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All contacts about Gigs are best referred to Bill or Pam Lawler Ph. 51 274783
If You Would Like To Book The Wonderdogs, Contact Alex Wilson On 51742369
lst-4th November Mildura Jazz Festival 5023 040,4 By the time November comes around, we are all in the mood for some sunshine and warn weather. The Mildura Jazz Festival usually provides the warm weather as well as some of the best Jazz you could wish for from bands from Victoda and South Australia. This is the first time the Wonderdogs have been invited to Muldura and we are really looking forward to it.
23rd November VJC Air Force Club, 4 Cromwell Rd Sth. Yarra 9634 1173 8.00 p.m. It is always great to play for the VJC. This will be the fourth time the band has played at the Air Force Club in South Yarra and we are keen to meet up with the friendly crowd in Melbourne once again.
29th November MLVJC Moe RSL, Albert Street Moe 5127 1007 7.30 p.m. This will be the Moe-Latrobe Valley Jazz Club's Christmas party, and if other years are anything to go on, this should be a ripper of a night. Why not come along and start celebrating Christmas early at the Moe RSL With good friends and good Jazz.