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  Chiron in the Natal Chart

As man's technological expertise expands, so too does his 'complexity', and hopefully, so does his conscious awareness; and through that awareness, his capacity for compassion and love.

In comparatively recent years, astrologers have begun utilising points and celestial bodies other than the 7 traditional 'planets' in delineation of the natal chart.

Chiron is but one of those modern additions to the ever growing astrological alphabet.

It has been argued by some, that the use of additional points in delineation only repeats the information offered within the confines of traditional areas of the chart. To a certain extent, this may be true.

On the other hand, many astrologers through research and experience, have found the additional points are useful tools, bringing astrology's body of knowledge in line with man's evolutionary process, enabling the astrologer to glean further information as to the 'hidden' nature of his or her subject.

In practice, sometimes the information gleaned may indeed simply be a confirmation of what is shown in other areas of the natal chart. At many other times though, the new information can throw entirely new light on the specifics of character and the background against which that character has developed.

-The discoverer 'discovers' new things only when he is ready to accept them.

-The act of discovery then, heralds for the majority, a new dawning in awareness of ourselves and our place in the Universe .........................

1. Astronomical Information About Chiron


Chiron was discovered on the1st November 1977, 10. 00 am, Pasadena, California.
Astrologer Al Morrison suggests a rectification of four minutes earlier. (There are reported earlier sightings of the Chiron, but this is the recognised confirmed reporting)


Charles T. Kowal, born 8th November 1940, Buffalo, New York. Kowal also discovered the thirteenth and fourteenth moons of Jupiter, a comet, and eighty supemovae, which is the second largest number of astronomical discoveries ever made by one person. Of the asteroids he discovered, one was named after his daughter Loretta, and one after the town of Naples where he met his wife in 1968. He graduated from Buffalo High School in I957; he won a scholarship to USC and majored in astronomy; he graduated with a B A in 1961. He began working for Hale Observatories in the same year.


Unknown; estimated at 100-400 kilometres, although one source gives 100-400 miles

Orbital Period

49-51 years. Chiron's movement is erratic, the perturbations being brought about by the gravitational effects of its neighbours, Saturn and Uranus.

Orbital Eccentricity

Chiron has the greatest orbital eccentricity of any planet. Where 0.0000 is a circle, and 1.0000 is a line, Chiron's eccentricity is 0.3786. Formerly, Pluto's orbit was the most eccentric, at 0. 2482; before Pluto's discovery, Mercury's orbit displayed the greatest eccentricity, at 0. 2056.

 Orbital Inclination

6.0 degrees to the ecliptic.

 Perihelion and Aphelion / Retrograde Motion

At perihelion, Chiron is 1. 27 billion kilomctres (8. 5 AU) distant from the Sun, and situated between Saturn and Jupiter, having crossed Saturn's orbit in its inward journey. At aphelion, Chiron is 2.8 billion kilometres from the Sun (8. 9 AU).

Chiron's retrograde period varies between 4 - 5 months of the year (approximately) in the Geocentric horoscope.

The following orrery demonstrates Chiron's orbit , and was calculated using "Home Planet for Windows" by John Walker. (You can download a full working copy at http://www/ Chiron is labelled 'A' in the diagram.

Important Dates for 20th Century

2 June 1920 aphelion at 9 degrees Aries Direct Motion Geocentrically
29 August 1945 perihelion at 4 degrees of Libra Direct Motion
7 December 1970 aphelion at 5 degrees of Aries Retrograde
14 February 1996 perihelion at 4 degrees of Libra Retrograde

Important Dates for 21st Century


2. The Astrological Connection With Chiron

In 1977 astronomers discovered a planet like 'asteroid' of some 220 miles in diameter in eccentric orbit between Saturn and Uranus and called it Chiron, named after the most virtuous of the Centaurs of ancient mythology, who was also known as the Wounded Healer. It's elliptic and somewhat eccentric orbit takes it very close to both these astrologically influential planets.

Both Dane Rudhyar (in the Astrology of Personality) and Charles Jayne (in the 1961 issue of In Search) predicted the discovery of Chiron. Rudhyar thought perhaps a "Higher Moon" (just as Uranus is thought of by many as a "Higher Mercury") - between Saturn and Uranus. Such a body, he postulated, would serve as a bridge between the gatekeeper's (Saturn's) protection of the finite world of normal human interaction and the adventure into Galactic or Christic Consciousness initiated by the 'outer' planets.

Chiron then, stands at the bridge of the human world and the transpersonal world, the world of the spirit.

Melanie Reinhart, author of Chiron and the Healing Journey, believes Chiron expresses the need to reintegrate an ancient preverbal knowing into our western rational understanding. She envisions a "biospiritual consciousness, neither material-psychological nor exclusively religious-spiritual, but both." We will not all become shamans, but the current revival of interest in shamanism and natural healing in general is due to man's realisation of the need to retrieve these missing natural parts of ourselves and to reconnect with nature and cosmic forces.

Chiron, in mythology, was the wisest of the Centaurs. His stories are many, but all have as commonality the theme of the Wounded Healer.

He is seen by some as the archetype of the search for inner peace and wisdom, and indeed within the context of the natal chart this is what he can reveal about us. He is the key to the closed door of the unconscious, and seen as the bridge between the old and new planets - he is sometimes referred to as the Rainbow Bridge.

There is much debate as to the assignation of rulership to Chiron. Some astrologers suggest Sagittarius (the obvious Centaur and arrow motif and teaching) and Scorpio (the insatiable search), others Virgo (service, healing and teaching), and still others insist that he has no rulership at all, and describe his nature as maverick, doorway and passage.
This Virgo rising astrologer leans toward Virgo, as Chiron is seen almost universally as the archetype of teacher and healer, neatly covering qualities of Virgo and Sixth House matters ----- provided of course that he has indeed settled into permanent orbit in our solar system.

Nevertheless, he is here with us now, and in being within our awareness can teach us much about ourselves if we but take the time.

Within the next ten years, the perturbations discovered in Pluto's orbit suggesting a mass larger than Jupiter will yield the discovery of the so called planet X. (Yes - I know NASA has denied the existence of any such planet). Most feel that this new body should be called Persephone. This astrologer feels that this new planet should be given the name Atlas and assigned rulership to Taurus. For both the Earth and the protective/supportive nature.

The officially confirmed discovery of this 'new' body will herald the beginning of the Galactic Milieu, or the Christ Consciousness that Rudhyar spoke of --- Could this be when Uranus enters Pisces on March 11 2003, at 7:52:46 AM, (A.E.D.T: -11)?. Uranus makes 2 more contacts at 00 degrees Pisces, one on the 15th of September, and the third on the 30th of December 2003. Uranus goes retrograde on June 3 2002, at 11:11:05 AM and goes direct on November 4th 2003, at 5:27:27 PM (A.E.D.T: -11).

The actual date of the 'discovery' remains to be seen.

Of the Influence of Chiron

Astrologers have found that in plotting the position of Chiron in a Natal Chart, much can be learned about the psychological makeup of an individual and potential problems they may face in coming to terms with life in general.

Not everyone will be sensitive to the influence of Chiron. As a guide, Melanie Reinhart offers us the following chart precepts to work with, and should two or more be present in a chart, you can feel relatively safe that Chiron's influence will be felt, and that the themes of Chiron by sign and house will resonate and be relevant in the life of the person.

a) Chiron conjunct any of the angles
b) Chiron conjunct or square the Moon's nodes
c) Chiron aspecting many planets, especially the Sun, Moon or Ascendant ruler.
d) Chiron focal according to the "Jones Patterns" of the chart
e) Sagittarius or Virgo on the Midheaven or Ascendant
f) Chiron in either Sagittarius or Virgo
g) A satellitium (stellium) of planets in Sagittarius or Virgo

Chiron in the chart often reveals wounds or hurts to the psyche -collectively - complexes - resulting from traumas that we have encountered but not assimilated in the very early stages of life. Sometimes, however, the wound is very ancient, seemingly inexplicable in terms of one's experience, but remains central to psychological themes that are repetitive and chronic. An event of little outer consequence may take on an exaggerated meaning because it ties into an old soul issue. The issue relates of course, to what may be considered the person's spiritual quest.

As always with astrological interpretation, no single factor should be considered without taking into account its relation to the whole chart.

So, each of us has within us, buried deep within our psyches, perceptions of events, circumstances, issues or people that we feel were more painful to us - that were not entirely fair; that were wrong, and that need to be fixed, healed, rectified or redressed. The sum total of these things and their effect are what can be called our ‘personal Wound’.

Whether or not you are aware of it, this Wound can be a drive to your life. The paradox of the inner conflict arising is that it can act as a drive toward what you have been divinely designed to become (symbolised in astrology by the Sign on the Midheaven). In the process of trying to fill the voids in your life {The Chironic Wound} you have become who you are. Every Wound contains a hidden gift - the healing journey is in discovering what that gift may be. This can be found through a gradual process of forgiving, accepting and finally unconditionally loving the circumstances of your life that have contributed to who you are today.

In other words, we are indeed as Tennyson once said - ".....a part of all that we have met" in life.

Every single thing which happens to us can be seen as a moment of synchronicity. How we assimilate our experiences is really up to us - keeping our minds open to the interconnectedness of the Universe however, can lead us to the path of self-discovery, clearing the path for easier soul expression in this lifetime.

By knowing where Chiron lies in your natal chart, you can begin to approach your own healing - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - more consciously and intentionally. Conscious awareness combined with intention is a very powerful healing combination. Chiron also has to do with the development of compassion, an aspect of love-wisdom.

Your Chiron sign and the associated themes can provide a deeper understanding of what drives you in your life, making the finding of peace that little bit easier.

The following table is an approximate guide to ascertain your Chiron sign and the main themes of your Chiron sign or "personal wounds" and possible ways of working with them. An ephemeris or computer programme will be far more accurate, (as well as show the aspects - or angular relationships - to other planets and sensitive points in your chart) but for the purposes of this discussion, the table below will suffice.

Online chart calculation sites and resources may be accessed via the links page - be sure to have your full birth data.
- The time, date and place of birth will be necessary for accurate calculation of the house placing.

Finding Your Chiron Sign (Approximate only)

Birth Date

Chiron Sign

Birth Date

Chiron Sign

Birth Date

Chiron Sign





12/1/2001- 12/12/2001




































































































































































"The Wound" of Chiron in the Signs and Houses
A note on the use of the quoted essential oils:- Details of the use and application of essential oils can be found on the Aromatherapy page. These oils have been found to be especially beneficial in the conditions described, but you can use ANY essential oil if you feel personally attuned to it.

Chiron in Aries or the first house

In Aries or the first house, the sense of self has been violated in some way, manifesting in feelings of worthlessness, and/or that nothing is ever quite good enough. The lessons of Chiron here are in learning to assert yourself and to take appropriate action or initiative to remedy the situation - appreciate yourself and others for who they are. Easier said than done, as you can tend to be self sabotaging in your thought patterns. Remember your thoughts are powerful - you reap what you put out.

Make a list of areas in your life in which you do feel worthy. Identify your true value and how that value serves you and others. Don't stop listing until your heart opens to loving yourself. Also list the ways in which other's "bad" treatment of you has helped you to learn how to assert yourself and to value yourself more. Again, keep listing until your heart opens to them, and to yourself, for experiencing the lesson.

Chiron's gift is the acknowledgement of your true worth, loved for who you are inside. The Universe loves you just for being who you are. Strive to live truly.

Essential oils which will assist in dissipating these feelings are: Frankincense, sandalwood, cedarwood, clove, ormenis flower, neroli, juniper, roman chamomile, geranium.

Chiron in Taurus or the 2nd house

With Chiron in this placement, values and security are prominent issues in your life. You may feel that you have never been given enough - materially, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Ultimately, your heart may feel neglected and undernourished leading to poor self-esteem. You may over-compensate this inner wound by accruing money and possessions, or clinging to people in the hopes that they can provide you with that missing sense of security. With Chiron here, you may also mistrust your body, feeling that it will let you down, or you may perceive that your body is not beautiful. There may be an injury or physical trauma that you find difficult to come to terms with, or you may have suffered pain through financial loss or financial insecurity.

Make a list of what you have received in your life, particularly from your parents and loved ones. Keep listing until you can acknowledge the abundance that the Universe has provided for you with sincere gratitude and love. Where you feel you have not been given your due, list the ways in which not receiving has helped you to acknowledge the true abundance that lies inside you - in your heart. Also, list out in two columns what you do and don't like about your body and for each list why. For each answer of 'why' look deeper and list the why of that, you will soon find that appearances are truly only skin deep -- your strength and beauty lie inside - -- in your heart.

The Gift of Chiron in Taurus or the 2nd house lies in the acknowledgement of the abundance of love that lies within your own heart................... the Universe provides. You were created in love to express love, and there is no end to that love.

Essential oils which will assist in dissipating and coming to terms with these feelings are: Hyacinth, sandalwood, vetiver, ylang ylang, rose maroc, jasmine, carnation, bergamot, geranium, ormenis flower, cedarwood, tuberose.

Chiron in Gemini or the Third House

A Gemini or third house placement of Chiron often signposts a deep wound of feeling somehow less intelligent, and feelings of being unable to communicate clearly or effectively with others may dominate your thoughts at times. You may have suffered communication problems as a child, making memories of your early schooling painful. You seem to strive to 'know' with ceaseless fervour. Something inside you is wishing to be heard and understood by others. With Chiron here, the mind can function quite naturally in an intuitive or associative manner - the childhood communication and learning 'problems' are often a mismatch of teaching methods to the student's needs.

Sit down and make a list of the areas in which you have great or deep knowledge. Do not accept 'I don't know' for an answer. Keep searching within, to find where your knowledge lies. Also, list those people from whom you learn. How does your knowledge in any given area serve others?

The Gift of Chiron in this placement is the deep pursuit of knowledge and the ability to impart that wisdom to others. The acknowledgement of your own 'Knowing' lies in your heart, beyond words. Deeds communicate more.

Essential oils which will assist in dissipating and coming to terms with these feelings are: Clary sage, ylang ylang, cypress, geranium, pine, sandalwood, bay, ormenis flower, jasmine, clove, pimento berry, mandarin, coriander, angelica seed, sage, cistus, myrtle.

Chiron in Cancer or the Fourth House

In Cancer, the wound is connected with our early mothering and basic security needs. We feel as if it is a bottomless pit that no amount of love can fill. The feeling of being unwanted, unloved, not nurtured or not looked after. You are constantly trying to rescue the unloved within you and because you are very sensitive to other's pain, in the world at large.

There is an inner 'need to be needed' with Chiron here.

Make a list of those people who love you. For each, list the ways in which they show that love. Where you feel a lack of love, list the ways that this has helped you turn inward to your own love deep in your heart. The wellspring of love is in your own heart not outside you. For those whom you try to rescue, list the predicament that is serving them to awaken their own hearts.

The Gift of Chiron in Cancer or the forth house lies in the discovery of the infinite love that lies within your own heart, the needy child within waiting for you to acknowledge and care for it. You as a sentient entity in this Universe are love. The gradual understanding that all things in life serve to turn you back to that love within.

Essential oils which will assist in dissipating and coming to terms with these feelings are: Basil, lemon, cedarwood, grapefruit, pine, vetiver, patchouli, juniper, myrrh, cypress, cardamon, petigrain, geranium, frankincense, rosemary, pimento berry, bay.

Chiron in Leo and the Fifth House

A fifth house or Leo placement of Chiron often suggests that the ability to be spontaneous and carefree may be wounded. You may feel deep down that you cannot express the things that are within you.

You may have been prevented from expressing yourself creatively as a young child, and subsequently suppressed this aspect of yourself, giving rise later in life to a difficulty in overcoming feelings of inadequacy. Many times this manifests as a vacillation between wanting to be the star of the moment and such a fear of failure that you are unable to just 'let it go'. Your essence, your creativity and joie-de-vivre remain captive within. Perhaps you feel that the opportunity has never been given to you, or that others do not recognise your gifts and talents.

To help in letting go, list the ways in which you do shine in your life. List your creations and how they have served you and others. List the ways in which you do express what is inside of you. Where you might feel that you have been thwarted from expressing what is inside you, list the ways in which this has helped you to acknowledge and seek to express this.

Chiron's gift here is your acknowledgement of the special ways that you contribute to the world, and the realisation that no matter what others did or did not do, no matter what you did or did not do, you can not help but shine.

Essential oils which will assist in dissipating and coming to terms with these feelings are: Hyancinth, jasmine, frankincense, ylang ylang, cedarwood, pine, patchouli, vetiver, juniper.

Chiron in Virgo or in the Sixth House

I believe that this is the natural placement of Chiron and as such manifests most powerfully.

Here, there is usually a deep need for healing and integration of the self due to a nagging sense of lack of wholeness. You may feel as though things are wrong with you that can never be fixed, never healed...that you are somehow imperfectly made. The link between emotions and physical health is unusually strong. Control and an inability to feel secure in delegation of responsibility is another issue to be dealt with. Exercise and dietary regimes may be rigidly ordered and adhered to, but no matter what seems to get fixed, you are not satisfied. Health and healing will be important matters, and in your search for self-healing you will be drawn to help others, and teach them to help themselves with what you have learned.

By honestly and sincerely listing the areas of yourself and your life in which you feel you are whole, healed, and integrated, and then listing the things that you think are not right with you, then, for each item on the list, note the ways in which it is helping you to evolve, grow and heal, you will come to realise a profound connection with all life.

Chiron's gift to you here lies in a deep understanding of healing. The acknowledgement of a Universal plan that goes beyond the limited earthly view - the unveiling of the perfection of existence that all things serve the divine plan.

Essential oils which will assist in dissipating and coming to terms with these feelings are: Rose maroc, ylang ylang, patchouli, vetiver, galbanum, cypress, frankincense, Rose otto.

Chiron in Libra and in the Seventh House

In Libra or the seventh house there is usually a feeling that you cannot relate to others properly - relationships seem to go wrong no matter how hard you try. Blame, or projection, mirroring and defensiveness are important issues for you to deal with, and the harmony and peace that you ardently desire seems to be constantly disrupted by others or yourself. You may fear that you will never find the 'right' person.

You will learn much through your relationships, and most particularly, the fact that your sense of individuality does not depend upon whether or not others like it. Your trials and tribulations will lead you to develop good counselling and arbiting skills.

To realise your own potentials here, try making a list - an honest appraisal if you will - of the 'positive' things that you have given others in relationships. Keep listing until your heart opens. For each of the perceived 'failures', list the benefits, lessons, gifts that resulted from them, for others and for yourself. For all the times when peace was disrupted, list the benefits to you and others when this was so. Also, make a short list of attributes of a perfect partner for you. Then, for each one, list the ways in which you have these attributes in you.

Chiron's gift here lies in the realisation that you are whole as you are, and an appreciation that independence and dependence are inseparable and always equally balanced.

Essential oils which will assist in dissipating and coming to terms with these feelings are: Rose otto, coriander, bergamot, frankincense, ylang ylang, basil, sweet fennel, coriander, grapefruit, neroli.

Chiron in Scorpio or in the Eighth House

Personal transformation and themes of birth/death, sexuality loss through separateness, abandonment, emotional destructiveness are all possible scenarios with Chiron here. It may be that you suffered a deep wound through the loss or death of someone quite early in your life. There may be fears that what you do have could be taken from you at any moment, and emotional control may be used to hold on. In people with this Chiron placement often there is deep pain associated with birth trauma. There may be feelings of sexual inadequacy, and sensitivity to painful undercurrents, causing you pain.

List out the things that you miss in the person or thing that has died or been lost. For each one, list the ways in which what it is that you miss is still present in your life. The form that it takes my be different from what you would expect. Then list the ways in which the sense of 'missing' has driven you to the acknowledgement and expression of your special gifts.

Chiron's special gift here is the expansion of your understanding of yourself. The bringing out of unacknowledged gifts of understanding, compassion and counselling. The eventual realisation that nothing truly dies, only the form changes... spirit and love is eternal and always available to the open heart.

Essential oils which will assist in dissipating and coming to terms with these feelings are: Sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood, narcissus, clary sage, orange, lemon, rose otto, frankincense, geranium, cedarwood, bay.

Chiron in Sagittarius or in the Ninth House

Religion and philosophy and the feeling that you have no wisdom or deep understanding are Chironic themes here. There is usually a longing to apply what we feel as a deeply devotional sense or passionate zeal that can be easily misdirected, and this can create insecurity in our beliefs. There is the possibility that solace is found in travels to holy shrines, experiencing other cultures, their religions and mythology. Sometimes with this Chiron placement, there is difficulty in finding meaning in anything at all, and disillusionment and despair may set in.

List all of the ways in which you are wise and have deep understanding, and the ways in which others benefit from that wisdom. Open your heart and listen, they are there.

Chiron's gift here is in the discovery and acknowledgement of the great wisdom that lies within your heart. The realisation that adventure and joy of life is to be had, no matter where you are, or what you are doing. It is inside you, given to you by the Universe to share.

Essential oils which will assist in dissipating and coming to terms with these feelings are: Cardamon, ginger, juniper, pine, geranium, linden blossom, orange, ylang ylang, rose maroc, rosemary, peppermint, neroli.

Chiron in Capricorn or in the Tenth House

A 10th house or Capricorn placement of Chiron often manifests in a difficulty in setting and achieving goals, or finding our niche in society. There is also the possibility that we may be living up to parental expectations to achieve where they have failed - carrying other's burdens is often a theme, particularly that of the mother. Feelings of inadequacy and that you are not acknowledged for your true worth can also be issues.

If these themes are manifesting in your life, try listing the ways in which you are acknowledged and appreciated by others. Also, make a list of what you believe your value is. Acknowledge your value. Then for each instance where you feel that you are not valued, recognised or heard, list the ways in which this has helped you to value, recognise and hear yourself.

Chiron's special gift here is the acknowledgement of your own value. To recognise yourself and where your gifts lie. To listen and hear the messages of your own heart, see your special place in the Universe, and to help others do the same.

Essential oils which will assist in dissipating and coming to terms with these feelings are: Cardamon, lemon, ginger, black pepper, bergamot, orange, jasmine, rose otto, ormenis flower, basil, peppermint, linden blossom, vetiver, jasmine, clary sage.

Chiron in Aquarius or in the Eleventh House

Placement of Chiron here often gives deep connection to the psyche and the collective unconscious, but there are usually blocks to overcome. Here the wound is usually a sense of disconnection, distance, isolation and alieation from the world and from the Universe. This feeling of being unable to fit in may make us reject the tenets of groups or society, but the longing to belong remains.

Often, due to the sensitivity to the collective, people with this Chiron placement will be forward thinking and may be rejected by groups and society simply because they are ahead of their time - shades of 'discovery' here.

Try listing the special ways in which you are connected to life, to others, to the world and to the Universe. List the benefits and gifts of feeling alone, isolated and alienated. Also list the ways in which your 'differentness' is a gift and blessing to you and others. Write your thoughts and dreams in a journal.

Chiron's special gift to you is the development of an objective and original viewpoint towards life, and the realisation of the interconnectedness of all things. The acknowledgement of your unique gifts and individuality. Your right to be you.

Essential oils which will assist in dissipating and coming to terms with these feelings are: Frankincense, sweet fennel, sandalwood, neroli, rose maroc, jasmine, hyacinth, benzoin, carnation, cedarwood, bay, tuberose, violet leaf, marjoram.

Chiron in Pisces or in the Twelfth House

With this Chiron placement, we can be at odds with ourselves. The sign of the fishes depicts two fish (dualism) yoked together and swimming in opposite directions. Deception, emotional manipulation and genuine transcendental experiences can potentially weave together in confusion. Piscean sensitivity to undercurrents is an issue, and as a result, we can lose our individuality and can experience a wound of grief through a loss of faith in the Universe.

List the ways in which you feel that the Universe has betrayed you and then for each one list the ways in which these events or circumstances have served you or others. What lessons of love were given by it and learned through it? Everything in the Universe is an act of love - it is just that sometimes you don't recognise the form that love takes. Also, look at what you are doing in your life now, and list the ways in which the past 'betrayals' of the Universe have helped you to get there. There are no 'accidents' in life.

Chiron's gift here lies in your ability to acknowledge and re-embrace the of divinity, the guiding hand, the Master Plan. To open your heart once more to love and the Creator. To see that all things that happen in life serve to teach compassion and love.

Essential oils which will assist in dissipating and coming to terms with these feelings are: Cypress, rose otto, frankincense, nutmeg, narcissus, bergamot, helichrysum, linden blossom, ylang ylang, neroli.

Chiron's message in the chart is the same for everyone - that no matter what happens in life, it is nothing but a learning experience that should not be seen as a failure or drawback. Everything that happens has purpose and the more that you can acknowledge this, the more attuned to the Universe and the people around you, you will be and the more you will heal -physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Gratitude is the key.

Reaching a point of gratitude is accomplished by finding the hidden blessings in crises, the gifts of the wounds, the silver lining to every cloud, the divine order in the chaos, the love in every thing.

Gratitude for being uniquely and individually who you are, for it is gratitude that takes you to love and love is what binds the Universe together.

 "Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hate.
It is a power that breaks the chains of bitterness and the shackles of selfishness"
-- William Arthur Ward.

NOTE: This article was originally written in 1994 after reading Melanie Reinhart's "Chiron and the Healing Journey" - and subsequently sent to a colleague in the United States in 1997 - the current revision reflects clinical findings in the observation of Chiron's natal chart placement and will be revised further as new information comes to light.



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