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The Cafe

It is a small place, but brightly lit with many windows. The tables and chairs are all slightly worn with continuous use, which the cafe an aura like that of a grandmother, old and worn but still good. The food is hot and fresh and the owner always lends an ear. Wyethen's Cafe is a good place to be.

A Note From Mr. Wyethen

A middle aged man with graying hair stands behind the counter, polishing a cup. He looks up and smiles, "Ah! A new customer! Have a cup of my famous Java on the house.” He leans forward and lowers his voice, “I rarely get any new customers anymore, just all these old regulars.” His bright green eyes look about the half-filled-room to the people nursing drinks or hot apple pies. “But fresh blood is always good,” he goes back to polishing the cup. “Take a seat anywhere you like, just avoid ol’ Azy, she has a tendency to prattle on a bit.”

About the Site
This site is for original stories, fanfiction, fanart and original pictures. Anything and everything is welcome, science-fiction, fantasy, romance, adventure. If you have questions or comments, or would just like to submit something, e-mail me here.