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The Followers of Zomaz

Servants of the Sacred Mangoes

Aaron whispered, "Zomaz, my friend, let me introduce you to the noble art of shoplifting."

The Chronicles of Zomaz - episode v

These words are a message to all of us that deep in our hearts the passion of Aaron lives. Yes, brothers and sisters, God gave us all a sacred potential - the potential to go out and shoplift. Through His prophets, Zomaz and Aaron, He tells us to free our minds.

While many people perceive the story of Zomaz on a primitive level, we Servants of the Sacred Mangoes, seek to penetrate the deeper mysteries of Zomaz.

Through Zomaz we find peace. Through Aaron we find mangoes, and fruity tea. With juicy mangoes, fruity tea and peace we attain a higher state. In the higher state we contemplate and through contemplation and meditation we are released from the slavery of the Braindead Nation.

In Zomaz we find hope of redemption. His message is simple and Truth resonates through it. Open your hearts to Zomz!

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