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JeSsIcA's ViRtUaL ShAG PaD

Hey what up?! I'm happy to say I just got my website updated for the first time in about a year (this always happends when I should be studying for finals!) Anyway--feel free to look around (you DEFINITLY have to check out my new little baby girl chihuahua - she's the CUTEST!)and sign my guestbook so I know you stopped by!

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This is my new baby girl chihuahua. Her name is Bella (italian for beautiful) and she was born November 7 this year and I'll get her Jan.7. She'll only grow to be about 3 pounds. SO CUTE!
Bella and I!
These are my roomates, Molly and EB -- they are SO much fun and I love 'em to death!
This is Eddie, Dan, and Chris at Chevys one night. They're guys from my dorm and a lot of fun.
These are my friends from Macon...Ricky is on top and I think Ryan and Chad are in there somewhere. Proceed to the next picture with caution!!!!!!!!!!!
This WAS a picture of Jimmy with a beer in one hand and Ryan's hairy ass in the other. ..but it has been removed at Ryan's request. Sorry guys!!!
Ummm....this is Ryan and Chad. They are roomates. Yeahhhhh..... sorry i just dont know what to say about this one.
This is my cousin Danielle and I at the Missouri Cheerleading Competition where Macon took 1st in the 3A Large division - Go girls!!!
This is Joe and Vince, a guy from our dorm, goofin off in the hall.