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What is EFT?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of the power therapies now being used frequently to assist with anxiety, depression and many other conditions. It is a method of emotional and neurological control based on acupressure and involves tapping on acupressure/acupuncture points. Since acupuncture meridians extend to the brain, tapping on these points allows brain function to be modified by releasing negative emotions and even ameliorating some neurological conditions. It is also thought that EFT alters the energy field of the body so that perturbations in the energy field causing negative emotions are restored to balance. Based on the work of Roger Callahan, Gary Craig and others it is now being used in combination with a myriad of drug-free interventions aimed at managing stress.

Is it Safe?

EFT appears to be a safe way of releasing negative emotions under most circumstances and children can easily be taught the technique. However, it is not advised to attempt the release of very traumatic incidents (sexual or physical abuse) without the supervision of a qualified mental health professional. When used for "everyday" negative emotions such as (irritability, anger, frustration), phobias and emotionally charged situations it seems to be quite safe. Over the years, many people have learned how to use EFT and continue to use it without serious problems.

Who can benefit from EFT?

EFT can be helpful for many of the negative emotions related to the following conditions in children and adults:








Feelings of Failure

Poor Self Esteem

Oppositional Feelings



Relationship Problems


Effects of Bullying



Sleep Disorders

Physical Disorders



Learning Disorders

Neurological Disorders

Sensory Overload

Emotional Trauma

Refusal to do Homework


Attention Problems



Since EFT does not require extensive verbal skills, emotional expressiveness or experience of psychotherapeutic processes it is ideally suited for use with children. Since EFT works physiologically it can be useful for neurological as well as emotional conditions. EFT is very safe Ė it either works or it doesnít- and it does not make conditions worse. The technique allows children to manage their own emotions and with adequate training and practice, this can give a child more freedom, autonomy and self control.

Is EFT Effective?

EFT will not work on every single issue, but it appears to be effective 90% of the time. Using EFT for all aspects of a particular negative emotion (feelings and negative thought patterns associated with a situation) increases itís effectiveness. Sometimes the results are almost magical!

Does it last?

EFT seems to produce permanent effects for many conditions. If a condition returns, repeated EFT sessions will usually release the condition and treating all "aspects" of the problem stabilises the results.

However, some individuals are "psychologically reversed" about particular issues. This means that they being unconsciously resistant to resolving an issue. If a person is psychologically reversed this hinders the effectiveness of EFT and a correction procedure- "de-reversing" will need to be done. Reversals can re-occur and multiple "de-reversings" may be needed before EFT can be beneficial to them. These individuals may need to do the EFT procedure for "de-reversing" themselves many times a day for a length of time (days to weeks) before the condition stabilises. For this reason it is wise to do EFT sessions in conjunction with a qualified mental health professional.

EFT is not intended to be a replacement for psychotherapy or other mental health services and those suffering from chronic psychological or neurological conditions are strongly urged to consult appropriately qualified professionals. It can however, be used with supervision, in conjunction with other treatment protocols.


Since as human beings we can often be caught in the cycle of frustration and failure, non-invasive drug-free methods which are easy to use and non-threatening like EFT have an important role to play in reducing levels of stress and improving our physical, academic, social and emotional well being.

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