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Iím MARY ANN BALVERDE GONZAGA. My friends loved to

call me ďAnnĒ or ďMeannĒ. I am celebrating my birthday

every 21st day of July.Iím 25 years old now Ďcoz I was

born in 1980 year of the monkey and under the zodiac sign

of cancer.My mother gave birth of me in their native

province at Hilaitan Guihulngan, Negross Oriental.I am

presently residing at 16-A Santan St., Parang Marikina City.


Iloilo is the province where I usually called my own and

native province. We moved there in 1989 when I was

9 years old.A province where I grown up and become

matured.I treasured so much the time that I spend my life

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† there though it was full of challenges.


Iíve been already in different places- Isabela, Nueva Ecija, Subic, Tagaytay, Cebu, Bacolod, Negross Occidental and of course Negross Oriental.I loved to travel.I loved riding in a bus.Itís so fun to travel especially when with friends and special someone J


Iím the only child in our family.My parents decided to separate when I was seven years old.May be you feel bored or you canít appreciate my story because itís so familiar.But this is really what happened to my family.My father leaves us because he had a third party.Itís so sad but anywayÖ. I know this is how life will goes on as long as weíre living.Life is full of challenges and surprises.Since then, I used to live with my mother and adopted sister.


Iím a sensitive type of person.A simple woman who want to live a simple life and with simple dreams.I enjoy and having fun with simple things.As long as I see my entire loved oneís safe and healthy.I already encountered different problems in life.In different aspects- financially, family, and emotionally. And Iím so thankful that GOD is always there for me. I always bear in mind that trials and problems are spices in life. They are the spices that make our life tasteful and colorful. It helps us grow matured.


I know and I believe that this problems and trials strengthen me mentally and emotionally. The more trials I encountered the more I become stronger. I canít deny sometimes I feel so tired and I want to give up. But GOD is so good. HE never leaves me nor forsakes me. In every trial thereís a solution. Remember ďTrials are the soil in which faith grows.Ē


I graduated from a course BSOffice Administration in Asian College of Science and Technology. And now Iím working at Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) as station teller. I encounter different attitudes of different people everyday. I met new friends. I can say that itís easy for me to mingle different persons. I can adjust easily. I love making friends. I love listening music especially love songs.


SoÖ.thatís meÖa simple me.




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