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Practical Natural Magick


Gregory J. de Montfort


A Guide To Working With The Interconnectedness of The Universe.

It is assumed that the student will have read and achieved success in the allied works or have studied higher meditative practices, astrology, and have some knowledge of the Kabbalah.

Throughout this work the word 'magick' has been used to differentiate the practise of natural magick from stage illusion - known popularly as 'magic'.

In this, the last section of our work, we will examine some home truths and basics of Magickal work, then, employing the meditative, visualisation and vitalisation techniques learned so far with the imagery and traditional meanings of the placement of the planets in the science of Astrology; the rich symbolism and tradition of The Tarot and the pathways of the Major Arcana, with the imagery and correlspondences of Kabalah and Ritual or Ceremonial Magick, which will draw upon your awakened psychic abilities in harmony with the energies and forces of the elements and the matrix of the Web of Life.

The meditative and concentrative exercises should now be a natural part of your daily routine, and we will utilise the resultant heightened powers of perception and intuition in our work as well as combining the imagery and visualisation from the symbolic representations of each of the Magick arts which are the basis of all correspondences in our Magickal meditations and workings.

The art of Magick encompasses many things. Science and art, philosophy and metaphysics, psychology and comparative religion. It is an adventure at the borderlands of the unknown, but most of all it is an expression of the true Will of the individual.

In order to grasp the inherent similarities in each of the arts or systems and their underlying principles, we will be proceeding in conjunction with further lessons of the various pathways to the Sefiroth in the Kabalah and the correspondence between this and the principles and imagery of each of the arts so far discussed.

"As Above........

So Below"

"If you write in the sand with a stick, soon the waves and wind will erase the words. So are the mistakes of ordinary men. If you cut words into stone, they remain forever. A man who claims the Magick becomes a chisel. All his misdeeds are graved into the very flank of time itself..."

Katherine Kerr



The Practice of Magick

Applying Your Occult Knowledge

You will have discovered that there are as many definitions of the words 'Magick' and 'sorcery' as there are practitioners of the various disciplines, systems or traditions.

To "Know" is one of the four cornerstones of occult knowledge and is the starting point of the seeker. You as a practitioner must know before you can do, therefore it is imperative that you possess an intimate understanding of the forces you will invoke and the correspondences of those forces or energies within the framework of the Web of Life and the Natural Order. In and through our art, we are endeavouring to work in harmony with the Natural energy of the Universe - particularly that of our own planet and it's denizens.

So, the study of Magick is the study of the 'hidden' relationships and correspondences within Nature {the interacting energies being part of the One energy matrix} and how we may influence and direct these energies and activities using the concepts of Will, Wisdom and Love for the benefit of the Spiritual evolution of all humanity. As the late Aleister Crowley once wrote "Magick is a philosophy with the method of science and the aim of religion"

A Brief Recapitulation of the History of Occultism:

Occultism (Latin occulere, "to hide"), belief in the efficacy of various practices—including astrology, alchemy, divination, and Magick—regarded as being based on 'hidden'{not readily discernable to the five senses} knowledge about the Universe and its mysterious forces. [The Oxford dictionary]

Occult knowledge is based upon the concept of correspondences, or the interrelationships that unite all things—stars, planets, plants, gemstones, colours, parts of the human body and life events — to one another and to invisible or 'hidden' realities as well. Those who practice the art can use occult knowledge to effect healing or to predict the future. Occultism also includes a belief in beings, such as angels, deities, and spirits, who can be appealed to for aid by those who possess the appropriate knowledge. Occult knowledge is obtained through initiation by those who already have such knowledge, or through the earnest study of the ancient texts and dedicating yourself to applying the principles of the Ancient Wisdom to your everyday life.

There are occult practices within nearly all traditional civilizations. Western Magick is derived from that of ancient Egypt, Babylon and Chaldea, especially as recorded and transmitted through Neoplatonism and the Hermetic books.

The Chinese, Hindus, and Tibetans have developed their own unique systems of Magick.

The Egyptian priests held the knowledge to their select and at the rise of Christianity it was suppressed for thousands of years. It was not until the alchemists and Cabbalists of the Medieval Period that the Magick of the West was ‘rediscovered’. Powerfully augmented by Jewish mysticism, occultism was an obscure but important presence in the European Middle Ages (5th century to 15th century). Medieval occult practice included astrology, alchemy, and ceremonial Magick rites for evoking spiritual beings. Eminent scholars such as 13th-century Italian theologian Saint Thomas Aquinas and his contemporary, English philosopher Roger Bacon, practiced the skills of alchemy and other occult arts.

Along with the rediscovery of classical learning, the Renaissance Period (15th century to 17th century) witnessed a burgeoning of occultism. In Florence, Italy, the court of the Medici sponsored a revival of Neoplatonism by establishing a Platonic Academy.

Neoplatonism is a type of idealistic monism in which the ultimate reality of the universe is held to be an infinite, unknowable, perfect One. From this One emanates nous (pure intelligence), whence in turn is derived the World Soul, the creative activity of which engenders the ‘lesser’ Souls of human beings. The World Soul is conceived as an image of the nous, even as the nous is an image of the One; both the nous and the World Soul, despite their differentiation, are thus consubstantial with the One.

The World Soul, however, because it is intermediate between the nous and the material world, has the option either of preserving its integrity and imaged perfection or of becoming altogether sensual and corrupt. The same choice is open to each of the ‘lesser’ Souls. When, through ignorance of its true nature and identity, the human Soul experiences a false sense of separateness and independence, it becomes arrogantly self-assertive and falls into sensual and depraved habits. Salvation for such a Soul is still possible, the Neoplatonist maintains, by virtue of the very freedom of Will that enabled it to choose its sinful course. The Soul must reverse that course, tracing in the opposite direction the successive steps of its degeneration, until it is again united with the fountainhead of its being. The actual reunion is accomplished through a mystical experience in which the soul knows an all-pervading ecstasy.

Doctrinally, Neoplatonism is characterized by a categorical opposition between the Spiritual and the carnal, elaborated from Plato's dualism of Idea and Matter; by the metaphysical hypothesis of mediating agencies, the nous and the World Soul, which transmit the divine power from the One to the many; by an aversion to the world of sense; and by the necessity of liberation from a life of sense through a rigorous ascetic discipline.

Later, figures such as 16th-century Swiss metaphysician Paracelsus, blended Neoplatonic philosophy with a rigorous empiricism, and hence, personified the transition from ancient occultism to modern science. Fraternal orders such as the Rosicrucians also pursued illumination through Esoteric Wisdom.

In the late medieval and early modern period (13th century to 15th century), however, as previously discussed in our earlier work introducing divination, occultism came to be increasingly regarded by the Church as connected with the worship of Satan. This occurance is astounding as the Church wilfully subsumed practices of the Old Ways and still performs those practices today.

This development resulted in the persecution of witchcraft during the Renaissance, when thousands of people were tortured and killed under the accusation—usually false—that they engaged in occult practices.

Despite both religious persecution and the rise of modern science, occultism continued in secret as an intellectual presence in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. During this period, occultism came to be valued more for its Spiritual meaning than for its pre-scientific world view. For the father of hypnotism, late-18th-century Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer, the occult offered a means of affirming both the fundamental nature of the Universe as Undifferentiated Consciousness and the power of the human Mind to interact with the Universe directly.

From this Spiritual perspective, occultism easily moved into alignment with 19th-century romanticism and its emphasis on the past, on symbolism, and on the creative power of imagination. These themes were important in such 19th-century "reinventions" of occultism as the Spiritualism movement, the Theosophical Society (1875), and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (1889). The last two groups in particular included many members of the symbolist movement, in addition to other artists, poets, and philosophers.

It is only during the last hundred years that western culture has been open minded enough to permit exploration of the occult realms, and only since the start of the twentieth century has science shown much interest at all. In the 20th century, another rebirth of occultism can be seen in the counterculture movement of the 1960s, with its interest in astrology, divination, and Magick. The New Age movement of the 1980's and the Spiritual Warriors of Gaia of the 1990's may be considered manifestations of occultism. Though severely criticized by some orthodox religious groups and mainstream scientists, {even though modern scientific discovery is giving credence and slowly coincidng with beliefs of the Ancient Wisdom with such discoveries as Quantum Physics, Fractal Geometry/The Mandelbrot Set, and Chaos Theory }, occultism has and will remain vital to Man's well being and our evolving Spirituality.

Of Paracelsus and The Church

Table of Correspondences of the Elements









































































Time of Day


















Phillipus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim {1493-1541}, -better known as Paracelsus, was a courageous man, who history reveals as a brilliant Swiss meta-physician, alchemist and philosopher of the 16th century.

In a time of supreme persecution of occult practices as heretical notions by the Church of Rome on the Continent, he dared to meld and unite the Platonic theories on the mysticism of Nature with Christian dogma in a manner which argued a heirachical ladder of creation ascending from base matter to God. He also defended the need to pull down the barriers between ritual practised in and out of the Church.

Paracelsus considered that all should be considered manifestations of the same God. "Holy Scriptures," he argued, "call sorcerers - without distinction - all those who were versed in supernatural things and were not at the same time holy. But this matter must be given some consideration ... we must not regard as sorcerers all those who are so called in the Holy Scriptures ... Magick is an art which reveals its highest power and strength through faith ... for there are holy men in God who serve the beatific life; they are called Saints. But there are also holy men in God who serve the forces of Nature and they are called Magi. God shows his miracles through his holy men, both those of the beatific life and through those of Nature: what others are incapable of doing they can do, because it has been conferred on them as a special gift."

He argued that everything was part of the Divine Matrix and that all ultimately desends from what he described as: " the Mysterium Magnum which is the one mother of all things and of the elements and a grandmother of all stars, trees, and creatures of the flesh ... earth is the 'mother' of man who shares 'mother earth' with the plants, minerals, and certain spiritual emanations."

At a more humble level than that of Paracelsus, few 'pagan' practitioners of the arts of Nature were in a position to commit their views to the record, and much of the comment and terminology was therefore supplied from a Christian viewpoint. In a time blighted {in contrast to our modern living standards}, humanity wanted cures for its ailments and its sick animals, fortunes prophesied, charms to help recover lost possessions, potions to bring love. To this end, the simple folk beseeched the local 'wise man/woman' or 'wizard/witch'.

These things, identified as Magick and witchcraft, were a part of the pagan vestige that the Catholic Church fought against, and still does to this day, and now, thankfully, has arguably lost.

Magicians in Christendom fell into two categories, according to whether they used their Occult arts for benefit or harm. "White" and "Black" Magick respectively. {- although this brings to point another argument - that there is no 'white/good' or 'black/evil' Magick as the power of each lies within the forces of Nature and Nature is both - it can be cruel and loving at the same time - therefore the true nature of the Magick, lies within the heart of the Magician or witch, not in the power of itself. Nature will exact Her price to maintain harmony and order}.

What distinguishes those who practised the occult arts in Christendom from those who practised in other religious cultures is that they were regarded by the Church, irrespective of their intent, to have made a pact with that peculiarly Christian character, the devil. For who created that oddity of psuedo esotericism/eroticism called diabolism but the Catholic Church?

Was this to frighten the superstitious public into the arms of the waiting and benevolent {not to mention money driven} Church and away from the natural order of Nature into materialism? No one today has the right to condemn or can say, but the fact stands that the Catholic Church is still in this day and age one of the most powerful establishments on the face of the earth in terms of socio/political power, manipulation and material wealth.

Yet in practice it all comes down to a nicety of words.

Whilst the Church condemned Magickal incantations it was not averse to adopting them when they suited its purpose. The Church for its part, encourages the belief that sacred artefacts carry mystical auras and breathe supernatural powers.

The whole of the Catholic establishment took on an animistic èclat and its trappings became charged with Magickal currents. This ambivalence was one of the principle stimulations for the occasional 'splits' of the Church which manifest in rebels like Martin Luther, Hugh Latimer and John Knox.

In its public ideaology, the Church accepts no compromise or middle ground with the occult arts. - Supernatural forces have emanated either from Saints and Angels dispensing the omnipotence of God {through the supervision of the Church} or they have been of diabolical origin.

This has been the subject for much hypocrisy and racial and religious bigotry since the humble beginnings of the Roman Catholic Church with Peter and the other disciples after the prophet Jesus.

Jesus' teachings {like the earlier Buddha and later Muhammad} were of Love and unabiding Faith, yet that hardly seems to be the case when one looks at the Church today.

The Church has resorted to Magick as whole-heartedly as any occult practicioner, and whilst officially, it judges according to the shifting view of the formulation of the natural world, the evaluation of God's handiwork at any one time is open to interpretation.

The result is that those who sit in ecclesiastical judgement of whether a practice, ritual or incantation is appropriate or otherwise, arbitrate according to what suits their personal interests and the designs of the Church at any one time {in that order of priority}.

In the modern occultists view, God and Nature need no temples because they are everywhere at once, and can therefore be worshipped at any time in any place and in any circumstance, through the power and faith of our Mind. It is man who requires the temples, trappings and the structured hierarchy such things invoke.

Suffice it to say that if a person does good, no matter what that person's beliefs, then God can be the only judge of that individual, and that individual will know in their own heart whether they have acted in the interests of the Light and their fellow man or not.

Nature has her own way of restoring the Natural Order and that is called Karma.

Those who distort the Natural flow of the Universal energies to their own ends, resulting in harm to others, whether that harm be physical hurt or that of Mind or Spirit, will face The Law of Causation, Balance and Compensation at some inevitable point.

All an individual does in one life rebounds and has effect in the next [- if the Balancing tendency of Nature that the previous action has invoked has not already caught up in this one].

The choice always remains that of the individual, in terms of ‘right’ conduct or action, which simply refers to the sanctity of self and consideration for all.

The Hermetic Laws as Applicable to Magick

In the third century before Christ, a section of the 'cumulative writings' of Hermes Trismagistus stated in the 'Emerald Tablet' :-

"That which is below is like unto that which is above, and that which is above is like unto that which is below, for the performing miracles of the one thing."

To this you may add that 'all is connected in the Web of Life'. This is the basic precept you have observed earlier in our exercises of Mind.

-"As Above; So Below". You have explored this precept in fact.

You are now embarking on the final stages of your journey into the lore of the Ancient Wisdom by combining all facets of the knowledge that you have thus far gleaned and putting it to practical use.

The 'preliminaries' of your earlier endeavours should by now be just a part of your every day life and should be applied in the case of your every undertaking to ensure maximum benefit/success.

In ceremonial, ritualised Magick (the basic form that has been handed down in Europe over the centuries), the Magician works within a circle and uses consecrated tools and the Magickal names of various 'entities' to evoke or invoke Power(s). These 'Powers' are raw and potentially dangerous Natural psychic forces which are directed through exertion of the Magician's Mind and Will.

Rituals don't always work. {This broad statement is based upon personal experience.} Sometimes nothing appears to happen {But something always does} and sometimes you will get unexpected results. I put this down to the fact that time as we know it differs in the altered states achieved in ritual and the fact that it is hard to stand in the same place in the same river twice. -Sometimes you will be right on target and at other times that elusive spark will wander and 'earth' on it's own. Your strength of Will is the driving force.

The idea that the physical universe is the end product of a process of Undifferentiated Consciousness is a first principle in all traditions.

Magickal ritual differs from other ceremonial or ritual observations in that it always has its emphasis on the causing of shifts in consciousness with a consequence of causing effects which are 'normally' considered impossible or improbable. The key to ritual (or working Magick) is within the Mind of the person who is capable of manipulation of altered states of consciousness and without that manipulation or shift, the ritual itself becomes empty posturing.

The 'space' of potential consciousness spreads out in many axes, like moving in space with several different dimensions, and this means that the Magician can enter a large number of distinct states, all of which can be considered different aspects of Magickal consciousness.

Magick and Magickical consciousness take us beyond the 'normal'; disrupting the cosy certainties or habit track of the everyday five sense existence that most people have; to explore new territory.

In this aspect, to the person trained in the Magickal tradition, 'normal' becomes a balancing act of complex proportions.

Real, detectable shifts in consciousness should always be entered into warily, or 'en-garde', and the determined ritualist treads a thin line between successful Magick and physical and psychical illness.

The grosser forms of Magick are more difficult still, as the body and mind fight any attempt to move into these regions of altered conscioussness. In confronting these altered states of consciousness, the Magician is forced to become somewhat of a mystic.

Following is the 'Witches' Rede' which is attributed to Doreen Valiente and gives a general outline of the practice of Magick. It has been adopted in various forms by many 'traditions'.

The Witches' Rede

Hear now the word of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night.

When dark was our destiny's pathway, That now we bring forth into Light

Mysterious Water and Fire, The Earth and the wide ranging Air,

By hidden Quintessence we know Them, and we will keep silent and dare

The birth and rebirth of all Nature, the passing of Winter and Spring

We share with Life Universal, rejoice the Magickal Ring

Four times in the year the Great Sabbat, returns, and the witches are seen

At Lammas and Candlemas dancing, on May eve and old Halloween

When daytime and night time are equal, when the sun is greatest and least,

The four lesser Sabbats are summoned, again the witches gather in feast

Thirteen silver Moons in a year are, thirteen is the Coven's array

Thirteen times at estabat make merry, for each golden year and a day

The power has passed down the ages, each time between woman and man,

Each century unto the other, ere times and ages began

When drawn is the Magickal Circle, by sword or athame of power

Its compass 'tween two worlds lies, in the land of shades of that hour

Our world has no right to know it, and the world beyond will tell naught,

The oldest of Gods are invoked there, the great work of Magick is wrought

For two are the Mystical Pillars, that stand at the gate of the shrine,

And two are the powers of Nature, the forms and the forces Divine

And do what thou wilt be the challenge, so be it in love that harms none,

For this is the only commandment, By Magick of old it be done

Eight words the Witche's Rede fulfil:

If it harms none, Do what Thou Will.


The Laws of The Practice of Magick

There are no true ‘legislative’ laws or rules to the practice of Magick other than the fact that as a Servant of the Light you are charged with a duty to aid all and harm none.

The ‘laws’ of Magick like those of physics or musical harmony, are practical observations made by practitioners of the mystical arts, that have been accumulated over thousands of years. These ‘laws’ or more truly - observations, have remarkable similarity in almost all human cultures and traditions. The following listing of these observations is by no means exhaustive but should provide a good guide to the primary ‘laws’ applicable.

The Law of Association

If any two or more discernable patterns have elements in common, the patterns interact through those common elements, and control of one pattern facilitates control over the others.

Key Words: Commonality controls

The Law of Cause and Effect

If exactly the same actions are performed under exactly the same conditions, they will usually be associated with exactly the same results: similar strings of events produce similar outcomes.

Key Words: Control the variables and you control the change

The Law of Contagion

Objects or beings in physical contact with each other continue to interact after separation.

Keywords: Magick is contagious

The Law of Dynamic Balance

To survive, let alone reach the heights, one must keep every aspect of one’s universe{s} in a state of dynamic balance. Extremism is dangerous on both the personal and the evolutionary levels of reality

Keywords: Dance to the music

The Law of Evocation

It is possible to establish lines of communication with entities from either inside or outside oneself - said entities being ‘outside’ during the actual process of communication {all things being connected in the matrix of the One}

Keywords: Beings without

The Law of Finite Senses

Every sense mechanism of every entity is limited by both range and the type of data perceived according to the Ray of development that entity has acheived in it’s incarnation. Many real phenomenae exist which are outside the sensory perception of any given entity.

Keywords: Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there

The Law of Identification

It is possible through maximum association between the elements and oneself and those of another being to actually become that being to the point of sharing in it’s knowledge and power. This is the law that controls lengthy or permanent possession phenomenae.

Keywords: You can become another

The Law of Infinite Data

The number of phenomenae to be known is infinite

Keywords: There is always something new

The Law of Infinite Universes

The total number of universes into which all possible combinations of existing phenomenae can be organised is infinite

Keywords: All things are possible, though some are more probable than others

The Law of Invocation

It is possible to establish lines of communication with entities from either inside or outside oneself - said entities being ‘inside’ during the actual process of communication {all things being connected in the matrix of the One}

Keywords: Beings within

The Law of Knowledge

True understanding brings control; the more that is known about a subject, the easier it is to exercise control over it.

Key Words: Knowledge is power

The Law of Names

Knowing the complete and true name of an object, being or process gives one control over it. This is so due to the fact that a name is a definition {ie. knowing the complete and true name means that one has a complete and intimate undestanding of the nature of the bearer of the name} as well as a contagion link.

Keywords: What’s in a name -everything.

The Law of Negative Attraction

Like attracts unlike; energy and actions often attract their opposites. In true Universal duality the paradox between like and unlike can be reconciled by contemplating the classic yin/yang symbol -the two halves are opposite in colour and dirction, yet they have similar shape- each completing and complementing the whole in an eternal dance of attraction and repulsion

Keywords: Opposites attract

The Law of Personal Universes

Every sentient being lives in and quite probably creates a unique universe which can never be 100% identical to that lived in by another -reality is in fact a consensus of opinions. There is no single ‘Reality’ - that odd perception is the product of monotheistic theologies and the way of scientism - instead ther are multiple and frequently contradictory realites all existing simultaeneously. This law may or may not be the same as the Law of Infinite Universes.

Keywords: You live in your cosmos and I’ll live in mine

The Law of Personification

Any phenomenon may be considered to be alive and to have personality, that is, to be an entity or being. This is based upon the fundamental human thought processes enabling the Magician to manipulate imagery and the abstract more effectively and thus focussing their Atomic Psychokinesis more easily.

Keywords: Anything can be a person

The Law of Perversity

Also known as Murphy’s Law - if anything can go wrong it will -and usually in the most annoyingly possible manner. Sometimes Magickal associations or correspondences can act in the opposite of the intention, particularly if a lot of emotion is channeled into the working - and sometimes some element of the Universe will change things to work against one’s intent. See "Limiting Opposition"

Keywords: If anything can go wrong it will

The Law of Polarity

Any pattern of data can be split into at least two patterns with opposing characteristics and each will contain the essence of the other within itself. This should not be confused with the concept of Western Dualism. Dualism assumes that they are, as opposites, at war, whereas Polarity assumes they embrace.

Keywords: Everything contains it’s opposite

The Law of Positive Attraction

Like attracts like; to create a particular reality, you must put out energy of a similar sort. This law refers to the power of positive thinking - that is, saturating the aura of the Magician or ‘client’ with symbols and energies similar to those wanted

Keywords: That which is sent out returns

The Law of Pragmatism

If a pattern of belief or behaviour enables a being to survive and to accomplish chosen goals, then that belief or behaviour is ‘true’ or ‘real’ or ‘sensible’ on whatever levels of reality are involved

Keywords: If it’s true it works

The Law of Self Knowledge

An understanding and familiarity of oneself and one’s own strengths and weaknesses is vital to success as a Magician.

Key Words: Know thyself

The Law of Similarity

Effects are liable to have an outward physical or mental appearance similar to their causes. Control may be produced by possession of an accurate image/sound/smell of an object or being

Keywords: Lookalikes are alike

The Law of Synchronicity

Two or more similar events occurring at the same time are likely to have more associations in common than the merely temporal; very few events occur in isolation from nearby events.

Key Words: Coincidence is seldom mere

The Law of Synthesis

The synthesis of two or more opposing patterns of data will produce a new pattern that will be more true than either of the first -that is it will be applicable to more realities or levels of reality

Keywords: Synthesis reconciles

The Law of True Falsehoods

It is possible for a concept or act to violate the truth patterns of any given universe or a society’s consensus of opinion and yet still be true provided that it works in a specific context.

Keywords: If it is a paradox it is probably true.

The Law of Unity

Everything in existence is linked directly or indirectly in past. present and future - perceived separation is based upon incomplete sensing and/or thinking

Keywords: All is One

The Law of Words of Power

Certain words, containing what has become known as mnemonic power, -a ‘trigger’ for release of certain psychic energies, which uttered under the correct conditions are able to alter the internal and external realities of the Magician.

Keywords: A word to the wise is sufficient

Some important points to remember which may be described as "Rules of Nature" or "Karmic Laws", are as follows:-

Rule 1:

The Threefold Law. Also Known as The Law of Return.

That is to say that the "casting" of a spell or power thought must be considered carefully, as the consequences of the use {or mis-use} of power or energy can come back to the caster in the order of three to one. Think carefully and remember the old admonishment of "Do unto others...." which is common to all religions. Courtesy to all is paramount

Rule Two:

Greatest Attainment of Power for a working is achieved at 'coven' level. When 'Forming a circle" - that is to say, forming a coven of witches for the purposes of ritual worship - greatest attainment of power is reached when 4 to a maximum of 13 members are present on a certain phase of the moon,{As there are 13 Moons to the year} and star/planetary patterns align for the greatest benefit of the proposed working. {Provided that all work to the common good of the coven and percieve symbolism in the same manner - meditate, contemplate the symbols and practice together at every opportunity} See section on Phases of the Moon and Astrology.

Rule Three:

Prepare for the purpose of the gathering or working

Prior to attempt of undertaking any working, ensure adequate preparation has been attended to, paying particular attention to the "footprint" of the working and any material requisites that may be required - that is to say a full and utter understanding of the power you are invoking; the method of invocation; the direction of the focus of power and of course the consequences to the energy flow of the Web of Life once undertaken. Contemplate carefully the Karmic effects and the chain of consequences that will follow your actions.

This cannot be enforced enough.

The true power of the Craft lies within, sometimes though, certain tools can be useful in the channeling and directing of energies.

The Essential Steps To Ritual Magick{The Tool of Facilitation}

The essential steps involved in ritual Magick according to Ancient Tradition are as follows:- Preliminaries including ritual bathing.

1. Cast the Circle

2. Open the Gates

3. Invocation to the Powers

4. Statement of Intention and Sacrifice

5. Main Ritual

6. Dismissal of Powers

7. Close the Gates

8. Banish the Circle (and attendants)

1. Casting The Circle:

The circle is the place in the physical that Magickal work is carried out. This may be literally a circle on the ground, or it could be a church, a stone ring, or a temple. It may even be an 'imagined' circle inscribed in the ether {or 'aethyr'}, or simply a spot or place hallowed by tradition. It is the first important limitation to Magickal working and is defined by the space where your Magick is carried out and the rest of the world carries on as normal. Unless you are working with specific Natural and defined powers or energies, the circle is the first useful tool or focus that you will use. The circle is both a barrier and container. (Remember that in Magick "sanity" and "sanitary" have more in common than just spelling, so bathing is of great import).

Casting a circle usually involves drawing a circle in the air or on the ground accompanied by an invocation to guardian spirits, or the elemental powers of the quarters, or the archangels or whichever 'guardians' you find most comfortable to work with {The important thing is not to 'muddy' the etheric current by mixing traditions - so a definate plan or map of association is neccessary prior to commencing any undertaking}. The other important element at this stage is that it is practised until it can be performrd in your sleep and it should be carried out with the same martial attitude and sense of discipline as a soldier on formal guard duty. You are establishing a perimeter under the watchful eyes of whichever guardians you have chosen to call upon.

2. Opening the Gates.

The gates in question are the boundary between normal and Magickal consciousness. Just as casting the Circle limits the ritual space, so opening the Gates limits the ritual in time. Not eveyone opens the gates as a separate activity; in fact the casting of the Circle can be considered a 'de-facto' opening of the Gates, but there are good reasons to consider keeping the activities separate.

First, it is more convenient to cast the Circle without going into a Magickal state or trance.

Second, the Gates in question can be tailored to suit the specific type of Magickal consciousness that you are trying to enter.

Third, just as missile launchers have two keys, so it is prudent to have a key or control so that you are not likely to enter a Magickal state on a whim without conscious volition, and the more distinct steps that are required, the more that conscious effort is required.

3. Invocation to The Powers.

Invoking a specific state of altered consciousness takes practice and not a little cajoling of the Mind, so the invocation is two fold in purpose: {1}. to set the Mind to the right frame or perspective and {2}, to invoke the ancient nexus of power and protection desired for the working. Using ritual to invoke the altered state desired is not difficult. Getting the result you want without unexpected and unwanted 'side-effects' is. Ritual Magick is not a 'rational' proceedure. The symbolism of Magick bubbles out of a very deep well; and the whole process of ritual effectively bypasses the rational Mind, so expecting the outcome of a ritual to obey the dictates of reason is simply irrational. The invocation may be described as the harness for an unbroken horse - a guide only - it is another limit whereby the powers are kept under the control of the Magician.

4. Statement of Intention and Sacrifice.

Magickal ritual is usually carried out with specific intent. Be it healing, divination, personal development or the like. The more precise the statement of intent i.e. the formation of thought in the mind and directed into the ritual - the more precisely the energy of the ritual is concentrated or directed to a single purpose.

To this end your ritual will only succeed if certain aspects are true:-

a) You are a being of awesome will

b) You have allies. The universe is changing, there is always potential for change, and if your intention coincides with an existing Will to bring about that change, your ritual can act as a catalyst.

c) You limit your intention to minimise opposition.

Nature has a tendency to run it's own course and the Mind has a tendency to leave things as they are, so the more you can minimise opposition, the more chance you have of being successful in using ritual to bring about change. Always analyse the possible outcomes and consequences of your intentions as by minimising opposition, you are limiting the amount of 'backlash' you can expect - quite often the simplest 'earth' for the energies invoked is through the Magician and if opposition to your intention is great enough, this is exactly what happens, as when you invoke power, you are acting as the channel or medium of that power.

In respect of sacrifice, no-one gets something for nothing, and if the balance in nature is to be preserved then something or someone must be given in return. This does not mean animistic or human sacrifice of life - that is simply abhorrent in any terms, and you can not sacrifice something which is not yours to give. What it means is a personal sacrifice of the Magician - perhaps privation, fast or dedicating oneself to some specific purpose for the good of humanity or the planet. Generally, it is common practice to link the terms of sacrifice to the intent of the ritual in such a way that the energy of the sacrifice focuses energy along the direction of intent. As an example, one of my cats was sick and not eating, so I carried out a ritual to restore health and appetite - as my terms of sacrifice I fasted for 24 hours and used my hunger as a drive to the intent of the ritual and he began eating and healing the following day.

Just as a ritual is intended to change the world in some way, so your sacrifice forces you to change in yourself in some way and that act liberates Magickal energy.

If you want to heal someone, don't just perform the ritual and leave it at that - get actively involved in caring for them, as this deed can act as a channel for the powers that you have invoked. If you want to help someone out of a mess, provide them with active material or mundane support as well.

From a Magickal perspective each one of us is a Magickal being with a vast potential for power, but normally, that is denied to us by an innate, fanatical, and deep rooted desire to keep things in a regular routine to serve our own needs. Self-sacrifice disturbs this equilibrium and lets out some of that pent up energy, and that is why egoless devotion and self-sacrifice has a reputation for working miracles.

5. The Main Ritual.

Ritual is more of an art than science, and once the Gates have been opened and the Powers are in attendance, whatever science there is in ritual gives way to art. Magicians operate in a world where the most ordinary of things have complex symbolic meanings or correspondences, and a selection of consecrated implements or power objects are utilised in this work. The Magician can use this palette of symbols within a ritual to 'paint a picture' of their intent in a non-verbal or non-rational way and it is this ability to communicate an intention through every sense of the body, through every level of the mind which gives the ritual power.

Everyone who practices Magick develops their own personal sense of symbols which works best for them as individuals.

6. Dismissal of Powers

Once a ritual is completed to the Magician's satisfaction, the Powers are thanked and dismissed or dispersed - this begins the withdrawal of consciousness back to it's pre-ritual or 'normal' state.

7. Close Gates

Closing the Gates and thus closing off the altered state of consciousness to return to 'normality' is very important as if the Magician fails to do so, the altered state will manifest itself in everyday doings and all manner of unplanned and unexpected mischiefs will occur. Prior to banishing the circle it is a good idea to do a 'sanity check' and if there is any suspicion that an altered state has not completely withdrawn then begin the close down sequence from start to finish until satisfied that it has.

A related problem that every Magician will face sooner or later is the discovery of an altered state that compensates for some sort of perceived inadequacy (not unlike that extra drink at a party) and they will not wish to let go of it because it makes them feel so good. This can have obvious problems and should be a matter of deep contemplation and meditation until resolved.

8. Banishing the Circle

When completely satisfied that the altered state has withdrawn or 'shut down' the circle is closed or banished and the Magician returns to the everday normal 'five-sense' world.

Of "Maps" and "Correspondences"

As you have seen, Magickal correspondences play a major part in visualisation for ritual work and if consciousness is imagined as a space we can move around in, then it is a space of several dimensions. An indispensable tool for any Magician, is a method for describing this space and it's dimensions, - a method to specify the "co-ordinates of consciousness" as it were, somewhat akin to giving a map reference. The Magician uses such a descriptive method to say "this is where I wish to get to", and the ritual can be described as the fuel which transports the Magician to the destination and back again. A useful system of 'navigation' for this purpose is the Kabbalah or pathways and pathworkings of the Tree of Life, {on which we have touched lightly in this work}, there are many other maps or systems in use, but as the Kabbalah has been tried and true for centuries, it is the one we will use in this work.

What matters is that the Magician have a clear map, and with it the ability to invoke different aspects of consciousness by utilising the symbolism of the system chosen. The word clear has been italicised as there is a tendency today to mix different systems or traditions, and as most of these systems have been around for millennia, that mixing tends to muddy the etheric and muddle clarity of thought, so that like a palette of paint, they end up in shades of muddy brown. Correspondences and their symbolism are like intentions: the more clearly and sharply defined they are, the better they will work.

All Magickal work comes at a cost. The more effective a Magickal system or framework is in limiting, engaging and mobilising the creative power of consciousness, the more effective it is in ensnaring consciousness within it's own assumptions and limitations of expression. To this end I personally believe that the 'best' system of correspondences is one which allows consciousness to roam the greatest range of possibilities, and permits it the free will to choose it's own limitations.

In summation, ritual is a technique for focussing Magickal power through the deliberate use of limitation, which comes from the belief system of the Magician and the set of correspondences used to create symbolism within the ritual. Further limitation comes from within the structure of the ritual itself and ultimately from the statement of intention. With practice, these elements add up to the single mindedness of Will, which can effectively 'shift' consciousness to realms of wonder and power.

Working Tools of the Craft

Not every human being is equally able to sense the currents of Natural forces/energies flowing in the Web of the Etheric which interpenetrate the Physical {and the Astral}, connecting all things; nor are we equally able to utilise {channel and direct} them.

Hence the common use of aids or 'tools' of empowerment to facilitate the channeling and directing of these energies.

Ordinarilly these tools are made personally by the Magician and consecrated to the Light empowering them for their intended purpose.

If not personally made by the Magician, then they are usually personalised and empowered by the use of glyphs or other adornment corresponding to their intended use.

Material requisites for ritual Magick are as follows :-

Amulet: A talismanic object of protection that has been empowered to deflect specific negative energies from the wearer.

Astrological Almanac, Ephemeris and Charts: These items and the ability to forecast are required in order to determine the most auspicious timing for a particular working. {See section on Divination and Astrology of this work}.

Athame: A black handled, double edged iron blade, the Athame is associated with the Male element of Fire and the South. It is always best to make your own ritual knife as the personal energy you expend in its making, dedication, and consecration will empower it for successful casting of circles and channeling energies to the aid of specific undertakings. Although traditionally kept sharp, it is never used to actually cut in the physical.

Bowls: A translucent light blue glass bowl, and a silver {plated or solid} bowl as a receptacle for water for the purposes of scrying or symbolically on the altar when calling upon the element of Water and the West.

Brazier: A tripod supported brazier for holding lighted coals and burning incense. Used symbolically in ritual as representing Fire and the South with the incense as Air and the East; as well as for scrying and divination.

Candle Sconce: Obviously to conveniently hold the candles used in ritual work. Material choice is dictated by the energies wished to be drawn upon and will vary according to the ritual performed.

Candles: Colour correspondences of candles used in ritual Magick:-

Black is for knowledge; meditation; banishing; mourning/loss

Blue is for peace; healing; prophetic dreams; friendship

Brown is for animal Magick; home; locate lost objects

Green is for beauty; prosperity; fertility; healing and success

Orange is for creativity; attraction; legal matters; success

Pink is for love; honour; fidelity and femininity

Purple is for psychic ability; spirituality/growth; feminine divine

Red is for love/lust; strength/courage; vitality/health

Silver is for vision/intuition; stabilising, positive and grounding.

White is for purity; meditation/truth; protection

Yellow is for charm/confidence; attraction; psychic and mental powers

Candles are usually charged {empowered and vitalised with Will} and scented with corresponding essential oils prior to use Representative of the element of Fire and the South.

In all candle Magick the candle is allowed to burn until the wick goes out of it's own accord, - so remember to leave your candle where it can do no harm -such as in the bathtub - if you have to leave it unattended for any time.

NOTE: To this day devotional candles of the Church are left to burn and go out of their own accord. I wonder where they learned that?

Cauldron: A common symbol of the craft, it is traditional to set it upon a tripod over the hearth {altar sized cauldrons may also be used} -it is representative of bounty and blessings. It is also used symbolically of the Female element of Water and the West.

The cauldron can be used for scrying, blending {interpenetrating the energies of} ingredients of spells and symbolically in ritual.

Chalice: Used on the altar as representing the Female principle of Water and the West. With consecrated wine, it is passed among the Gathering in symbol of brother/sisterhood. Another chalice or cauldron is sometimes used in the West as well. Libations to the "Old Ones" are poured from the Chalice into a prepared hole or receptacle to the West, outside the circle.

Clothing: Clothing is optional. Some practitioners prefer to be 'sky-clad'. If chosen it is done so according to colour correspondences, and as colour is perceptive vibration, as an aid in attuning to beneficial influences and energies you wish to draw upon in your ritual; or to carry wards of protection.

Crystal Ball: Preferably, a true polished Clear Quartz crystal ball of 3-6" in diameter, on a suitable tripod or stand {of silver to draw on the affinite energies of the Moon}, and a black silk cloth with which to cover the ball when not in use, and which is placed under the ball when in use. Used for meditation and scrying.

Crystals: Crystals and gem stones are used to amplify and channel energy in a working or as talismans and outposts of consciousness. They are also extremely useful in meditation and contemplation. They may be embedded in the making of tools of the craft to enhance the power of the tool or employed independantly.

{See section on the Esoteric Properties of Crystals of this work}.

Dream Diary: To record your dreams for later analysis of the symbolism represented; and to record and assess changes in habit-tracks of the sub-conscious processes. A good way to evaluate your Spiritual progress.

Herbs; Spices and Other Spell Components: All components used are natural to the earth and will be described in detail as called for. {See section on Herb Lore of this work for medicinal, planetary and elemental associations of the herbs}.

Incense: Incense is used symbolically of the element of Air and the East - certain types of corresponding incense are used to call upon various energies seen as favourable or beneficial to the particular working.

Magickal Diary / Grimoire / Book of Shadows / Spell Book

Call it what you will -each tradition calls it differently.

A workbook recording your Magickal experiences, experiments, research and power thoughts. Record in as much detail as possible such things as accurate time, correspondences, occurrences etc.

Mirror: The mirror is used as a focus for meditation or scrying.

It is also used symbolically of the gateway between worlds and the feminine element of Water.

A round or oval, suitably framed glass mirror is probably best to begin with. It is usually wall mounted, but can stand on the altar. A specific mirror dedicated to scrying is fashioned to a circle of approximately 5" in diameter and kept in a blue silk cloth.

Some practitioners may prefer a 'black’ mirror of obsidian; or even polished metal, depending upon which they find most affinite.

Oils and Essences: Like herbs, incense and crystals, oils and essences are used in spells for their respective correspondences in candle Magick, in potpourri; to anoint talismans, stones, ourselves and tools in general to boost Magickal intent.

Pentacle: The five pointed star is symbolic of life and Divine Illumination. As its number is five it is ruled by Mars.

It is associated with the Female North and the element of Earth.

The Pentacle also represents the other elements as the sum of life:-

Earth: lower left corner- Stability and Physical Endurance

Fire: lower right corner-Courage and Daring

Air: upper left corner-Intelligence and the Arts

Water: upper right corner-Emotions and Intuition

Spirit: the top most point- All and the Divine.

The circle surrounding the Pentacle is representative of unification with God in spirit. A Pentacle made of silver is symbolic of Moon energy and psychic forces; in gold it is representative of the energies of Sun: power and strength. By including crystals, herbs and oils in the making and consecration of a Pentacle it is possible to reinforce the particular energies desired to be attracted by choosing affinite stones, herbs and essences to the intended purpose. It should be dedicated to the Light on the night of a New Moon. The Pentacle is used to consecrate other tools of the craft and as a focus or centre of power in Magickal workings.

Rune Stones: The Viking Runes of carved wood or stone are used traditionally as a divinatory and self development aid; and singly to attract certain energies to amplify the cone of power generated in a working. {See section on the Viking Runes of this work}.

Salt Container: Preferably of silver to draw upon Moon energy. Salt is a purifier and burns with a blue flame when applied to a dry wood fire. The colour blue is symbolic of the etheric, and if used in conjunction with the 'seeing' herbs, can open perception to that realm for psychic undertakings such as scrying.

Silver Bell: The tone of a silver bell is a purifying vibration and it is rung at the cardinal points of a circle when calling the quarters, and at certain phases of a ritual to banish negative influences.

Staff: In some traditions the staff is an important tool and may be used in much the same way as the wand or athame to mark the quarter points and channel directed energy. It should be cut from a living tree as in the making of a Wand; inscribed with sigils of the art and personal glyphs of the user; and consecrated in rite. It should be made to shoulder height. Always remember to thank the Spirits of the tree, and the Earth for her bounty by leaving a tithe of bread and milk {or honey} when taking such items.

Sword: With the advent of popularisation of Celtic tradition, many practitioners of Magick have opted to use the Sword in place of the Athame, Wand or Staff. Size and type is personal preference. It is usual to personalise the hilt and blade by graving it with suitable glyphs and sigils for the intended purpose, and to consecrate the sword in the prescribed manner.

Talismanic Silver Ring and Pendant: The choice of silver is due to the inherent affinity of personal psychic energy to Moon energy and silver as the metal of the Moon is hence used to attract and draw power from the Moon. Talismans are usually made by the wearer and inscribed with the Pentacle as symbol of the craft and other sigils and glyphs of the art for warding or drawing of energy. Much lore and energy goes into the making of a talisman.

Tarot Cards: The 22 Major Arcana are used in meditation and contemplation of the symbology represented in the artwork of the cards in conjunction with that of the mystic Qabbalah; A full deck of 78 cards are traditionally used in divination. {See section on the Tarot of this work}.

Thurible {Incense Burner/Censer}: The hanging chain type is most effective, but an open brazier on a tripod will suffice as well as be able to be used in Scrying and Divination.

The incense itself is representative of the element of Air, while the charcoal represents Fire. In combination, these two elements act to purify the area proposed for the working and dispel negative influences.

Wand: The Wand is symbolically representative of the element of Air, of the Male East. Some prefer to cast a circle or direct energy with a Wand cut and crafted from a living tree. {Various woods have different associations/correspondences to different energies} Don't forget to placate the Spirits of the tree by leaving a suitable tithe and a word of thanks.

White Handled Knife/Boleen: This knife is used much the same as an Athame only on a more personal level. It is the 'working' knife as opposed to the 'ritual' knife, and is used to perform the baser tasks such as harvesting of herbs and carving of sigils and glyphs. It should be made entirely by your own hand.


Other personalised items you will add to your 'wardrobe' as you proceed to learn and understand the currents and eddies of the energies and forces pertaining to each plane of consciousness.

As you become more proficient in your arts, you will require the aid of 'tools' less; and more powerful workings you will learn as you explore the realms of consciousness, natural correspondences, and the human psyche.

May you learn well and serve well.

A Further Table of Correspondences as Decreed in Ritual Work

{Refer to Paracelsus' Table on page 71 of this work}



















Qtr Candle






Ch Candle











Third Eye









Red Cube



Violet Pent

Sacred Calendar: After the Manner of the Northern & Celtic Traditions

The Celt’s lifestyle and the environment around them dictated their religious diary. The gods were celebrated at key moments of the pastoral year as opposed to the agricultural. The year was neatly split into two seasons -warm and cold. Effectively the whole of the natural world was sacred to the Celtic people, and all features of Nature’s landscape held religious significance.

Candlemas/Imbolc : Northern Hemisphere - February eve; Southern Hemisphere - August 2nd

Whisperings of the Springtide are heard as the Goddess Gaia or Danu, nurtures Her young Son, Oengus. Marks the end of the domain of darkness and the renewal of life in nature.

Spring Equinox/Ostara: Northern Hemisphere - March 21st; Southern Hemisphere - Sept. 21st

The first true day of Springtide. The days and nights are now equal in length as the young God -Oengus, continues to mature and grow. We begin to see shoots of new growth and swelling buds on the flora.

Energy is building as the days become warmer with promise.

Beltane : Northern Hemisphere - May eve; Southern Hemisphere - October 31st

The land represented by the Goddess is now ripe and fertile, and the young God expresses his love for her. The most vigorous of the fertility festivals. The time to light the bonfires of old in honour of the god Belenus {The Dagda in younger aspect} one of the most ancient of the Celtic fertility gods. Beltane inaugurates the ‘awakening’ phase, which reaches it’s high point at mid summer.

Summer Solstice/Midsummer: Northern Hemisphere - June 21st; Southern Hemisphere - Dec. 22nd

The days of the first harvesting of herbs as the earth now begins to share her bounty. The time of the longest days are celebrated as a fire festival. The season between the planting and the harvest, June is also the traditional month for handfastings in the North.

Lammas : Northern Hemisphere - August eve; Southern Hemisphere - February 22nd

Celebrating the tide of the harvest, and the sweep onwards once again until it meets the dark tide of Halloween

Lugnasadh: Northern Hemisphere - August 1st; Southern Hemisphere - January 21st

The time of First Harvest. Plants are setting seed already for the next year as the cycle of Nature continues. The Sun continues to burn brightly, but already the days are beginning to show the burden of the coming autumn. The time of the Brythonic god Lugh.

Autumnal Equinox/Mabon: Northern Hemisphere - September 21; Southern Hemisphere - March 21st

The Second or Continuing Harvest. Now, as at Ostara, the days and nights are equal once again.

Gardens are in full bloom and heavy with Nature's bounty.

There is a slight nip to the air and preparations begin for the long cold months which are to come.

All Hallows Eve/Samhain: Northern Hemisphere - October 31st; Southern Hemisphere - April 30th

The Last Harvest. This is a time to honour those who have gone before; a time to reflect and a time to 'see'. A time when the Spirit forces are at large, and the invisible barriers between temporal and other worlds are disolved. A time when the Mother Goddess and The Dagda meet and couple. It is a night of fertility and death.

It is an ancient feast of the dead and the last day of that year, which descends to it’s lowest point at the winter solstice.

Winter Solstice/Yule: Northern Hemisphere - December 21st; Southern Hemisphere - June 22nd

The time of the great darkness and the longest night of the year.

The winter solstice had been associated with the birth of a Divine King long before the rise of Christianity. The Sun is considered to represent the male divinity in many pagan traditions, this time of year is celebrated as the return of the Sun God where He is born of the Goddess.

Specific Days/Dates are dedicated to various entities. for example:-

*Lilith's Day: November 2nd - After lilith' of ancient Hebrew legend

*Lilith's Sabbath: Saturday at the turn of midnight to Sunday.

*Michaelmas - September 29 - The day of St. Michael the archangel.

*Martinmas - November 11 - The day of St. Martin.Bishop Tours 4th c

*The three traditional nights of Faerie are :-•May 1st- Day following Walpurgis -A Moving Day •June 24th - The Nativity of St. John The Baptist •November 1st- All Saints Night - A Moving Day

Days Of The Week: Planet, Colour, Metal and Stone

Sunday : The day sacred to the Sun, stands for all that is full of light power and strength, and which gives forth light. Those born on a Sunday love colour and brightness; and have an inborn joy. Yellow gold or yellow is the colour and gold the metal; rock-crystal {clear quartz} the crystal. Sunday is the best day for power Magick, health, prosperity spells, children, buying/selling and speculating.

Monday : Is the Moon’s day. The day of subtlety and psychic forces. Silver is the charm for this day; white/silver the colour; moonstone the crystal. Auspicious for spells concerning business of any kind.

It is also the day to perform spells pertaining to intuition, dreams, psychic abilities, spirituality and female fertility.

Tuesday : Named after the Norse god of war-Twi. A carnelian charm should be worn by those born on this day. A day for Mars. Jasper is the crystal; iron the metal; and red the colour. For spells concerning travel, passion, surgery, energy, breaking of negativities.

Wednesday : The day of Odin or Woden {Wind or air in motion}. A day for the planet Mercury. Tiger Eye is the crystal; silver the colour; and mercury the metal.{Usually an alloy of mercury, silver, tin}. A day for special wishes, divination, knowledge and wisdom.

Thursday : Thor’s day . Thor was the god of unrest - hence many travellers are born on this day. The swastika charm should be worn by all travellers. The planet Jupiter's day. Purple is the colour; Topaz the crystal. A day for knowledge, happiness, luck, material wealth, healing, male fertility and legal matters.

Friday : After Freiya - the Norse goddess of love and marriage. All handfastings should take place on a Friday. Venus' day. Copper is the metal; green the colour; and emerald the crystal. The day for music, poetry, love, sexual matters, marriage and friendship.

Saturday : After Satur - the beasts fought by the Norse gods in the great cataclysm in which the world came to an end only to wake again to greater beauty. A day of rest. The day of the planet Saturn. Lead is the metal; lilac or black, the colour; Lapis lazuli and aqua-marine are the crystals. A day for psychic abilities, meditation, transformation, defense and clairvoyance.

Planetary Hours: Fine Tuning Your Timing of Spells

By working to planetary hours you can add the power of an additional correspondence to your working, minimising opposition to your intent or goal one step more. Consider the intent of the working and it's planetary influence and you can work out the time of day best suited to that requirement.

How to Calculate the Planetary Hour:-

i. Determine the time of sunrise and sunset for the particular day that you intend to do the working.

Multiply the hour by 60 {for the number of minutes in the hour}

ii. For example you are intending a healing spell and have already worked out that the type of healing you intend is ruled by the Sun, so you choose your correspondences accordingly and decide to do the working on a Sunday with the element of Fire as your primary.

On the day you intend, Sunrise is 6:00am and Sunset is 5:00pm.

= 11 hours of daylight, multiplied by 60 is 660 minutes

iii. Divide the number of minutes of daylight by 12. { it will give you the duratiion of a planetary hour for that day}. For our example, 660 divided by 12 is 55 or each planetary hour is 55 minutes.

Therefore, hour 1 = 6:00am-6:55am

hour 2 = 6:55am-7:45am and so forth.{ie: The ist or 8th hr}

To work after sunset, use the same principle:-

i. The sun sets at 5:00pm and rises the next morning at 6:00am leaving us 13 hours of darkness.

ii. 13 hours multiplied by 60 is 780minutes.

iii. Divide 780 by 12 is 65, or the duration of the planetary hour for this period is 65 minutes.

Therefore, hour 1 is from 5:00pm to 6:05 pm

hour 2 is from 6:05pm to 7:10 pm and so forth.

Table of Planetary Hours: For Working Ritual Magick










































































































SUNSET {Darkness}


































































































"Attuning with these energies in Magick not only lends you the power to affect dramatic changes in your life, it also allows you to sense your own place in the larger scheme of Nature" - Scott Cunningham

The Moon in Ritual Magick: Drawing on Psychic Moon Energy

[Moon through Anglo Saxon -monas=the measurer from ma=to measure, make, form. produce, create, the base for Mother = Moon]

Successful Magick as you have discovered, depends upon many factors, including timing of spells and rituals with the planetary phases and of directing the energies in harmony to acheive an end result. {See also, the phenomenology section of this work}.

When the Moon is waxing, it is growing larger in the sky. The waxing period lasts from New to Full Moon. From Full to New Moon is the waning phase, where the Moon seems to disappear; until finally it is not visible to the eye for three nights. For this reason, this phase is sometimes called the Dark of the Moon or the Black Moon. The New Moon is a time that brings about new energy and self motivation.

The waxing Moon is the best time to undertake a spell for growth, beginning new projects, initiation, or enhancement. At First Quarter, it brings about crises in relationships, a shift and focussed activity.

The waning moon is best for spells to banish negative influences, lessen or remove obstacles and illness, and to remove harm.

The three days immediately after the New moon are the most powerful times to work spells for growth and beginnings which should manifest at Full Moon which brings intensity, heightened awareness and occasionally tension.

The Last Quarter Moon brings a crisis of consciousness, and examination of problems and consolidation.

The days just prior to the Full Moon are most favourable for meditation and contemplation. The Black Moon is the most auspicious time for banishings and neutralising.

**The mid point between New Moon and the Full is called the 1st quarter; the last quarter is the mid point between Full and New moon.**

Of consideration to timing also, is the influence of the Sign of the Zodiac that the Moon is in; and the influence of the positions of the planets at a particular time upon the desired undertaking. As these aspects have great influence over the Magickal aspect of the Moon.

"Venus in Scorpio by Daniel B Holeman"

The Moon in the Various Signs And Magickal Intent

The Moon in Aries is the best time for spells involving authority, rebirth, leadership; healing spells of the face and head.

The Moon in Taurus is the best time for spells of involving love, money, acquisition; healing spells for the throat and neck.

The Moon in Gemini is the best time for spells involving communication, writing, travel; healing spells for the arms, hands and lungs.

The Moon in Cancer is the best time for spells involving the home and for honouring the Lunar Gods and Goddessess; healing of the chest and stomach.

The Moon in Leo is the best time for spells involving authority, courage, fertility; healing of the upper back spine and heart.

The Moon in Virgo is the best time for spells involving employment, health, diet; healing of the intestines and nervous system.

The Moon in Libra is the best time for spells involving justice, unions, balance, artistry; healing of the lower back and kidneys.

The Moon in Scorpio is the best time for spells involving power, psychic growth, sex; healing of the reproductive organs.

The Moon in Sagittarius is the best time for spells involving travel, sports, truth, horses; healing of the liver and thighs.

The Moon in Capricorn is the best time for spells involving organization, ambition, career, politics; healing of the knees, bones and teeth and skin.

The Moon in Aquarius is the best time for spells involving science, freedom, friendship, breaking bad habits or addictions; healing of the calves, ankles and blood.

The Moon in Pices is the best time for spells involving music, art, telepathy, dreams; healing of the feet and lymph glands.

An example of positive thought empowerment and projection which utilises Moon phase timing is given In the section titled "The Magickal Rites"

Elemental Correspondences to Intent for Magickal Workings

Earth: A feminine element of the powers of the North.

Green is the colour. Rules spells pertaining to fertility, jobs, money, business, health, ecology and stability.

Air: A masculine element of the powers of the East.

Yellow is the corresponding colour. Rules spells pertaining to memory, intellect, examinations, divination, psychic powers, travel and drug addiction.

Fire: A masculine element of the powers of the South.

Red is the colour. Rules spells pertaining to success, sex, banishing illness, protection, legal matters, competitions, strength, energy and general health.

Water: A feminine element of the powers of the West.

Blue is the colour. Rules spells pertaining to love, friendship, meditation, healing, dreams, childbirth, clairvoyance and purification.


Colour Correspondences to Intent for Magickal Workings

Black: Protection; repelling; binding; banishing; meditation.

Blue: Wisdom; protection; calm; creativity; patience; astral projection; prophetic dreams; meditation

Brown: Animal Magick; home; locate lost objects

Green: Finances; luck; physical healing; abundance; growth; fertility.

Grey: Neutral.

Orange: Buisiness goals; career goals; justice; success; ambition.

Pink: Romantic love; peace; nurturing.

Purple: Spiritual power; psychic ability; ambition; third eye meditation; success; independence.

Red: Energy; strength; passion; love; career goals; courage.

Silver: Telepathy; clairvoyance; intuition; Astral Energy.

White: Peace; purity, spirituality, higher self; consecration; divination; clairvoyance.

Yellow: Learning/knowledge; disolving mental blocks; confidence; persuasion.

See also the ‘Colours of the Aura" in Volume 1 of this work "Mind, Meditation & Magick"

Table of Magickal Intent to Correspondences

Magickal Intent



Animal Healing

Phase of the Moon












Rosemary, coriander, sage

Clear quartz or moonstone

Astral Projection

Phase of the Moon











Purple or yellow

Mugwort, jasmine, nutmeg, sandal-wood,

Amethyst or citrine


Phase of the Moon







New or Full





Catnip, Avacado, Aloe

Amber, cat's eye, opal


Phase of the Moon












Echinacae, Dragon's blood

Citrin, malachite


Phase of the Moon







3rd quarter





Thyme, dragon's blood

Agate, Bloodstone, Tiger-eye


Phase of the Moon









Jupiter, Neptune



Mugwort, jasmine, nutmeg

Azurite, tiger-eye, obsidian


Phase of the Moon








Capricorn , Aquarius


Earth, Water


Angelica, myrrh, frankincense

Aquamarine, haematite, salt


Phase of the Moon







New or Full



Water, earth


Ginseng, sunflower, nuts



Phase of the Moon







7-14 days after New Moon


Saturn, Uranus



Lemon, sweet-pea


Good Luck

Phase of the Moon







3rd quarter





Aloe, clover, nutmeg, rose

Amber, tiger-eye, jet,


Phase of the Moon







3rd quarter





Catnip, apple, St.John's wort



Phase of the Moon







Full Moon



Fire, Water and Earth

Blue, green, purple

Angelica, willow, peppermint

Agate, amber, bloodstone


Phase of the Moon







New Moon



Air and Water


Ginseng, ecchinecae, thyme


Legal Matters

Phase of the Moon







Full Moon






Amber, tiger-eye, clear quartz


Phase of the Moon







New Moon





Apple, basil, jasmine, rose

Azurite, emerald, Lapislazuli


Phase of the Moon







New Moon





Aloe, clover, nutmeg, rose

Haematite, jet, obsidian, onyx


Phase of the Moon







Full Moon





Avocado, hibiscus, clove

Bloodstone, ruby, tourmaline

Magickal Power

Phase of the Moon







Full Moon





Mugwort, carnation, ginger

Bloodstone, malachite, quartz

Mental Powers

Phase of the Moon







Full Moon





Caraway, rosemary, nutmeg



Phase of the Moon







3rd quarter





Cinnamon, sage, clove, dill

Azurite, emerald, malachite


Phase of the Moon







New Moon





Gardenia, lavendar, pennyroyal

Quartz, moonstone, sapphire


Phase of the Moon







Full Moon





Bay, basil, pine and lilac

Haematite, jet, onyx, salt


Phase of the Moon







Full Moon





Almond, banana, tulip

Bloodstone, onyx, tourmaline

Psychic Awareness

Phase of the Moon







Full Moon




Light blue

Bay, cinnamon, honeysuckle


Psychic Dreams

Phase of the Moon







Full Moon





Marigold, mimosa, cinnamon, nutmeg

Quartz, moonstone, sapphire


Phase of the Moon







Full Moon





Bay, parsley, rue, thyme

Haematite, jet, jasper, salt


Phase of the Moon







New Moon





Chamomile, hops, valerian

Aquamarine, pearl, selenite


Phase of the Moon







Full Moon





Cinnamon, frankincense, myrh



Phase of the Moon







Full Moon





Bay, carnation, mugwort, thistle

Bloodstone, ruby, sardonyx


Phase of the Moon







Full Moon





Iris, sage, sunflower

Agate, aventurine, amozonite

The sole Purpose of this book has been to set you the seeker on the path to knowledge. It is designed as a "course work" to self development in the principles of the Ancient Wisdom and follows the tradition of dedicating oneself to "one year and one day's" study of the Craft.

It cannot be overemphasised that your philosophical knowledge must be in balance and slightly ahead of your knowledge of Natural power

By now you should be proficient in the following Craft aspects:-

How to :-

Meditate, visualise and concentrate

be ruthless in knowing one's own psychology

be flexible yet discerning in all things

ground and centre oneself {focus & exert one's Will}

shield oneself and others at need

utilise at least one form of divination

utilise some form of clairvoyancy

utilise herbs in healing as well as understanding their Magickal symbolism and correspondences

cleanse, clear and still

raise, channel and ground energy

cast a circle and open the gates

create ritual and have developed spellcraft

Be well versed in:-

in interpersonal ethics and the threefold law

Astrological principles and correspondences

Phenomenological principles and correspondences

current principles of first aid as well as the

principles and doctrines of the old ways and be able to differentiate between the two

current scientific thought concerning energy

other systems and techniques of Magick

Know the:-

elements, their symbolism and correspondences.

entities and their names, their energies, symbolism and correspondences

Know and understand a little group psychology

Have studied a little of the histories and religions of the world as well as the world's myths and legends with discernment.

Be prepared to continue to study, learn and serve the Light for the remainder of your Soul’s existence. -Read as much as you can.

 The Magickal Rites

1. A Self Dedication Ritual -New Moon in Scorpio

Prepare the area - assemble all tools and arrange altar

Bathe {- the old saying that cleanliness is next to godliness holds more true in Magick as any 'dirt' attracts only negative and malificent influences}. Use sandalwood, nutmeg, bay or cinnamon as incense {In combination is more powerful}. Place sea salt around the wick of the candles and concentrate on what is before you.

Purify the area; meditate -centre and still; and open the circle.

Face the East and raise your projective hand and point skyward. Intone -

"Raphael, Guardian of Air, I do summon, stir and call you now to witness this rite and guard this circle. Powers of Air, be with me as I journey between worlds".

Turn to the South, point your hand and intone -"Michael, Guardian of Fire, I do summon, stir and call you now to witness this rite and guard this circle. Powers of Fire, be with me as I journey between worlds".

Turn to the West, point your hand and intone -"Gabriel, Guardian of Water, I do summon, stir and call you now to witness this rite and guard this circle. Powers of Water, be with me as I journey between worlds".

Turn to the North, point your hand and intone -"Uriel, Guardian of Earth, I do summon, stir and call you now to witness this rite and guard this circle. Powers of Mother and Earth, be with me as I journey between worlds".

Face the Altar, raise both hands to the sky and intone -"The circle is cast and I am between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where night and day, birth and death, joy and sorrow meet as one".

Ring the bell to signal that the circle is cast and to purify the Air with it's tone.

Light the candles raise your hands palm outwards and say:- "On this night and in this hour I call upon the ancient powers of Manu and Gaia and ask that you assist me in this dedication as I take a new path in this the turning of my life". "I have cast this circle this night to dedicate my Mind, Body and Spirit to the furtherment of humanity and the protection of the Earth. From this day forward, I will honour and respect both the Divine and myself. I vow to hold the idealoogy of the Light in my heart and mind for the totality of my existence."

Point to your knees and say - "Blessed be my knees as I kneel at the altar of my faith - not in supplication, but in thanksgiving".

Point to your groin and say - "Blessed be my seed {or womb as the case may be} that holds and produces the creation of human essence. I vow to protect and teach the children of the world"

Point to your heart and say - " Blessed be my heart that it may beat steady and true. May the warmth of my love spread throughout humanity and the cosmos."

Point to your lips and say - " Blessed be my lips that they shall utter truth and purity of Mind and Spirit, May Wisdom flow for the benefit of all".

Point to your third eye and say- "Blessed be my Astral Sight that I may see through the veil of life with the truth of the Divine".

Turn deosil and face the Altar again, raise your hands in the Air and say- " I, {your name} in the presence of the Lords of Light, do of my own free will and mind, most solemnly swear that I will ever abide by Thy Will. I shall neither harm my fellow man with the secrets that I learn, nor shall I flaunt my beliefs or power before them. Henceforth - from this day I shall be reborn as {Your new Craft and most secret name} and shall honour respect and cherish this oath that I have taken."

Take the wine and say - " As I take this wine into my body, I partake of the essence of the Light and seal my oath for eternity".

Drink half the wine, hold it to the sky and say "Accept this wine as my offering of thanksgiving".

Place the wine on the Altar and say "I, {Your name} give thanks for presiding over this dedication, may we walk together in the Halls of Light forever".

Close the circle, starting in the East -thanking both the Angel and Elemental Power and follow with South, West and North.

Face the Altar again and say "The circle is open, but never broken"

2/. The Festival of Unification - Full Moon in Gemini

A First Channeling of Moon Energy

The Full Moon in Gemini is known to be a time that allows an outflow of Divine Love into the consciousness of humanity. It is a time for Students of the Light and all enlightened souls to demonstrate through focussed meditation the Light that they have developed within themselves. It is therefore a time of deep invocation and appeal, of a basic aspiration of fellowship;

of human and spiritual unity.

i. Perform usual preliminaries, burn rosemary and sandalwood on the brazier, and enter into quietness. Stilling and centreing. See your physical, emotional and lower mental bodies in alignment.

ii. Visualise your Personal Energy or Light joining with others and that of the Light {energy} of the Moon; pouring out upon the world its blessings; all directed through the very centre of your being.

iii. Creatively meditate upon the seed of thought given below. See it actually being brought into the physical by the servants of humanity

" Heaven and Earth; Heaven and Earth as one; the anchoring of the Kingdom of heaven; the spiritual principles in open expression on Earth; thus leading to Universal recognition that All is One ".

Intone out loud:

"The children of humanity are One, and I am One with them,

I seek to love, not to hate;

I seek to serve and not exact due service,

I seek to heal, not to hurt.

Let the soul control the outer form,

And life and all events;

And bring to light the love,

Which underlies the happenings of the time.

Let vision come and insight,

Let the future stand revealed;

Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.

Compassion to all beings

North; South; East; West; Above; and Below

Compassion to all"

3/. Meditative Use of the Kabbalah in a Pathway of Empowerment to Qabbalah
- Full Moon in Scorpio

In traditional Magick, the Kabbalah takes on a new form - that of the Qabbalah. It defines Magickal ritual and ceremonial practices that the Magician draws from the Kabbalah and makes use of the pathways of the Sefiroth as a focus for attainment of higher states of vibration, to move through the spheres and consult with the Guardians {or Great Ones} in various undertakings that may be involved. In other words, it is analagous to a 'map' or street directory of the higher consciousness and Natural Energies that has been successfully used for millennia. To do this, it is necessary to be in your 'inner sanctum' having prepared the way through meditation and careful and considered contemplation of the undertaking. The 'altar' is prepared with any special requisites, suitable colours affinite to the purpose will adorn the room and altar, candles and incense will be prepared and the room should be magnetised to as fine an attunement to Self and Nature as is possible.

By using the imagery of the Sefiroth of the Qabbalah as a focus for meditation and visualisation of your objectives, you, as a Magician are utilising thought forms which have been vitalised by adepts for millennia, and are as such an ancient nexus of power {that you yourself in imagining are vitalising further}, having developed an independence and permanence of their own in the Astral.

First, begin by drawing a chalk Magick circle or alternatively, depending upon your level of proficiency, an imaginary circle of blue flame around yourself and continue concentrating until this vision is clear in your mind at which point you then proceed to 'force' the vision out of your eyes until it becomes a three dimensional 'reality'. The circle is necessary to keep out any maleficent forces and when drawing it, the Magician leaves a gap that can entered through after having completed the preliminary preparations of the working.

To the East of the circle draw a triangle, the purpose of which is to contain any demonic or angelic being that may be conjoured up. On completion of this, turn out all lights except a single altar candle, step into the circle and close it, and banish all undesirable influences by making the sigil of the Qabbalistic cross. Standing within this circle, imagine a great cloud of light above your head. This is the light of Kether. Raising your right hand, draw in some of the light down to your forehead, then down to your solar plexus and touch your right shoulder and left shoulder saying "Malkuth", "Din", "Hesed" as you do so, all the time visualising the stream of Ketheric force trailing from your finger.

You are projecting your body onto the Tree of Life, and imagining your body and the Tree growing to tremendous size and standing above the Universe with the stars at your feet.

Returning to normal size, trace pentagrams in the air in front of you with a sword of etheric blue flame, one pentagram for each point of the compass. These pentagrams represent additional barriers against inimicable forces, and are also your points of contact with the Four Guardians of the Elements in the Astral. The Guardians are the Archangels of the Bible and are associated as Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel (The four 'planetary spirits'). You must greet these archangels with great compliments chanted in Latin. At the same time imagine them {in the imagination that is not imaginaton} in all their splendour. Above your head contrive a six pointed star, with two interlaced triangles, representing the fusion of the physical self with that of the eternal cosmic forces. Now you are ready to travel from Malkuth {Earth} to Yesod, the Gateway to the Astral and the other Sefiroth. Travel along path 22, the path of Saturn. On the way you may well meet the Tarot symbol corresponding with this path, which is a naked young woman garlanded with flowers, carrying two wands and dancing. This represents Joy, a release from Earthly cares, and entry into a higher Magickal world. Alternatively, you may meet a crocodile, the symbolic creature of Saturn. Arriving at the threshold of Yesod, entry is gained in the name of Gabriel and you must humbly confesses to the Guardians of your ignorance of the mysteries which surround you.

Inform them of which Sefira you wish to work with, and then proceed along the appropriate paths toward your destination. As you travel, you visualise around yourself the creatures, plants, colours and other attributes that you would expect to find on each particular path.

To project the Astral body along the paths it is necessary to have acheived attunement to the vibration of each,{ie. gained proficiency} otherwise you will be turned back by the Guardians and they will attempt to hinder your progress as you are unknown to them. Assuming that as a Magician, you have the required studies, you will now visualise the required Sefirothic form in the triangle outside your Magick circle, making it materialise in the traditional image associated with it.

If you are working with the powers of Hesed for example, the form will be a crowned king on a throne, and if with Netsah, the form will be that of a beautiful naked woman. It is at this stage that the Magician has to contend with and banish the evil negative qlifahs . The Sefirothic form cannot enter the circle, but the force it represents can through the Guardians or the pentagrammatic gates. The force may even be visible as a swirling cloud of vapour. In order to build up the force even more, you will also have to visualise within the triangle the planetary force associated with your chosen Sephira. When sufficient force has built up, you must prepare yourself for the climax of the operation by inducing a trance like state {hypnogogic}, in order to draw the elemental forces down into yourself. Visualise behind you and within the circle, a goddess form materializing, growing, towering immensely above you. You must refrain from looking directly at this form. Open yourself to the power of the goddess and at the moment of contact, visualise the thing that you wish to accomplish. Expel the accumulated force and bid it to go to fullfil its purpose. If your Magick involves another person, you will normally utilise an article of clothing, a lock of hair or finger nail clippings or some such in order to 'put the Magickal force on target'.

Having summoned up the Magickal forces, you now make your way back to Malkuth. You go back the same route you have come, thanking the guardians you meet upon your way for their help and hospitality.

Finally, you must banish and dismiss the forces summoned during the undertaking by making the sign of the Qabbalistic cross.

Classical Texts:

It is recommended that the reader examine the following texts for more illumination on the tradition of the Kabbalah:-

The Zohar: 13th century, translated as "Book of Splendour". Zohar literally means "radiance". Main viewpoint: Scripture is like man and has flesh {literal meaning}, soul {allegorical interpretation}, and spirit {mystical revelation}; these can be understood by a fourth level: "understanding according to the mystery of faith".

Sepher Yetzirah: oral tradition claimed from the time of Abraham, first known references in early Talmudic period, translated as "Book of Creation" Main viewpoint: The Torah was formed by God before creation; the study of the letters and their numerical equilvalents allows for understanding of the universe on multidimensional levels.

Yet another pathworking using the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and the pathways of the Tree of Life of the Qabballa, that is attributed to Merlin of Arthurian legend, is that of the Creation Vision.

In this working, the numbered paths are representative of the Tarot's Major Arcrana and the visions that are met are the imagery of the card's number as depicted in the diagram below.

4/. The Qabbalistic Cross{or banishing sigil as used in ritual work}

Move to the centre of your space, close your eyes and spend a few moments performing preliminaries and clearing your mind.

Visualise yourself growing larger and larger, upward through any barriers {such as a roof} that might exist. Rise up until you can see the area below you, then the whole city. then the country and so on upward until you can see the whole galaxy and the stars at you feet.

Then become aware of a brilliant shining white light above you.

Know that this is the Divine Light of Kether.

Reach up in your Mind and physically bring the light down to your forehead, touching it lightly and vibrate the word "AH-TEH", visualising with your eyes {and with eyes still closed} a brilliant ray of white light extending outward and upwards from your third eye area to infinity.

Then bring your hand slowly down so that it is covering your genital area with your figer pointing downwards and vibrate the word "MAL-KOOT". At the same time, see the ray of light extending downwards infinitely, through the Earth and to the ends of the Universe.

Then touch your right shoulder whilst vibrating the word "VEH GEH-BUR-AH" while visualising the light extending outward to your right infinitely.

Do the same with the left shoulder, seeing the light extending that direction whilst vibrating the word VEH-GEH-DUL-AH"

Then clasp your hands in front of you at your chest, over your heart, and vibrate the word "LEH O-LAM, AH-MEN"

Visualise the Cross as being formed of this Divine light flare brilliantly from white to etheric blue.

The words that you have said translated from Hebrew to English:-"For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, eternally, Amen".

On the following page are some notes on the vibratory use of Power words.

In the creation story of the Bible, God created the heavens and earth by the Word.
"Darkness was on the face of the deep" til God said 'Fiat Lux '-

"Let there be light." And there was light.

Vibratory Technique in the Use of Power Words in Ritual

It is not enough to know the words of power without knowing how to use them.

According to Israel Regardie, a respected modern day Kabbalist, when the time comes to use the Divine names in the ritual, the Magician should inhale deeply, slowly, and forcefully, visualising that the God-Name is being inhaled with the Air.

Picture the name or power word in the the Air in letters of etheric fire and flame and, breathing deeply, draw it down down into the lungs, then further down through the abdomen, thighs,and legs into your feet. The entire body should be infused with the fire of the Divine name.

Then, adopting one of the poses of the Egyptian God, Horus, as depicted in the Book of the Dead, exhale the breath that is now charged with the power of the name, visualising it surging up from the wells of your being, through your body, and pronounce the name in a mighty shout of triumph.

If at this moment you feel your body to be full of force and energy, and if the name thunders through your entire being, you will succeed in Magickally vibrating the name.

The effect of this vibration, is to set up a strain in the upper Astral, in response to which the entity summoned hastens.

The ancient belief in the constructive use of sound is illustrated in Genesis. The Universe was created by the Word of God. The divine intention or Will was not enough in itself. It had to be expressed in the Word.

Similarly, the Hindus and Buddhists believe in the power of words and sounds as is illustrated in their use of mantra.

Science has supported this belief with the advent of the 'tono-scope' invented by the Swiss physicist, Hans Jenny in 1968.

5. Formation of a Circle/Initiation at Coven Level

Requisites at Coven Level: High Priest/Priestess and a minimum of four coven members, each to call to the Guardians of the four elements and corresponding Watch-Tower.

Magick Circle; Sword of Power; incense; Pentacle; consecrated oil and wine; bell; Ritual Athame; Athame for dedication to the initiate; "Gifts" of the craft for the initiate from each coven member.


Best day for entering a circle is Saturday preferably coinciding with one of the Sabbaths.

A circle is drawn and the High Priest/Priestess conjures up a Cone of Power over the Pentacle, calling upon the Lords of Light.

"Lords of Light, Hear Us;

We bring forward one who would number among us.

He/She seeks guidance

in working his/her art in your cause"

A Power Chant is performed to attune and intensify the cone of power generated on invoking the names of the powers of the four elements of air, fire, water and earth:-

"Now is the time;

This is the hour;

Ours is the Magick;

Ours is the power."

Once the chant has achieved the desired level of vibration, each of the main participants {East, South, West and North}, invoke as follows:

"Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the East;

Powers of Air and invention hear me;

Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the South;

Powers of Fire and feeling, hear me;

Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the West;

Powers of Water and intuition, hear me;

Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the North;

by the Powers of mother and Earth, hear me."

{This is the general form of opening and generation of a Cone of Power, to any ritualised Magick}.

High Priest/Priestess: [Arms outstretched to the sky]

"Listen to the words of the Great mother, who was of old also called Artemis: Astarte: Dione: Melusine: Aphrodite: Cerridwen: Dana: Aranrod: Bride: and by many other names."

"Hearken to the secrets of your craft: to be naked in your rites; and to dance, sing and worship"

"I am the beauty of the green Earth: and the white Moon amongst the stars: and the mystery in the waters: and the desire of the heart of man: call unto my soul: arise and come unto me"

Initiate rises and moves sun-wise around the circle toward the High Priest/Priestess.

High Priest/Priestess: [Holds Athame point first at initiate's throat]

"It is better to throw yourself on this blade than enter the circle with fear in your heart. How do you enter?"

Initiate's Response:

"With perfect love and perfect trust."

High Priest/Priestess: [Lowers blade]

"All who do are doubly welcome. I give you a third to pass through this dread door"

[Participants embrace in symbolism of brother/sisterhood and prepare offertory wine with a drop of blood from a pin pricked finger of all attendants to the ritual, and the initiate is daubed with the consecrated oil and wine in the shape of the Celtic Cross over the third eye]

The wine is offered to all; who in turn and prior to taking the ritual drink attest to the powers :- "I drink of my brothers and sisters; and take into myself the power to---{a power of desired undertaking beneficial to your evolution and hence the members of the coven}.

On completion of the opening ceremonies and prior to further undertakings of the evening, use the banishing ritual of the Kabbalistic cross whilst saying out loud the ritual words of "Blessed be". and then in unison or singularly if performing a solo ritual -the phrase-"As above; So below" - pointing the athame towards the heavens at the beginning of the ritual words and thrusting the athame into the earth at the close of the words will also suffice in place of the cross.

6.Spells and Charms Employing Thought Empowerment

Apart from a knowledge and recognitian of the vital correspondences within Nature as being the links to directing the Natural energies and forces, in most spells the major ingredient is that of Mind and the ability to create vitalised thought form, so supreme concentration of your Will is of the utmost importance to ensure success.

Pay particular attention to Rule Three: Preparation.....Cause and Effect, etc.

Abstinance for at least 12 hours prior to the undertaking or working is desireable as a form of sacrifice and to heighten perception.

The spoken or chanted text may be repeated 5 times to ensure the spell's effectiveness. 5 is representative of the Pentacle, Mars and the Female Earth. {3,5,7, 9 & 13 are the numbers used in this context}.

Prior to undertaking any workings ensure that you have dedicated yourself to service to the One Light. Examine carefully and practice the following - Casting a Circle and calling the Quarters; Dedicating Objects; Opening and Closing of Ritual.

Banishing Ritual

This is a working to negate and ground any 'plaguing' negative energies, shielding all within a working circle of 12 ' diameter. It may be used at need as a ward to untroubled sleep, meditation or contemplation, or at any other time.

The most auspicious moment for banishings is the time of the Black Moon, or during the waning phase. However, any time as needed will do. Perform preliminaries and meditate upon the undertaking, visualising the result. Cast Circle and triangle of holding. Place your Pentacle in the centre of the circle, with obsidian at the topmost point of the Pentacle facing North, clear quartz at the bottom left, citrine at the bottom right; tiger eye and haematite at the top left and right respectively. Light a charged black candle in the centre of the pentacle, and burn a small amount of rue. Call the corners of the circle in turn, and at the time of calling each corner, before you in the Air, trace and visualise the sign of the Pentacle. Above you, the two interlaced triangles: one of etheric blue, and the other of silver, forming the six pointed star. Perform closing ritual upon completion. **See 'The Sigil of the Pentagram' of this work.

NOTE: Receptive crystals used in banishings must be disposed of.

Bath Salts - For Ritual Baths in Preparation to a Working

The general formulae for the base is a follows:-

3 parts Epsom Salts {Magnesium sulphate}

2 parts Baking Soda {Sodium bicarbonate}

1 part Table Salt {or Borax}

Add 10 drops vegetable dye for colour, and 10 drops maximum total of essential oil in the ratio stated. Mix together thoroughly.

The Four Elemental Baths using essential oils are as follows:-

Air: Colour-Yellow

3 parts Lavendar; 2 parts Rosemary; 1 part each of Peppermint, Bergamot and Mint.

Water: Colour- Dark Blue

3 parts Chamomile 2 parts Yarrow; 1 part each of Rose and Ylang Ylang

Fire: Colour Red

3 parts Frankincense; 2 parts Basil; 2 parts Juniper and 1/2 part Orange.

Earth: Colour- Green

4 parts Patchouli; 3 parts Cypress; 1 part Vetivert

Purification Bath - use before any ritual work Colour: Purple

3 parts Rosemary

2 parts Myrrh

2 parts Sandalwood

1 part Frankincense

Psychic Bath - use to enhance psychic ability. Colour: Light Blue

4 parts Yarrow

2 parts Bay

1 part Mugwort

Calling the Corners/Quarters {Opening to a Working}

This phrase is used to describe the opening phrase or chant of ritual work involving opening a Magick circle and summoning the aid of the elemental Spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water/ North, East, South, and West. The general format follows thus:

"Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the East;

Rafael and the Powers of Air and invention hear me;

Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the South;

Michael and the Powers of Fire and healing, hear me;

Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the West;

Powers of Water and intuition, hear me;

Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the North;

by the Powers of Mother and Earth, hear me."

Representation of specific Pantheons may be given as you deem necessary to the working

Candle Magick

In candle Magick, you are calling upon the Powers of Fire and the male South as personified by the planet/god Mars and the Archangel Michael.

In order for candle Magick to be effective it is important that the correspondences that you use match the intent of the spell.

To this end the candles are chosen according to their colour, empowered by your Will and annointed with oils and herbs of correct correspondence.

When empowering a candle for Magickal use, imagine that it is a psychic magnet with a definate North and South pole. Rub the oil into the candle beginning at the North end and work downwards to the half way point - always remembering to rub in the same direction. Repeat from the South end.

Remember, any object that you have made yourself is empowered by the energy expended in the making, so consider making your own candles for this purpose.

The vital principle of all candle Magick is visualisation, that is, visualising the goal or intent being accomplished as the candle burns.

If a ritual is undertaken in abscence, then the second person may be represented by a candle of correponding colour to that individual. For example, you might want to use an Astrologically compatible colour to their birth date; or you might simply choose the colour because it is the one you most assosciate with that person.

In all candle Magick {Just as in the devotional candles of the Church} the candle is never re-used, but allowed to burn out of it's own accord, so remember to always take safety precautions against accidental fire.

- Refer to the section on suggested correspondences for candles

under 'Tools of Ritual Magick'.

Circle Casting in Magick

The circle is the place where Magick is undertaken. It is both a gateway between worlds and a container.

Although generally imagined as two dimensional, it is in fact 3 dimensional, or more correctly - a sphere, posessing both zenith and nadir as well as the quaternary points and you as it's centre or focus.

The very first time of casting a Magick circle should be attempted alone at midnight on the night of a New Moon and having first bathed, and changed into clean white clothes {or 'sky-clad'}.

Find a quiet place outdoors where you can sit with a blue glass bowl of clean water in front of you with white candles either side and meditate for a few minutes. Perform your usual preliminaries.

First, draw a chalk circle around you and equidistantly place the twelve planetary stones of the Zodiac in proper sequence around its circumference.

Using your right, projective hand, visualise and evoke energy by pointing with your index finger; {or holding a 30cm Wand or Athame}; rotate Sunwise {deosil in the Southern Hemisphere} and describe the circle in doing so, to the East, North, West, and South, and repeat this incantation at each corner in turn :

"As I cast this circle in the name of Magick;

I will practise my art in the name of humanity and the One Light"

[The circle is necessary as a barrier to any maleficent forces and when drawing it, leave a gap that can be entered through and closed after having completed any preliminary preparations outside of the working's circle].

To the East of the circle draw an equilateral triangle, the purpose of which is to contain any constructive or destructive energies that may be conjoured up. On completion of this, turn out all lights except a single altar candle, step into the circle and close it, and banish all undesirable influences by making the sigil of the Kabbalistic cross.

When you have acheived a true level of proficiency, construct a thought form circle and triangle of etheric blue flame.

Closing a Working

In order to keep the balance of energies and to maintain the Natural Order, it is neccessary to banish the forces that you have invoked for your working; and to banish any negative energies that may have been inadvertantly attracted by the eddies of the working.

This may be done by either: Tracing and visualising before you in the Air to the East, the flaming sigil of the Qabbalistic Cross and thanking the attendant entity of that quarter; do this in widdershins for each of the remaining quarters and uttering the words on completion:

"It is done; It is finished; So mote it be".

[On the closing words, visualise the flaming cross extinguishing itself and drawing back into you].

Or alternatively, point the Athame to the sky and begin the words, and stab it into the earth on the closing words.

This banishing ritual must be undertaken at the completion of your every working.

It is wise to meditate a few moments and sense the currents of the Etheric to ensure that any negative influences have indeed been banished.

If not satisfied that all is as it should be, perform the rite again until satisfied that all is as it should be.

Should for some reason, these plaguing energies persist, it may be wise to perform a banishing and/or exorcism.

Creating an Artificial Elemental

You must be sufficiently developed in the powers of clairvoyance/audience to make effective use of this working so as to be able to see your creation.

An artificial elemental is a useful 'tool' as an outpost of your consciousness; as a psychic guard; as a focus for healing energies. An artificial elemental is a thoughtform that you have empowered with emotion. After having decided the purpose of your creation, consult the Aura Table and Colour Chart to decide on visualisation colour etc. that will be applicable to your working. Apple Green is a good choice for a 'general purpose' elemental to begin with.

Then decide on the shape you wish to endow your elemental. {The simpler the form, the better to begin with}

Perform usual preliminaries and assemble applicable correspondences for the ritual.

Perform Ritual - following the basic guidelines to the steps to ritual Magick.

Visualise the desired combination of colour and form of your elemental.

See it glowing before you. Radiate the feeling and purpose of your intent at the same time.

Keep doing this while affirming your desired goals.

When you can visualise the elemental living appart from your own will. Reaffirm your purpose and end the working, thanking the appropriate entities. Even if you do not see the elemental on this first attempt - you must consider and assume that the ritual has been successful.

You may as yet not be sufficiently clairvoyantly attuned to actually see the attendant elemental at this point.

Their presence however will soon become apparent, as you will no doubt feel the presence within a few days.

Be observant, wary even- for sometimes, as previously stated, you do not always get the desired result in Magick, and if it is not satisfactory you may have to perform a banishing ritual and or 'exorcism' and draw the energies empowering the projected thought form back into your own body. This process can sometimes be difficult and even on occasion, physically painful.

Crystal Consecration Ritual to Empower With Healing Energy

Requisites: Two white candles empowered and purified.

Bowl of rain water

Bowl of salt

Censer of sandalwood incense

Crystal{s} -chosen for their independent virtues

On the night of a full Moon, in Gemini, Aquarius or Libra; or coinciding with either a Monday or Wednesday, bathe in an Air bath and cast the Circle.

Take the crystal in your projective hand and pass the crystal through the smoke of the incense and say: " By the grace of my goddess Gaia, and Raphael, guardian of the watchtowers of the East and the ancient, mystical element of Air and intuition, I consecrate this Cystal in the name of the Light as an implement of healing".

Place the crystal in the bowl of salt and say: " By the glory of The Dagda, and Uriel, guardian of the watchtowers of the North and the ancient, mystical element of Mother and Earth, I consecrate this crystal in the name of the Light as an implement of healing".

Sprinkle the crystal with water and say: " By the unity of the Universe, and Gabriel, guardian of the watchtowers of the West and the ancient, mystical element of Water and feeling, I consecrate and dedicate this crystal in the name of the light as an implement of healing".

Pass the crystal in a sunise, circular motion, through the flame of each candle and say: " By the power of love, and Michael, guardian of the watchtowers of the South and the ancient and mystcal element of Fire and healing, I consecrate this crystal in the name of the Light as an implement of healing".

Cup the crystal in both hands and gaze at it. Look past the cystals surface into the heart of it’s matrix. Breathe slowly and evenly and continue to gaze at the crystal, Willing it to vibrate in harmony with your aura.

Place the crystal before you and close the Circle, giving thanks at each quarter as you do so.

Dedicating and Consecrating Objects

By dedicating and consecrating objects intended for use in ritual worship, you are attuning their vibratory rate to the Etheric, and empowering them with the energies you wish to draw upon in your Magickal endeavours.

As they become further charged with use, you will utilise them to aid channelling these energies into your workings.

On the night of a Full Moon, {or a Monday}, shower and dress in a clean white shirt. Mix together dried periwinkle {sorceror's violet}, rosemary and mugwort for the brazier; a silver bowl of water to the West and the objects in front of you to the East; a bowl of earth to the North. Perform preliminaries, burn the mixture of herbs in a charcoal brazier placed in the centre of proposed circle site, and cast the circle calling the quarters in the customary manner. Face each of the Quarters in turn starting with the primary dedication {elemental force you wish the object to draw upon} and hold the object before you stating:

"Guardians of the watchtowers of the [Quarter]

Behold this [ name and description of object] ;

Which I dedicate in service to the Paths of Nature

in the name of the One Light ".

Pass the object through each of the representative elements as you complete each one's quarter call.

Dedicate your pentacle first of all to Gaia and the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North and the element of Earth, and thereafter incorporate it into further dedications by placing it at the head of the altar to the North, and then include your crystals in the corresponding points of the pentacle as they are dedicated to channel specific beneficial energies of greater potential into each object.

As each object is further used in ritual it will become further charged with both your energy and that of it's affinite Natural energy, and thus empower your rites exponentially.

It is a matter of analysing the Natural correspondences of the items you incorporate in each ritual and keeping the energy flow in balance and control.

This is the ecstay of the Magick. -The experience of the vital flow of Natural energy through your centre of being and directing it into your working by the power of your Will alone.

Dream Tea

Take prior to retiring to amplify psychic activity during dreaming.

2 parts Rose wheat, 1 part each of Mugwort, Peppermint, Jasmine flowers and Cinnamon. Visualise your intent going into the making of the tea.

Enhancing Psychic Ability

Prior to any psychic undertaking, prepare the following:-

Tea Mixture :

Borage, Cinnamon, Marigold and Nutmeg Tea: 1tspn each, ground and mixed in mortar and pestle, boil for three minutes and allow to cool before straining.

Incense Mixture :

Dried Bay and Basil Leaves, Frankincense, Mugwort and Wormwood burned over glowing coals in a brazier or hearth; in a mix of equal portions of 1 tspn.

{Obviously, you will have at hand the material requisites of your specific undetaking - candle colour correspondence for this specific purpose is silver or light blue}.

These are but 2 mixtures of many aids to 'second sight' as recorded throughout the ages, and for maximum efficacy, you will probably need to experiment with the quantities in order to acheive harmony in vibratory levels for the potency of the individual ingredients and your particular mood of the moment. Always try to acheive balance prior to the undertaking by breathing correctly, which will promote the calm state required.

Take the tea 2 minutes prior to the undertaking and burn the incense mixture throughout preliminaries -i.e:- adopting asana, breathing etc., and throughout the actual undertaking whether it be: consecrating objects, spaces or tools; meditataion or visualisation; clairvoyancy; telepathy; divination; scrying or Astral projection.



Finding Lost Articles

On the night of a new Moon, or a Thursday, perform usual preliminaries and melt a piece of white wax. Mix into the softened wax, essential oil of rosemary and lavender; pour the mixture slowly onto a plate and allow to cool as a disk. With the point of the consecrated Boleen, or a horseshoe nail, write the names of the three magi in Roman script:

Caspar {white}, Melchior {light}, and Baltasar {Lord of the Treasure House}.

Put the waxen disk under your pillow at night and upon retiring meditate upon the three magi and the item until you fall asleep. You will dream of the thing that you have lost. {Works for absent lovers, friends and relations as well}.

Finding Lost Friends

On a Thursday evening, mix together a teaspoon of basil and a teaspoon of sesame seeds.

Perform preliminaries with amethyst at the topmost point of the pentacle, clear quartz at the bottom left, rose quartz at the bottom right; and citrine and obsidian at the top left and right respectively.

Light a charged white candle in the centre of the pentacle, and burn a small amount of rosemary; Write down the names of the people and place the list and mixture in a manilla envelope and write on the outside in Roman capital script:

'Praecipuus Magickus Traditio".

Pass the envelope over the fumes of rosemary and bury the envelope in the earth. Facing the East, repeat aloud:

" Make haste with the wings of Hermes-

send a message to absent friends".


Good Luck Spell Used to attract good luck

On the night of a waxing Moon, assemble a candle of a colour to depict yourself, a black {banishing} candle; a grey {neutralising} candle; and an orange {affirming} candle.

Bathe in appropriate Earth Bath and burn rosemary and basil on the brazier; light the candle representing yourself and say " By this candle I represent myself. This candle represents me in all things." Cast the circle.

Invoke the Guardians of the watchtowers of the North -the powers of Mother and Earth and the archangel Gabriel to aid and witness.

Light the black candle and Say " This candle is representative of all that was ill. Trouble disappointment and tears lie here. By it's burning, ill luck leaves me forever".

Light the grey candle and say: " All that was ill is neutralised. All that was ill is disolved."

Light the orange candle and say: " This light is the light of Gaia, Mother, and Earth, to witness, effect and implement the change" .

Sit quietly and visualise the bad luck being drawn from the candle representing you into the grey candle and disolved into emptiness. Visualise the orange candle drawing positive energies towards you -see the Air charged with opportunity and possibility.

Close the working and allow the candles to burn out of their own accord ensuring that you have taken adequate safety precautions.

Invisible Sheilding Spell

For use when you want to blend in to your surroundings without attracting attention to yourself.

Perform preliminaries and slow your heart and breathing rates.

Ground and centre yourself.

Visualise a translucent protective bubble totally encasing you.

Now visualise that the vision through the shield is a little bit fuzzy from the perspective of people outside the shield.

Visualise that you are blending it and yourself into the colours and shapes of your surroundings.

Practice this often and observe the reaction of those around you until you are confident that the shield is having the desired effect and then you will be able to use it at will.

Knowledge Spell To attune yourself to the purposes of study

Bathe in an Air bath

Annoint two yellow candles with lemon oil, empowering them with your intended purpose as you do so.

Place the candles in the East.

Place cleansed citrine and amethyst crystals on the altar before the candles, so that the candle light is reflected in their depths.

Cast the circle and open the gates.

Return to the centre of the circle, focus on the reflected candle flame within the crystals and chant:-

"Charge the stone with candle light,

To fill my mind with wisdom bright

To keep my mind alert and clear

So that no bane can interfere

With the process of my mind

So that what I read is knowledge gained

For all my life to stay with me

This is my will - so mote it be!"

Let the candles burn and charge the stones whenever you study, and keep the stones upon your person as talismans of knowledge to be drawn upon as needed.

Love Spell

Obtain a strand of hair of the intended; a dried red rose petal; a dried periwinkle flower and rosemary. On the night of a waxing Moon coinciding with a Friday at midnight, perform preliminaries; With rose quartz at the topmost point of the pentacle, clear quartz at the bottom left, rutillated quartz at the bottom right; amethyst and malachite at the top left and right respectively. Light a charged red candle in the centre of the pentacle, and burn a small amount of marjoram and clove pink. Cast your circle; Write the intended's full name on a bay leaf or a piece of parchment that you have made yourself, place the hair on the parchment and fold the parchment and burn all in the flame of the red candle whilst reciting the following power chant over until all is consumed by the flame:

"Light of the flame,

Bright of the fire;

Red is the colour of desire."

*Reverse Love Spell: As above except:- Write the name of the unwanted on a piece of parchment; smear with lard, fold it 6 times and bury far from home on the night of a Black Moon whilst saying:

" As I set you free, I do so wishing you

kindness, success and friendship".

Allow the candle {as in all candle Magick} to burn out of it's own accord, remembering to observe safety precautions.


Magickal Soap {Can be Empowered for Almost any Intent}

In all Magickal workings, it is neccessary to be clean in all things. A pre-ritual bath is recommended prior to any undertaking and all implements should be scrubbed and rinsed in clear water, as dirt attracts negative influences which can adversely affect the working.

Use the soap with the various baths recommended under 'bath salts'

Soap Ingredients:-

2kg lard

370g lye

5 cups cold fresh water

1 tbspn lavender oil

1 tbspn rose oil

1 cup fresh strawberry juice

1/4 cup dried soap bark {optional}

In a large enamel kettle, melt lard over very low heat. In a separate enamel pot, stir together the lye and water.

Heat the lard until bubbles begin to appear - do not boil. Remove from heat and slowly pour the lye solution into the lard. With a large wooden spoon, stir in the lavender and rose oils, the strawberry juice and the soap bark. Simmer for approximately 30 minutes.

Pour into a 50mm greased pan and allow to cool overnight. Cut the soap into bars and leave in the pan for at least 3 days before removing them.

Place the bars on grease proof paper and allow to age for 3 weeks {turning once daily} in draft free conditions before use.

The oils can be substituted in appropriate correspondence to the Magickal intent of the soap.

During the making and curing process, you must visualise daily your goal or intent whilst turning the bars.

Money Fortune

On the night of a new Moon, shower/bathe, perform preliminaries, meditate upon your objective, and draw three Magick circles in a triad with one circle for the apex pointing East and one for each corner of the base of South and North. Place your pentacle in the centre of these, with jade at the topmost point of the pentacle facing North, clear quartz at the bottom left, citrine at the bottom right; and tiger eye and sodalite at the top left and right respectively. Light a charged black candle in the centre of the pentacle, and burn a small amount of rue.

Hold a blue coloured stone such as Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite and stand in the middle of the Eastern circle and say:

"Precious blue stone behold the voice of reason"

Then stand in the Southern circle and say:

"Behold the voice of fortune"

Lastly, stand in the Northern circle and say:

"Precious blue stone , behold my open heart"

Repeat 7 times and thereafter as often as you wish.

Purification for Ritual Preparatory

Begin by emptying your mind of all mundane concerns and worries, then have a ritual bath corresponding to your intent. Light blue and white candles. Try to clear and still your mind whilst soaking in water. Burn incense consisting of rosemary, frankincense and cinnamon, or annoint the candles with essential oils of frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood - visualise the water washing away the negativity of everyday life.

Dress in freshly cleaned clothes of white {or corresponding colour to your intent} and reinforce the cleansing by daubing a little of the purification incense upon the area of the third eye.

Renewed Strength of Will

On the night of a New Moon, light an empowered red candle, mix seven drops of evening primrose oil, five tablespoons of spring water and a pinch of thyme, then repeat the following incantation:

"Lords of Light and Keepers of the Sacred Fire I invoke thee;

Arise and fill me with strength and the courage to continue".

Bathe and visualise the washing away of the negative energies of the past. Dry and dress in light coloured clothing, pouring the mixture into a drain or hole dug in the earth saying as you do so:

"Here flows all my pain. to be followed by Light yet again"

Reverse Spell

Sends a spell back upon its caster - with interest!

Consider carefully your karmic obligations before utilising this spell.

On a night of the full Black Moon, with bloodstone at the topmost point of the pentacle, clear quartz at the bottom left, haematite at the bottom right; and amozonite and obsidian at the top left and right respectively. Light a charged black candle in the centre of the pentacle, and burn a small amount of rue.

Light a black candle placed in a black bowl of water; burn over it a mixture of powdered fingernail parings or hair of the intended with sandalwood, rosemary and periwinkle while chanting:

"Let this candle be [ subject's name ] candle,

This burning [ subject's name ] burning

This curse [ subject's name ] curse."


Simple Banishing Technique

This simple technique is used to clear the air of negative vibrations and is useful in controlling emotions such as anxiety or anger.

It may be considered the Magickal equivalent of counting to ten.

Steady your breathing and centre yourself.

Visualise a strong white light flowing out of your crown chakra and flowing down around you enclosing you in its protective cocoon.

At the same time imagine you are casting aside any problem vibrations.

Maintain the visualisation for half a minute or longer.

On completion, describe the flaming pentagram in the East, acknowledging your silent thanks to the Archangel Raphael.

Spell of Binding {Neutralising}

This spell of neutralising will prevent someone who is unaware of {someone in whom latent power becomes malevoelently manifest without conscious control}, or currently has not set wards and spells of protection about their person, from being able to successfully cast a spell. It should be cast on a night of the Black Moon for most effective results.

With bloodstone at the topmost point of the pentacle, clear quartz at the bottom left, haematite at the bottom right; and amozonite and obsidian at the top left and right respectively. Light a charged black candle in the centre of the pentacle, and burn a small amount of rue.

On the back of a recent photograph of the subject, write that person's full name in roman script and draw a purple circle around it. Wrap the photo in white bias binding starting at the top and turning the binding counter clockwise, whilst reciting at each turn:

"I bind you from doing harm [ subject's name ] ,

Harm against other people;

And harm against yourself".

Keep reciting until the photo/image is fully wrapped; pass over fumes of burning herbs; tie off the binding and bury in the Earth at the base of a periwinkle bush grown, dedicated and consecrated to draw and ground negative energy. {Particularly useful for really negative types who are unaware that their negativity affects all those around them; but consequences and Karmic effect should be carefully contemplated prior to deployment}.

Stone Magick

Stones and crystals are used extensively in Magick due to their inherent ability to act as a 'psychic storage battery'. This makes them invaluable as talismans and charms, and to act as a catylyst and focus or channel for calling down of the Natural energies. Their correspondences are given in the article on the Esoteric Properties of Crystals.

The Sigil of the Pentagram

The quaternery pentagrams used in circle casting are both a gateway for the Guardians of the four powers of Earth, Air, Fire and Water as well as being an effective guard post or barrier to any maleficent forces. To be effective, they must be 'drawn' correctly.

The pentagram is "drawn" in the air at the four cardinal points in corresponding visualised colour by pointing with the index finger of your projective hand, {or the Athame or suchlike} keeping both wrist and elbow straight and rigid; moving from the shoulder only.

As you are describing the pentagram in the air, visualise the lines as being of a bright white light, flood with appropriate colour and then energise by piercing the centre with energy as each is completed.

Using the co-ordinates of a standard clockface as reference, correct sequence of describing {drawing} the pentagram is:-

Begin at the 7:30 position Raise to the 12:00 position Lower to the 4:30 position Raise to the 10:30 position Across to the 2:30 position Return to the 7:30 position

As you move from one quarter to the next, visualise a white line connecting each thus describing the Circle.

For full protection against psychic intrusion or attack, for instance protecting a home or such, visualise the pentagrams moving out to the circumference of your home and describe the hexagram {two interlaced equilateral triangles of etheric blue and silver flame} overhead.

At other times when protection is needed, the overhead hexagram and recitation of the Lord's Prayer or the 23rd and 91st psalms are helpful. See also the 'Simple Banishing Teqnique'

Witchfinder Talsman To draw Others To You

Take one part agrimony, one part broom straw; one part maidenhair fern and one part ivy. Bind ingredients tightly in a sachet of purple cloth. Whilst gathering ingredients, and making the sachet, concentrate upon your intent. Carry the sachet upon your person.

7. The Art of Healing with Natural Magick

Psychic or Magickal healing is a potential that we all possess. Some individuals are especially gifted. It is usually easier to heal someone else by occult means than it is to heal yourself.

Healing with the Natural energies can not replace traditional medicine and therapy, however, it is an excellent adjunct to it.

The Natural energies are invoked to adjust the imbalance of the body's own vital energy circuit, {boosting the immune system} which aids and accelerates the healing process.

In preparation to a healing, the healer should refrain from eating meat for at least two days prior to the healing cermony, and fast for 12 hours.

As the chakras are the main energy centres of the physico-etheric, stimulation of the individual chakras is required and specific crystals {shape and type} are often employed as tools {conductors of energy} for this purpose.

Bathe in a Water bath, and have the patient bathe in a Fire bath.

The patient should be lying down on a massage table or something similar, as comfortably as possible, and covered in a green cloth. Place a white onion, cut in half above the patient's head.

Perform preliminaries

Cast the Circle

Light an empowered red candle in the South; Burn angelica, sandalwood and mugwort on the brazier in the East; place rosemary, sage and cinnamon in a cauldron of hot water to the West; and placing a bloodstone in a receptacle of Earth to the North, visualise energy flowing into the stone from that element.

When you can see the stone glowing with your Astral Sight, pick up the bloodstone in your left hand and touch it to your heart once.

Beginning with the root chakra {red}, visualise a shining ball of yellow-gold light welling up inside you between your abdomen and chest.

Holding in your left hand the bloodstone, clasp the stone between your right and left hand, just above the right hand's wrist. Imagine the energy of the stone being passed into the left hand and flowing up your arm, across and down your right shoulder to your right hand, making a complete circuit.

At the same time, visualise your internal light charging up through your own chakras, through your shoulder, down into your right arm; sucking out and combining with it the stone energy and out through the finger tips of the right hand.

Place the hand about 10cm above the individual's root chakra and visualise the energy field snapping between your hand and the patient's root chakra in a one way flow to them.

Physically strain as though pushing a heavy object and visualise the flow of energy travelling up each of the patient's chakras and cleansing and vitalising them until you reach the crown chakra.

Visualise the energy flow as the illness being forced along and out of the individual's chakra circuit until it is finally forced through the crown chakra into the onion halves.

Wrap the onion halves in black cloth or paper and dispose of far from the patient.

Repeat daily until healing is complete.

Correspondences play a part in the healing process too, so as with all Magick, timing to the Moon phases for particular ailments, colour and essences are all vitally important for healing to be truly effective.

This basic technique can be adjusted to any illness by substituting the correspondences accordingly.

Remember, Magickal healing is NOT a substitute for medical treatment, but simply an aid to the body's natural healing process.

8.Healing Spell for Addictions

Sometimes people have an emptiness in their Soul that is either openly felt, or deeply rooted in their sub-conscious, which they try in vain, to fill with such things as food, alcohol, gambling or drugs.

By a conscious effort on the part of the participant; attuning to the Powers of Air and through the protection of the Achangel Raphael, this can be overcome. See also "Stellar Healing".


Chair: for participant

Brazier: for burning coals representing Fire, and incense

Chalice: For the ritual wine representing Water

Small bowl of earth: representing that element

Candles: Yellow for the Powers of Air and Black to banish the addiction

Herbs: Sage and Thyme to be burnt on the brazier and herbs for bath.

Principle Element/Guardian: The Powers of Air and the Archangel Raphael


A basic instruction as to the ritual and explanations of the imagery should be presented to the participant prior to undertaking the working.

In the light of the Waning Moon {in the sign of Aquarius for best results} on a Sunday or Thursday

Bath for Healer: Standard Air Bath.

Bath for Participant:3 parts Lavendar,2 parts rosemary,1 part each of mint and geranium

After bathing, proceed to an open area outdoors.

Sprinkle salt around the circumference which will be the Circle

All negativities should be dispelled by purifying the area.

Light the yellow candle to the East and place the black in the Centre saying to the participant as you light the yellow one:- "Let this be the Light of Raphael, held forever in your heart".

Light the brazier to burn the sage and thyme in the South saying "by this flame the Powers of Fire are in attendance"

Place a glass of wine in a chalice to the West, saying as you do so, "by the Powers of Water this wine be blessed".

Place a small bowl of freshly dug earth at the North point, saying as you do so, " by this earth the Powers of Mother and Earth are in attendance".

Seat the participant on a chair in the East with the yellow candle behind them.

Cast the Circle opening with a dedication to the Guardian of the Watchtower of the East.

Have the particpant light the black candle, {having first instructed them on the imagery} and say: "Let this candle be your emptiness burned away and filled forever with Light and Love for all things".

Pick up the Chalice holding it toward the participant who should say " From this moment I begin a wonderful new life. I can feel the love of the Universe fill my Soul and still enjoy a social drink".

Each sip the wine, embrace and pour the remainder outside the circle as libation to the Powers of Water.

Close the Circle



Provided that the participant is willing, this spell will work.

By instilling the "Rule of Correct Action" in the participant, that is by directing attention to consequences of wrong action, one is provided the key to directing attention to contemplation of Karmic Effect".

• If an affirmation is constructed to provide a key to a positive state, and repeated as a mantra in time with the complete breath, breaking of the habit track can be acheived.

It may be that the participant requires professional counselling in this area and such things as hypnotherapy have proven to be useful tools in conjunction with standard therapy and/or biofeedback and Magickal working.

9. The Art of Scrying

Scrying is an old metaphysical term used for a process of meditation that utilises a 'wide-eyed' state, and a 'reflective' object as a focus.

It is the art of 'seeing' distant people and places. This may be extended to viewing past, present and future events by employing various means as an aid or catylyst to the process.

In some individuals, the ability to scry on the Spirit of the Elements is well developed from birth, yet untrained, and when the visions do occur or manifest, people will often refer to it as a touch of 'The Sight' or ‘Second Sight’.

The various mediums or foci traditionally associated with the art:-

Air: This is inherently difficult to focus on, and is ordinarily the province of an Adept with affinity to Air. One normally uses a cloud as a point of reference and applies their gaze midway.

Crystal: The quartz crystal ball as a medium of the Earth is one of the 'easier' methods, and a candle flame’s reflection viewed within the crystal can heighten your focus and sensitivity.

Fire: Any fire will do, and you must concentrate fully on the desired individual or event whilst at the same time gazing into the centre of the fire, whether it be a candle flame, coals, or a blazing log fire. You must locate your own centre as it will be for you.

Mirror: A mirror or burnished metal surface {preferably polished silver} placed upon a blue silken cloth is used as the focus. The mirror is never to be allowed to touch anything but its silk cover after consecration and is kept wrapped in it when not in use.

Water: Still water is best and may be a bowl, {preferably of silver to draw upon Moon energy, or blue translucent glass for Earth and air}, a pond or slow flowing stream.

In utilising these foci the Magician can, by employing various incenses, smokes, and herbs, aid and amplify the faculty of scrying to encompass past and future events.

It is however usually very difficult to interpret the visions as to whether they are past or present, so some knowledge of history in general and a knowledge of the history specifically associated with the subject is useful.

To 'view' a person, you must have physically seen that person and viewed their aura in order to successfully scry for them.

It is very useful to have at hand an article that the person may be particularly attached to {or a photo, lock of hair, nail clippings etc.} in order to amplify and 'zero in' on the subject's energy as perceived in the Web of Life.

The herbs and wood that are best for smoke and incense as an aid for this art are:- mugwort, yarrow, sandalwood, cedar, apple wood and rosemary. {You may have to experiment with quantities}.

i. Place your chosen focus upon an affinite silk cloth and place one lighted candle off to the right. In a lit brazier or hearth to the South {or behind}, place a mixture of the above herbs, dried and powdered and in equal parts of one teaspoon and whilst holding an object attuned to that individual. Perform preliminaries, concentrate on your chosen focus by allowing your eyes to go slightly out of focus {the Tibetan Squint}.

ii. Stare at your chosen focus - not hard, ... but gaze; like you would at sunset - and look beyond its surface into it's interior. You may notice that the area of your third eye throbs - pay no attention and relax whilst directing your gaze upon the centre of your focus.

iii. Start by just allowing the images to appear. Once a cloudy 'vision' is evident, think clearly of the person you wish to 'view', building an image of them in your mind, and allow no other thought to enter, and retain your directed gaze into the interior of your focus.

Allow 20-30 minutes for each daily meditation initially.

iv. After a while the 'cloudiness' should clear and with practice you will be able to direct your thoughts with more power, allowing a clearer and wider view of the surrounds of the individual.

Mirrors, true crystal balls, and pools or bowls of water are the best choices for the beginner as the shine/reflection aids in keeping the Mind focussed and in maintaining a 'self-hypnotised' state which is a more open or receptive state of awareness for taking in of psychic impressions.

Clear quartz crystal, apophyllite, and obsidian make exceptional crystal balls for the beginner as their energies tend to allow easier access to the sub-conscious.

It is possible to send thoughts to the person using this method, and indeed, two adepts who have practised together, can communicate effectively over surprising distances.

10.The Planetary Talismans

A talisman is an object that is worn or carried as a charm. It serves the purpose of either attracting or repelling various influences.

It is an object charged with definite and strong etheric, and more subtle vibrations which through their overtones tend to awaken in whoever comes in contact, corresponding octaves of emotional and mental response.

Talismans are either:-general; adapted for a particular individual; ensouled as a definite or independant centre of radiation; or linked with the maker as an outpost of his consciousness.

To be effective, a planetary talisman should be made at a time when the planet is at its maximum intensity, and should consist of an image engraved on the stone or metal associated with the planet.

It should be made by the person who is going to wear it, who should cast their own horoscope to determine the hours most favourable for the undertaking.

The talisman should be consecrated by being exposed to fumes produced by a corresponding mixture of herbs burned in an earthenware vessel over a fire made of the corresponding types of wood

Here then is a brief outline of the seven planetary talismans as described by Paracelsus, their making, consecration, use, and the powers traditionally ascribed to them.

Of primary importance, is the need of the Magician to fast and meditate upon the undertaking.

 The Talisman of Saturn is engraved on a plaque of pure lead. On one side is an image of a bull's head enclosed in a six pointed star, and on the other a scythe in a pentagram.

It must be made on a Saturday, and consecrated over flames of alum, scammony, and sulphur burned on a fire of cypress and ash.

It is worn in a blue silk pouch.

It protects the wearer against death by apoplexy, cancer, consumption, or paralysis, against being buried alive while in a coma, and against assassination, poison and ambush.

It protects women in child birth and is also useful in war because the enemy will not be able to cross any place where it is hidden

 The Talisman of Jupiter is engraved on a plaque of pure tin. It has on one side an image of an eagle's head in a six pointed star, and on the other a crown in a pentagram.

It must be made on a Thursday, and consecrated over fumes of frankincense, ambergris, balsam, cardamom and saffron on a fire of oak, poplar and fig.

It is worn in a sky blue pouch of silk.

It protects the wearer against death by diseases of the liver or lungs or by unforseen accidents, and it draws good will and sympathy.

The Talisman of Mars is engraved on a plaque of pure iron. It has on one side an image of an lion's head in a six pointed star, and on the other a two crossed swords in a pentagram.

It must be made on a Tuesday, and consecrated over fumes of absinth and rue on a fire of oak, poplar and fig. It is worn in a red pouch of silk.

It protects the wearer against death by ulcers or epidemic, and affords powerful protection against enemies.

If concealed in a besieged citadel it ensures that no attack will succeed.

 The Talisman of The Sun is engraved on a plaque of pure gold. It has on one side an image of a human head in a six pointed star, and on the other a snake eating its tail in the form of a circle in a pentagram.

It must be made on a Sunday, and consecrated over fumes of cinnamon, saffron, and red sandalwood on a fire of laurel and dried heliotrope stalks.

It is worn in a yellow pouch of silk.

It protects the wearer against death by heart disease, epidemic, or conflagration and draws the favour of good-will of people in high places.

The Talisman of Venus is engraved on a plaque of pure copper. It has on one side an image of a dove head in a six pointed star, and on the other a 'sigil for the letter G in a pentagram.

It must be made on a Friday, and consecrated over fumes of violets and roses on a fire of olive wood.

It is worn in a green pouch of silk.

It protects the wearer against death by poisoning, and, women in particular against cancer.

It preserves harmony in marriage, and if dipped into an enemy's drink will turn him into a friend for life.

The Talisman of Mercury is engraved on a plaque made of an alloy of silver, tin and mercury. It has on one side an image of an dog's head in a six pointed star, and on the other a caduceus in a pentagram.

It must be made on a Wednesday and consecrated over fumes of benzoin, mace and storax on a fire of dried stalks of lilies, narcissus, and marjoram.

It is worn in a purple pouch of silk.

It protects the wearer against attacks of epilepsy or madness, and against death by murder or poison.

If buried under a shop or place of business it ensures prosperity, and if placed under the head during sleep, it brings prophetic dreams.

 The Talisman of The Moon is engraved on a plaque of pure silver. It has on one side an image of a goblet in a six pointed star, and on the other a crescent in a pentagram.

It must be made on a Monday, and consecrated over fumes of white sandalwood, camphor, aloes, amber and cucumber seeds on a fire of dried stalks of artemesia, selenotrope, and ranunculus.

It is worn in a white pouch of silk.

It protects the wearer against death by dropsy, apoplexy, madness, or shipwreck and also protects people travelling in foreign lands.

The making of a personal planetary talisman involves detailed astrological calculations and requires great dedication and patience.

It is the philosophy of correspondences linking man with nature and the Universe, which is the foundation of all Hermetic belief.


11. Invocation to The Spirit

Manu -The Anima Mundi

A Power Chant performed to intensify the circle of power generated on invoking the names of the powers of the four elements of air, fire, water and earth:- Now is the time;

This is the hour;

Ours is the Magick;

Ours is the power.

Once the chant has achieved the desired level of vibration, each of the main participants {East, South, West and North}, invoke as follows:

"Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the East; Powers of Air and invention hear me;

Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the South; Powers of Fire and feeling, hear me;

Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the West; Powers of Water and intuition, hear me;

Hail to the Guardians of the watchtowers of the North; by the Powers of mother and Earth, hear me."

High Priest{ess}

Aid me {us} in my {our} Magickal working on this May's Eve.

Servant of old; Ruler of the deep; Guardian of the Bitter Sea.

Show us your glory, show us your power.

I {We} pray of thee.......I {We} pray of thee.....

I invoke thee.

O Sacred Ones, hear my {our} call, hear my {our} prayer;

Ancient Wise Ones teach us {me} thy ways. Guide us {me};

We {I} summon and stir thee.

Aid us {me} in our {my} undertaking,

that we {I} may take our {my} small parts in the Great Plan;

Guide Us {me}. We {I} Pray of Thee ;

We {I} invoke thee; We {I} invoke thee.

Close the rite in the traditional manner

12. Of the Lore of Faerie

Whether it is Leprauchauns in Ireland, Mini Hunas of Hawaii, Gnomes and Elves of Germany, the Hathors of Ancient Egypt, the Gandharvas of Sanskrit legend, or Pixies and Sylphs in England, all cultures would appear to have an oral tradition of a fascinating race of beings that co-exist with humanity. There are similarities between all these legends.

The oldest known legends are that of Ancient Persia and the ‘Peri Wife’.

For centuries these oral traditions taught the people certain basic truths of the interrelationships between all things {- something that enlightened ecologists are struggling to teach modern man today}.

Plants have reactions to the energy fields around them; physiscists have discovered that even the smallest particle makes choices and can therefore be said to have consciousness.

Everything around us is alive in the matrix of the Etheric.

All cultures prior to the rise of the ‘rationalist’ theories believed in the sanctity, sentience and sensitivity of their environment. The old tales were in fact true revelations and taught the people how to live and deal with the Old People or the Daonie Sidhe who are the Earth Spirits who once ruled the land.

In all the tales, these ‘faeries’ are Magickal beings of pure energy, who are able to manifest in both worlds and live in Nature as one with their environment. It is man who has encroached and taken the land, corrupting it to his own end. Man with his disrupting metals, engines of war, and in modern times the ‘hated’ electricity -science isonly learning the effects of long term exposure to magnetic fields such as.

These beings are able to manifest in the physical because they have corporeal qualities just as Man has Spiritual qualities. Their world is ‘different’ from ours, but it overlaps, and we can each enter the other through what we call Magick.

The Old People can present an illusion to our five senses, creating the stronger feelings of desire, passion, fear, and terror - taking the form that will be most accepted by our thought patterns or psychology. In all the recorded manifestations a strong and spicy ‘woodland’ scent both alluring and repulsive on a primal level is reported.

In Celtic mythology, on certain nights throughout the Wheel of the Year, the Daonie Sidhe of the land of faerie are abroad in what is known as The Wild Hunt. It was not unusual for humans to be the game in the old days.

The Wild Hunt was led by the Elf King and ruler of the Dark Court -the Amadan-na-Briona, wearing shining armour with ivory antlers arising from his helm; riding a shimmering white war-horse with glowing golden eyes and his coursers on similar steeds.

The Amadan-na-Briona has no love for humans since we learned the arts of Magick, metals and now, electricity, and hence have the balance of power over his people.

Accompanying this troupe is a veritable menagerie of every type of being imaginable, from the sprites of legend to gnomes and the three White Ladies of impossible beauty. On nights of the Wild Hunt, the legends all say "To be seen by the Fool is to be lost".

The three traditional nights of Faerie are :-

•May 1st- The day following Walpurgis Night-A Moving Day

•June 24th - The Nativity of St. John The Baptist

•November 1st- All Saints Night - A Moving Day

Moving Days are days that the legends tell faeries move their Realm from one place of power to another place of power - every six turns of the Moon to maintain the balance and harmony within Nature.

These places of power are natural occurances within the earth’s surface that focus the Cosmic energies and are found on what have now come to be known as ley lines -or lines of electro-magnetic force which intersect the earth’s crust. {Terrestrial electricity and magnetism}. Usually these ‘places’ are a mound or hillock set in or within sight of forest land and may be anywhere in the world.

The Daonie Sidhe are pleasure seeking beings in all things and whilst conscious beings, are without conscience as we know it and capricious. They have the power to enchant humans to do what they otherwise would not and can cloud our minds to make us forget what they Will.

Legend tells that a river stone, washed smooth and with a hole worn in the middle, found on a dry bank is one charm or ward of protection against the touch of the Daonie Sidhe.

The other charm is the Charm of True Sight which enables one to see through any illusion or glamour the Daonie Sidhe may spin and is made of clover leaves crushed and steeped in holy water - the green stain mixture is smeered on the eyelids. Silver as a metal is the only weapon of use. As beings of energy the prescence of a strong field of electrical force disrupts and weakens them.

There are two Courts according to the legends, - the Light orSeely Court, led by The Queen of the Faeries { who is variously known in the legends as Titania, Gloriana, Ahriman} and the Dark orUnseely Court, led by the Amadan-na-Briona or ‘The Shining One" {Known variously as Oberon, Elberich, Ormuzd} . Both Courts have their perils.

If you do encounter one of these such mounds, to enter the land of faerie, you must walk 9 times widdershins around the hillock, whilst facing the Westering Sun, and the entrance will appear as a moss covered cave mouth. Once through the cave, you will find a road or path.

Once you set foot on the path, say aloud: " By the Blessed St, John, The Lady and the Lord, guide my way", and a ‘Quest Guide’ will appear. The legends tell of differing forms of guides, but one that recurs frequently is the tale of a ball of shimmering, floating, golden light.

The guide will lead you to your goal. Do not stray from the path, save to follow the guide.

Many temptations will be put before you in order to sway you to stray from the path, but do not falter from your goal, as if you do you will become lost to the land of faerie for all time. Do not tarry or you will lose the guide. Trust no one that you may meet save one who is known as True Tom - A scottsman and warrior poet that legend tells fell under the Queens enchantment in the 16th c. for he is sworn never to lie.

At the end of the road legend says that you will meet "The Fool" -a being dangerous beyond comprehension simply because he has no concept of right and wrong, is utterly reckless and knows no fear. He inflicts pain and degradtion as a lover would a kiss.

He may wish to take you into his Court for his amusement, a most perilous choice- as the pain and pleasures inflicted will deform your very flesh as well as your mind to the point where all humanity is lost. Or he may wish to lure you to the Hall of Ancient Seasons where every doorway leads to unimaginable and unending torment.

You must call him by his true name "Amadan-na-Briona", which will give you power over him to grant you one request.

You should say aloud and in commanding tones to him:

"Amadan-na-Briona, I command you and your Court by our Lady and Lord of light to allow me unmolested and free passage through these lands and beyond for all time".

Be most careful to use this phrase as stated. The Fool will attempt to thwart your designs in any manner he can, but he will be compelled by the geas you have placed upon him to honour your request.

Once your quest is complete, you must venture straight to the Queen’s Court by way of the White Path, and there, after presenting Her with a small tithe of gold the Queen will aid you in anything you desire and on your final journey home to the lands of men.



Whilst every effort has been made to include words and terms that the reader may be unfamiliar with and has not been explained within the text, it is beyond the scope of this work to include a 'complete' dictionary of the occult.
The reader is encouraged to seek information for themselves and your local library or the internet are sources of inexhaustible knowledge in this context.


Definition / Conceptual Idea


A fifth initiate who has achieved union with the Third Logos and utilises the Spiritual Aspects of ‘psychic ability’ in waking consciousness.

Akashic Record

The Memory of Nature reflected in the Akashic or prime root element of the various planes of consciousness/existence. Generally held to be a ‘layer’ overlapping the Etheric and the Astral Plane; It is regarded as the Racial or Genetic Memory of Man. Also called the ‘Species Field’ in modern parapsychological terms.

Carl Gustov Jung’s "World of the Archetype".


Arabic. The search for the Mysterium Magnum, the Universal Solvent, Elixir of Life, and the transmutation of base metals into gold. The forerunner of modern chemistry. Aligned to Magick and astrology in it’s principles.

Anima Mundi

Soul of the World - The Life Principle that pervades all -Nature personified. The 'Web of Life' or the Etheric energy matrix. The source or root of the elementals


Visual manifestation of something not ordinarilly visible in normal or waking consciousness. Commonly referred to as a ghost.


The physical manifestation of material objects by occult means. Thought to be an advanced form of teleportation.


An angel, or heavenly being, of higher ‘rank’ than angels. In Jewish and Christian literature, the four best known are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. In Islam, it is believed that four archangels guard the throne of Allah. According to Christian tradition, archangels belong to the eighth of nine ‘choirs’ of angels. Arranged according to their importance, in descending order, these choirs are: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.


Postulated by Carl Gustov Jung as being the primordial mental image inherited by all individuals. Genetic or racial memory exhibiting a common recurrent symbol. A pattern or model.


Affinite posture for the purposes of contemplation, meditation etc. Usually either Yogic {Indian} or Egyptian.

Astral Plane

The plane of existence directly 'above or 'within' the etheric. In other systems of Magick often referred to as the Akashic Record or The Treasure House of Images { The racial memory}


The field of vital electromagnetic energy that permeates all and emanates from every living thing. The 'visible' vital spark of the etheric life force.

Automatic writing

Writing, art-work, or other creative material produced whilst in an altered or trance like state. The work does not reflect the organisation or psychology of the conscious mind of the subject.


The ability to project the seat of consciousness to a thought form in another location -A form of Astral Projection in the lower sphere of the physico-etheric.


Heb. Feminine. Understanding/Insight.

The third person of the Kabalistic Trinity

Blue Light

Another name for the etheric plane. Hence etheric


Body of Light

A thought form constructed by an adept or master to which the seat of perceptive consciousness is transferred to allow 'travel' through and perception and interaction with the inner planes of existence or consciousness.

Cabala (see also Kabbalah and Qabbalah)

Defines the system of practices based upon Roman Catholic Cathlocism and primarily utilizes Latin and the New Testament, though this system can be expanded to include the Old Testament and Hebrew if using the same principles and base assumptions


A force centre in the vital-etheric or subtler vehicles - corresponding to the Endocrine System of the human body in the physical.


Winged celestial beings similar to angels. In ancient Hebrew thought, angels themselves are anthropomorphic, or humanlike, while the cherubim have wings and are zoomorphic, or animal-like. In the developed system of Hebrew angelology, however, the cherubim form one of the nine classes of angels.

God placed cherubim at the east side of Eden to prevent human beings from reentering the garden and gaining access to the tree of life (see Genesis 3:24). Cherubim also support or function as God's throne or chariot (see Psalms 80:1; 18:10). Ezekiel's fantastic and detailed descriptions of the cherubim (see Ezekiel 1:4-28; 10:3-22), however idiosyncratic, are largely responsible for their entry into the history of art. Seraphim, mentioned only in Isaiah 6, are similar creatures.


Heb. Masculine -The male wisdom

Second person of the Kabalistic Trinity


Faculty of perceiving as if by hearing what is normally physically inaudible by attuning the Mind to the Akashic or Species Field.


The ability of remote perception of objects or events by attuning the Mind to the Akashic or Species Field.

Collective Unconscious

The deeper levels of consciousness or sub-conscious Mind of all individuals which overlap and create a ‘store’ of archetypes and basic life patterns, giving rise to "Morphic Resonance". Also known to parapsychologists as the Species Field.


Latin. To mark out a temple wherein one could survey or envision the inner worlds in time and space -The fourth mental process in which an object is envisioned with the stilled mind. -To view all the alternateive paths and realities as the result of one action in Karmic effect evaluation.


Those symbolic interelationships in Nature, which combined are used as affirmations of belief or intent in ritual and ceremonial Magick.

The correspondences, being attuned to distinctive energy vibrations in the matrix, are thus contrived by the Magician to attract, channel and direct such energies as may be called into manifestation.

Cosmic Mind

The Great Consciousness of the Collective Unconscious of the Cosmos


Process whereby the Mind retains everything it has come into contact with and stores that information in compartmentalised fashion. Information is storeed in the conscious Mind or else somewhere in the sub-conscious or unconscious Mind.

Dagda, the

Celtic. Older God. Means ‘good god’. Consort of the Mother Goddess and father of the Celtic Nations and the Celtic pantheon of gods, he was known to his people as Ruad-Ro-Fhessa or "Lord of Great Knowledge". He owned and commanded the Magick cauldron of virility and plenty which later became one of Merlin’s ‘Treasures of Britain’ in the Arthurian legends.


In studying the Ancient Wisdom, it is usual to formally undertake a 'one year and one day's study' of the principles and to decide which path or tradition the individual wishes to pursue


A Sunwise movement. When casting or opening the circle the movement is deosil. Clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere


The art of using and sensing the vibratory rate of a forked yew twig in response to the presence of underground metal ores.


The art of using and sensing the vibratory rate of a forked hazel twig in response to the presence of underground water.


The ability to utilise the natural altered state of consciousness attained in the dream state to attune to the higher realms and by a method of prescript {or auto-suggestion}, affect the sub-conscious of oneself or another party. It is also the art of Oneiromancy, that is, interpreting the symbolism represented in a dream for evidence of precognition and analysising the sub-conscious self in terms of present psychology of the individual.


Primitive spirits evolving in the hierarchies of: Earth or North {= Gnomes}; Water or West {= Undines}; Fire or South {= Salamanders}; Air or East {= Sylphs or Sprites}; Aether or Above{= Spirit}; and according to tradition, two other elements corresponding with the directions of below and within, Refer to Correspondences.

Emotive Energy

Equivalent of kinetic energy in waking consciousness and is equated with the life field or etheric double in the higher states, which can be manifested in the physical or normal reality


Sometimes known as -Telempathy

Thought to be a form of telepathy where the stronger feelings and emotions are perceived or ‘received’ from a subject via a non-physical medium.


The ability to produce an effect similar to hypnosis, but stronger in influence, by direct manipulation of an entity's aura. See Prescript.


To give an object {e.g. a talisman or charm} or thought form enough vital energy {vitalisation} to act independantly within the frame of a given 'programme' for a time.


Held to be the oldest of Gods. The third person of the Trinity. He is represented by the South and the element of Fire. In later millenia, this God degenerated into the child deity Cupid - son of the Godess.

Etheric Double

The true being or vital essence of a person; the electromagnetic structure that holds body and Mind together and that is the actual seat of consciousness {Soul}.

Etheric Plane

The plane of existence directly 'above' the physical. With its 'magnetic' substance and currents, it permeates and interpenetrates the physical holding physical matter in an invisible matrix and is the true source of what we call life. The etheric plane is the root of the elementals, the source of natural forcees or energies, and the web that holds life to every living thing. {The Web of Life}


To direct that which is within without. Use of the healing energies for example.


The ‘between’ lands inhabited by the Spirit beings or faeries of legend who are able to manifest in the physical due to the fact that just as humans have Spiritual qualities, they possess corporeal qualities.

Led by a ‘Queen’ and ‘King’ who hold power. Each race of Man ‘sees’ them in a form like unto it’s own. It is thought that they are manifesatations of elementals. Known variously throughout the ages as The Faie, The Fee, The Peri or The Sidhe and by many other names in various cultures.


An animal that has a Spiritual or psychic bond with a practitioner of Magick - it may be a physical animal, an elemental, or an artificial elemental created for that purpose.


The constructive force of the Cosmic Mind.


Heb. Second in rank of the archangels and the messanger of God. One of the quaternary archangels, he is traditionally depicted as the Guardian of the Watchtower of the West and representing the element of Water when Michael is Fire and vice versa.


Mother Earth, spouse of Uranus. The first of the Creative Gods, who with Eros made up the first Trinity. The name also stands for the ecological principle of responsibility to the planet and it's denizens, in keeping with Hermetic beliefs represented by association with the Female North, the powers of Motheror generation, and of the element of Earth.


The practice of harmonising human activities with the Spirits of Nature and the landscape. eg. The Tao philosophy of Feng Shui. See also "Ley Lines"

Great Ones

'Spirits', once human but now discarnate, who exist on an unknowably high plane of existence - referred to in Eastern philosophy as the Buddhic, and who have dedicated themselves to the eventual enlightenment of all sentient beings. The Lords of Light.


The Magician / trickster god of Ancient Celtic tradition


A Godess often identified with Diana. Presided over purification and atoning rites, giver of riches, honour, victory and fair voyages, protectress of new born babies. A Goddess of the witches of old. The Brython equivalent is Medb.

Hermetic Philosophy



Of Hermes Trismegistus; of alchemical thought. The name given by Neo-Platonists to the Egyptian god Thoth, who was regarded as the author of all mysterious doctrines and especially the secrets of alchemy. Hermetic writings are those writings of Hermetic belief written in the period 1B.C. to 2A.D. It is a doctrine of Universal connection in harmony between all things being both interrelated and interrsponsive.


One who has taken the first steps on the path to serving the Light and thereby all humanity


The immediate apprehension by the Mind without the process of reasoning the external factors, giving rise to immediate insight and understanding of those external factors or situation.


Words of power dedicated to a personification of the Natural energies and the bringing into manifestation in the physical of that which is without


Third person of the Egyptian Trinity. The Great Mother Goddess with Osiris and Horus


Person or thing which seemingly causes ‘bad luck’. Actually a ripple effect in the energy field of the Etheric or Species Field caused by negative thoughts or superstition. This ripple effect is carried over the interacting Life Fields and ‘received’ by others. May be thought of as a form of telepathy. Positive thinking and/or a banishing ritual can dispel this effect.


{Also 'Cabala}; 'Qabbalah'}

Heb. The Hidden Wisdom. The esoteric or mystic doctrine concerning God and the Universe, asserted to have come down as a revelation to the elect from a remote past and preserved by a privileged few.


The threefold Natural Law of Causation, Balance and Compensation by which every action gets a reaction; the actor becomes an attractor for a similar action. "Like begets Like". Or to use the vernacular -"What goes around; Comes around"


Heb.-The crown chakra.

Emanations of The First person of the Kabalistic Trinity

Left Hand Path

The path of the Magician with evil intent.

It is the charge of every Servant of the Light to be on guard and protect against such as these.


An abilty of psychokinesis, manifesting as the apparent 'defying' of the laws of gravity and floating in the Air by the power of the Mind's Will.

Ley Lines

{or simply Leys as the word ley in fact describes a straight line}

Term coined by the Englishman Alfred Watkins, an amatuer archeologist of the 1920’s in investigation of Ancient Monuments of Britain.

Natural ‘invisible’ network of lines of force as evidenced by terrestrial elecricity and magnetism. Many sites of ancient worship coincide with these distinctive focal points of psychic energies. In China they are known as the "Dragon Current" and geomancers are consulted prior to erection of a building or suchlike in order to determine if the ‘current’ will be affected by the construction. The most favourable positions are generally points of intersecting lines. In Peru on the Nazca plains, lines have been physically drawn by the people into the landscape. In Tibet, men known as "long-gum-pas- runners" use the lines to run messages. They tap into force enabling them to maintain extraordinary speed, proceeding in leaps and bounds over incredible distances. It is said that the really advanced runner can glide through the air without their feet ever touching the ground.


Lilu, Lilit and Ardit Lilit were three Assyrian Storm Demons. Her character was changed from the "holy dame" of ancient Arabic lore and became the maleficent demon of Hebrew lore - the first wife of Adam by whom the half human demons of vampire legend were created. Commonly held as the Mother of Elementals.


The Three in One; The manifested Deity who speaks the Creative Word - The Undifferentiated Consciousness manifest.

Logos (Greek, "word," "reason," "ratio"), in ancient and especially in medieval philosophy and theology, the divine reason that acts as the ordering principle of the universe.The 6th-century BC Greek philosopher Heraclitus was the first to use the term Logos in a metaphysical sense. He asserted that the world is governed by a firelike Logos, a divine force that produces the order and pattern discernible in the flux of nature. He believed that this force is similar to human reason and that his own thought partook of the divine Logos.

Lucid Dream

Type of dream in which the dreamer retains a degree of consciousness and knows he is dreaming whilst still in the dream state.


In Hermetic philosophy, and the principle of As Above; So Below, the Greater Universe, or everything that is in existence. The Yang aspect of microcosm.


Plural of Magus - Ancient Persian Priests and Wise Men, astrologers and workers of Magick. {The three Wise Men of the East who sought the Christ child's birth- Caspar, Melchior and Balthazzar}. An initiate and adept of the forerunner of Zoroastianism. It is thought that the rise to power of the Magi brought about the defeat of the Old People or Faeries ending the battles of the two races, which enabled Man to acheive ‘civilisation’.


In its strict sense, a 'system' of Magick is the set of ‘laws’ applicable to the channelling and directing of Natural energies/forces and attunement of the physical body to perceive and interact within the higher realms of consciousness, aimed at personal enlightenment through harmony with the natural Universe in all its planes and manifestations. This is also known as High Magick as opposed to the more mundane classes of low and middle or grey.


Branch of philosophy concerned with the investigation of the Ultimate Reality. It is customarily divided into: ontology which deals with the question of how fundamentally distinct sorts of entities compose the universe; and metaphysics proper, which is concerned with describing the most general traits of reality. Because these traits are not peculiar to this particular universe, but are common to all possible universes, metaphysics may be conducted at the highest level of abstraction.


Heb. Cheif archangel at the right hand of God. One of the quaternary archangels and traditionally the Guardian of the Watchtower of the South, represented by the element of Fire.


In Hermetic philosophy, and the principle of As Above; So Below, Man as representative of the Universe in miniature. The Yin aspect of macrocosm.

Mother Goddess

Personification and deification of the essence of Mother Earth. Known as:-Inana to the Sumerians;

Istar to the Akkadians; Astoreth in Palestine; Athirat in Canaan; Isis to the Egyptians; Astarte in Syria; Nerthus in the Celtic Bronze Age - Later as Onniona; Freya to the Vikings; Mary to the later Christians

Morphic Resonance

Theory proposed by Dr Rupert Sheldrake. This phenomenon explains how biological and psychological patterns occur. It is essentially an averaging out of the most common trend within the collective unconscious which ultimately leads to a physical or behavioural norm. The impetus behind evolutionary factors.


The point in the heavens or celestial sphere, directly below or under the observer.


The study of the occult and divinatory meanings of numbers derived from an individuals birth date and/or name. Several effective systems exist. e.g:- Cheiro’s Book of Fate and Fortune and Michael Wade’s Life Quest.


Divine advice. The 'instructions' received from the Higher Self or Oversoul whilst {usually} in a trance like state and conected to the Collective Unconscious.


The collective deities of a specific people or religion.

The deities are thought to be representions of the qualities or the essence of specific Natural energies and possess a form of sentience or consciosness.

The more the individual deity is ‘worshipped’ or revered, the more power they possess.

This raw power can be tapped into by the overly devout or by conscious Will and can be utilised to effect miracles or Magick.


Study of mental phenomena outside the sphere of ordinary psychology. The study of paranormal phenomena. May be termed occult psychology with the object of explaining the ‘mechanism’ by which these phenomena are effected.


Magickal potions utilising herbcraft and other natural media/correspondences to Magickal effect.


{Sometimes referred to as Noisy Ghost phenomena}

Manifestations of a noisesome kind, moving objects and occasionaly, serious damage - usually occurring within a household where a teanage girl is present. Thought to be unconscious use of latent power brought on by the emotive period of puberty.


In Eastern philosophy, the life breath of the various vehicles of Man


The ability to forsee the future. Most occurances of prcognition are evidenced in dreams. The phenomenon can occur as flashes of intuition and sometimes, even visions in waking consciousness.




An ability of the Mind at a sub-conscious or supra-conscious level, to subtly influence conscious behaviour both of the subject and, via telepathy, of other people. See Dreamcraft.


The broad-spectrum term used by modern parapsychologists to cover both the forces of the 'paranormal' or psychic reality, and the phenomenae so produced.

Psychic Energy

The unknown force or emanations of every living thing, which can be tapped into and directed through occult means. The Collective Unconscious or Species Field, as a form of energy.


The ability to affect and move physical objects by the power of the Mind


The reading of the subtle trace vibrations left behind by all living things, and 'read' through physical touch of objects. Linked to Empathy.

Qabbalah {see also Cabala and Kabbalah}

Defines the Magickal ritual and ceremonial practices that draw for authority upon the Cabala and Kabbalah. Developed from the Alchemical tradition, it has evolved very differently than its sources. A complex system of even more complex imagery.


A group of four. A square of influence which with the three higher aspects of Spirit make the Sacred Seven. eg. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Lady, Lord, Son


One of the quaternery archangels and one of the seven referred to in the Apocryphal Book of Tobit. His name means God’s healer and he is associated with all matters medical. Traditionally seen as the Guardian of the Air and East.


The Seven Rays or Aspects of Divine Consciousness. Planetary Spirits Ray.1. Will or Purpose; 2. Wisdom; 3. Higher Creative Activity, Adaptability; 4. The Bridge between life and form, Ray of Harmony; 5. Scientific; 6. Fiery Devotion; 7. Ceremonial or Action Ray. {Analogous to the 'prism' of man's mind}

Reality Mode

There are two basic types of reality. Normal- is objective, waking and our usual everyday manner of interacting with the World at large. The scientific laws apply to this type of reality. The other basic type is Synchronistic and is subjective and occurs to most individuals during sleep, but is the level at which the psychic operates. Different laws apply. Normal reality is of the body and the Synchronistic of which there are several distinct modes of operation is of the mind.

Residual Field

An etheric double or life field no longer ‘attached’ to the physical body. It may seek to interact with the living in many ways including that of an apparition. The term residual field is also used to describe etheric traces left behind on objects that have come into contact with a life field and are perceived or ‘read’ by psychometrists.


From the Latin word Sanctus. Means holy place. A private retreat for esoteric/occult study, medative practices and Magickal workings. With each daily use the Sanctum becomes attuned and vitalised {charged} with your personal energy and those of the energies/forces you are invoking or evoking in your workings. It becomes a focus of power in itself, and enhances the energy flow of future workings.

To assist in attracting and direscting particular energies/forces, it is advantageous to 'dress' the Sanctum in corresponding colours to those energies.

Suggested layout and inclusions for Sanctum:

North Wall - altar/desk and mirror, yantra, lecturn; South - brazier; East - Incense/oil burner{s}; West - Cauldron. Walls and ceilings - etheric blue; floor - stone or bare boards with pentacle inlaid; Hangings and altar cloths - violet, emerald green, black, royal blue and white; Straight backed chair with arms; bookshelves behind suitable hangings; central work table {with storage under, able to be moved against a wall}; other material requisites - see Ritual Magick section of this work.


The art of 'seeing' distant people and places. See Ritual Magick section of this work. Parapsychologists think it may be an evolved faculty of precognition or a lesser faculty of Astral Projection.


(Hebrew, "burning ones"), celestial beings referred to in a vision by the Hebrew prophet Isaiah (see Isaiah 6:2-6) in the Old Testament; the highest in the order of angels.


An abstract Magickal figure, usually representing either a particular spirit or a particular kind of force, energy or power. These figures are derived from various rules from sacred Magickal diagrams.

Species Field

A New-Age, parapsychological term for the collective unconscious. The ‘pool’ of all the life fields of one species containing all experience or racial memory of that species. A ‘residual’ field is a life field or etheric body of an individual no longer attached to matter


The symbol of perfection made manifest.


The spiral is symbolic of "coming into being' or "being made manifest". All things in Nature follow the pattern of the spiral as is evident in the double helix of DNA and the infinitude of the Mandelbrot Set.


Living though incorporeal beings proper to the various non-physical planes of existence. Only the elementals can manifest directly into the physical. All others require some vehicle or focus, such a crystal, incense smoke, or the magnetism given off by freshly cut plants {or frshly spilled blood}.

Stellar Healing

An advanced Astrological technique. Based on the study of a natal chart. It involves locating specific forms of potential mental strain by observation and interpretation of the planetary patterns. Polarities, based upon planets which complement each other, are used to gradually modify thought pattern imbalance. These "Power Polarities" are antidotes - affirmations which provide a way to shift mental patterns that are ‘stuck’ in a repetitive loop.


Latin. Of the woods, esp. elemental wood nymphs and Druidic wood spirits. From the Latin ‘Silvanus’ - a woodland diety equated with Dyonysis and Bacchus. May be linked to the Faeries or Earth Spirits of various legends.


Theory proposed by Dr Carl Jung and physicist Dr Wolfgang Pauli to explain coincidences, predictions, and altered states of consciosness, arguing that all entities in the Universe are interrelated and interdependent - supporting the concept of hierachies at all levels of consciousness of Hermetic philosophy.It also appears to support the Collective Unconcious and Species Field theories.


An object charged with a definite and strong etheric and more subtle vibrations, which, through their overtones, tend to awaken in whoever comes in contact, corresponding octaves of emotional and mental response. Talismans are general; adapted for a particular individual; ensouled as a definite centre of radiation; or may be linked with the maker as an outpost of his consciousness.


The Eastern system of classification of elementals.

Element Tattava Tattavic Symbol

Earth Prithivi Yellow Square

Water Apas Silver Crescent

Fire Tejas Red Triangle

Air Vayu Blue Circle

Ether {Spirit} Akasa Black Oval


The term psychologists use to describe scrying or the direct perception of remote occurrances or objects that is not effected by the ‘recognised’ five senses


The ability to send and receive thought with no physical connection


The ability to move an object through space without apparent physical motion, manifesting in a location other than the original position. Thought to be an advanced form of telekinesis.

The Law Of Return

Also known as the Threefold Law - in directing of

the Natural energies for Magickal work, the power summoned and sent out comes back to the caster in the order of three to one whenever the forces of the Natural Energy matrix are thrown out of balance. The Magician is the ‘grounding’ force in all Magickal workings.

Thought Form

An image or construct of three dimensional quality that has been fashioned out of either etheric or astral substance, usually by the action of a trained mind. If enough vital energy is imposed on the thought form then it is able to exist independently for short periods. Such a manifestation is known as ensouling or empowering the thought form - it is possible that religious 'visions' are a manifestation of the unconscious ensouling of thought form by the overly devout and pious.

Tree Magick

Utilising the Ancient Lore of Trees in Magickal workings. The sacred lore of the Celtic Druids.


Symbollic of the equillibrium acheived at Unity


[Three formed] TRINITY. Within all Unity there is a positive and negative aspect, a Duality of Light and Dark, Spirit and Matter, Silence and Sound, Life and Form.etc. Out of manifestation, this is balanced in stable equilibrium. The act of manifestation throws it out of balance and static into instability. An unstable or dynamic equilibrium is established by immediate energies rushing forth between the opposite poles, the Duality thus becoming a Trinity without which manifestation is impossible. {The "One" -Diety, beomes two {Sephira or Angels} and two becomes Three {or Man}.

Undifferentiated Consciousness

The original creative power, the 'homogeneous fabric'; the basic 'stuff' of the universe. It is a thought of the Supreme seeking form and conscious identification. The crystallisation of the Spark Divine.


Heb. meaning Fire of God. One of the Quaternary archangels. Traditionally, Guardian of the watchtower of the North and seen as representing the element of Earth in concert with the Goddess and powers of Mother


A Primeval God or Cause from whom came Kronos. With Gaia and Eros, Uranus formed one of the oldest Trimurtis. The son and husband of Gaia. Represented by the East and the element of Air.-Planetary Spirits of the Trinity represented by Aphrodite, Phobe, Rhea. {equates to the Egyptian Osiris, Isis and Horus}.


Of the language of the Vedas in the old form of Sanskrit. Philosophical and Astrological school of Hindu thought evolving in and through the development of the Sanskrit language.


An anti-Sunwise movement. The circle is closed in a widdershins movement. Anti-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and Clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.


An entity’s Etheric Double or Body of Light, as seen shortly after physical death.


In the dualistic Chinese Tao philosophy the active male element of the Universe.


In the dualistic Chinese Tao philosophy the passive female element of the Universe.


The point in the heavens relating to the Celestial Sphere that is directly above the observer.

Zodiacal Light

Luminous area of the sky shaped like a triangle. Occasionally seen in the East before Sunrise, and again in the West at Sunset.





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