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MDA Summer Camp 2003

Well, another year of Muscular Dystrophy summer camp has finished already! Hard to believe. This year there were many changes, good and bad, to the campground as well as to volunteers and camp staff. As most of you know, I was visiting on Wednesday, July 23rd. Even though it was a very short visit, as always I still had a wonderful time!

Because I was not there as long as originally planned, I was only able to take a small number of pictures. Therefore the majority of pictures you will see came from other campers and counselors that were attending. Because they were very generous, there are many wonderful pictures of a variety of activities ranging from karate, bonfire, soccer, and much more.

Also because I was unable to be there on Thursday, I was unable to attend the annual dance, which this year was a disco. I was however able to supply the decorations to make the dance hall look wonderful. I would like to thank the following companies for supplying us with beautiful decorations. Please feel free to visit their Web sites to look at all of their wonderful products.

Oriental Trading Company for their fabulous rotating disco ball with colored lights, fantastic necklaces and bracelets
Memories of a Lifetime Inc. for their fantastic posters, tattoos, and tableware
Shindigz Party Supplies for their incredible tableware
Christmas Lights Etc. for their excellent colored holiday lights
Novelty Lights for the wonderful tube lights
*Fast Signs I would like to give a special thank you to Mr. Ken Baxter for helping me to design the banner that was used for the dance.

Now onto the pictures! Click one of the links at the bottom to go to the pictures. Remember that you can click on a picture to make it larger for viewing. Enjoy!

Arts & Crafts and Bonfire (Page 1)
Fishing and Dining Hall (Page 2)
Special Activities (Page 3)
Miscellaneous (Page 4)
Group Pictures (Page 5)
Disco Ball (Page 6)