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Some things about Bryan!

September 2, 1980: Bouncing baby Bryan born into this world of hope and love

September 14, 1987: Died

November 22, 1963: President Kennedy shot in Dallas, Texas

June 5, 1999: Graduated from Cardinal Brennan High school..quite the good day

June 24, 1999: Made what you are reading now

June 25, 1999: Preparing to perform yearly ritual of placing Uncle Ken in a giant container of gel and washing him later with vasaline and moist towlettes.

June 28, 1999: Fame, we're gonna live forever!

July 24, 1999: the nation mourns...

July 25, 1999: I eat a Little Debbie snack cake...and a Little Debbie snack cake eats me...

HOLA! Life is sweet like nectar!...
...the plot thickens, Alan thickens... are you? Well, just FYI, I am working on a quotes page, picture page, and a page of all my drawings, just as soon as I figure out how to shrink my stuff...Cold water? heh."
...Bryan update!... life hasn;t been interesting, school...the normal routine...
...the right decision? you tell me... I am...second week of school...oddly enough, i have been studying...and here's the funniest part: passing...heh...

There! That's me! You see? Right down there in the corner! HA! I know...what a dork, you are thinking...well, of, do you dare even go to my picture page...?

In the beginning...there was me...

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