action Cat Postcards  Blue Mountain Greeting Cards  Castle Mountain Postcards
 American  Cats n Kittens  2000
 All 4 Love  Be Mine Greeting Cards
 Awesome Greetings  Hallmark Cards  Share Smiles Greeting Cards
 Sofine's Touch A Heart Cards  Leafy Oak Tree Greeting Cards  Jeff's Turtle Shop
 Deer Lake Digital Cards  Boona's Free Virtual Greeting Cards  Sunshine Greetings
 Angelwinks Heavenly Post Card Shoppe  ABC
 Virtual Cards  Enchanted Garden Card Shop  MSN Greeting Cards
 Happy Birthday To You