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Pink Flames
Friday, 5 August 2005
Insults fa ya tards!
Mood:  chatty
Now Playing: my butt
Ya ever need a good insult and just can't come up with sompm? Well here ya go. I spent some time comin' up with some just for ya.

1. I couldn't think as slow as you if I tried!
2. Your pretty smart for a cow.
3. Put your cowbell on, so I could here ya comin'.
4. put your cowbell on jis fer me.
5. How many principles does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Answer: none...they have to call maintainence men. Those FAGGOTS!
6. Peanut butter resses cups mess with me I'll kick your butt. Turn around, touch the ground, I know chineese. I know kungfu, oh don't make me do it on you.
7.'re the smartest poster around here.
8. This is an A and B conversation so see your way out of it before the D hits the E and knocks the F out of you!
9. Is ignorance bliss?
10. If my dog was as stupid as you, I'd sell it to the dogfood factory.
11. You're as dumb as my dog, be glad I don't smack you on the butt, rub your nose in your own garbage and throw you on the paper.
12. I've heard of lateral thinkers before, but you should be layin' on your back!
13. So YOU'RE the blonde that smelled the scratch and sniff sticker on the bottom of the pool aren't ya? How did you survive?
14. So how WAS the Garden of Eden teach?
15. Your I.Q. test came back negative. Didn't it...DIDN'T IT?!?

Well, there ya go. I hope they work. Come back often, cause I'll change 'em every week.

Posted by Jazzy at 7:44 PM CDT
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Hey Peeps! Wazzappaneen?
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: Puff Daddy...missin' ya
Topic: INTRO
Ay, wassup?!? My name's Zeezah. This is a brand new thing fa me, so I'm hopin' everything works ok, k?

If you need some insults for da tards in your life, or you need to know the latest music, or why we put up wit men...maybe the latest styles, or even relationship hold-ups.

I'll even tell ya bout the coolest tattoos and piercin's.

If you like fashionable jewelry, I'll be da one ta tella ya.


Posted by Jazzy at 7:31 PM CDT
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