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Sweet Valley Fan Fiction
Saturday, 6 March 2004
Sweet Valley Fan Fiction Updates:

Chapter 1 of Love Me (SVH)

Posted by jazz/xsugarcrazedx at 12:43 PM EST
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Love Me

Love Me:
by: Jessica C.

Chapter 1


When my mom pulled the mini van in front of Lanview High School I
realized that it was really happening. That my parents where really
putting me in a loony bin, that that was where I'd be living and going to
school for the next three years of my life.
My mother feels guilty when I call it a loony bin. "Its not a loony
bin Lizzie." She sounds like she's trying to convince herself rather
than convince me. "It a corrective school for troubled teenagers" she tell
me. I was surprised that she had told our family and friends where I
was really going. I thought that she would tell them that I was staying
with my aunt Janey in South Carolina.
Lanview is a huge place in Northern California, where it snows
a lot and rains almost everyday. Its out in the woods where everything is
green and the nearest corner store is 20 miles away. Its looks more like
a camp site than a high school. Whoever built this place picked the
right spot for it. There was nowhere to run out here and if you did run
then you wouldn't be gone for long.
My brother Steven and my dad carry all my things to the counseling
office where we wait for my group counselor to meet us. Jessica, my
twin sister looked more scared than I did. She was the only person that
really cared about me, even if she didn't know what happened to me, even if
she didn't understand me. My parents claimed to care about me too, "We
love you Lizzie," My dad told to me while we were arguing one time last
week, "If we didn't then we wouldn't be sending you to Lanview." They
really expect me to believe that.
We didn't have to wait very long before my counselor showed up. She
wasn't very tall, or very short for that matter. She looked to be about
25, she was very fit and had Irish red hair. Her warm smile was
sickening. This was going to be the person I had to talk to for the next three
"You must be the Wakefield family." She greeted us. her voice was
very powerful and comforting at the same time. She shook Dad and
Stevens had and gave Mom a big hug like they were old friends. "I'm Hannah"
she introduced. then she turned to me and Jessica.
"And you're Elizabeth" she said holding her hand out me to me. I
folded my arms over my chest and stared at her pale hand with peach
colored nail polish. She pulled her hand away looking unfazed and flashed
me her warm smile.
She talks to my parents and I for a while. She says that ill be
staying in a cabin with a group of girls my age that will be in the same
group as me. She also tells me that there's another group counselor and
that his name is Adam, he owns the Lanview. She tells us about group
therapy sessions that we have twice a day, and we'll be taking field
trips in our groups. After a while she takes us into an office to meet my
personal counselor. She looks to be about the same age as Hannah, her
name is Marie. Apparently we'll just talk about whatever I want to talk
about, the things I want to say that I can't say in group. Obviously this
is one of their ploys to get me to talk. To tell them my story. I will
never tell them about me, they will never know the things that happened.
They wouldn't understand.
After a while its time for my family to leave. Mom pulls me into a
tight embrace that I don't return she tells me not to hate her and that
this is for my own good. Yeah right, she wants me gone, she doesn't want
to have the imperfect child around. My dad had tears in his eyes and he
says that he loves me and that they'll visit often. That's a lie, they
want to be as far away from me as possible and the less they have to see
me the better. Steven kisses my forehead and tells me to be good and
talk so that I can hurry up and come home. Jessica cries, even after I
make her promise me that she won't. She tells me shell write three times a
week and visit as often as she can.
I watch them leave through the window. Jessica's crying and Steven
is patting her back. They pile in the car and my dad starts the car and
starts to drive away. I watch as the car gets smaller and smaller until
I can make it out anymore. they're gone and I'm alone like always.

Posted by jazz/xsugarcrazedx at 12:42 PM EST
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