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The Wood name is apparently of English origin and was originally known as A-Wood, Woods, and finally Wood. Some say that Woods come from Dutch descent and Wood of English. The early history of this country records the names of both Wood and Woods in both New England and southern colonies. In England, Anthony Wood or A-Wood (1632-1695) wrote about his life in a 4 volume book entitled "The Life and Times of A-Wood".  He was an author and faculty member at Oxford University.

In this country, William Wood from Lynn, Mass. published the first account of the Massachusetts Colony.  The first of the Virginia line of this family is Colonel Abraham Wood, who came from England in 1620 aboard the ship "Margaret and John". He was employed by Capt. Samuel Matthews near Jamestown, starting as a servant boy at age 10.   By 1663, he owned 6,230 acres of land in Henrico and Charles City.  He was a member of the House of Burgesses, the Governor's Council, and was promoted to the rank of Major General.  His daughter - Mary - married Peter Jones from whom the city of Petersburg was named. Some believe that Thomas Wood, who was with the Batts and Fallam expedition, was Abraham's son and died in the area that is now Roanoke, Virginia.

Most of my relatives believe we descend from Colonel James Wood, who was born in Winchester, England in 1707. After arriving in this country, he was a surveyor in 1734, settling in what is now Frederick County.  He served in the militia with George Washington and later served as Washington's campaign manager for his seat for the House of Burgesses.  His son - James Wood Jr. - was Governor of the State.  Wood County in West Virginia is named for James Wood Jr.

We only have a clear line of ancestors settling in the Blue Ridge area of Virginia - including Patrick County. The first of this line is to Stephen Wood, grandfather of Richard Wood of the Wood's Gap area.  Stephen's son, John Wood, was the father of  Richard Wood.

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