....when I see "contra", I still think "Iran"....but now nobody cares about the Shah. (that's just a fuzzy memory to me....) but don't!

"Whatever do you mean?" she cried.
"Mean? I'm totally devoid." His furrowed brow twitched calmly. "I don't understand."
"Naturally...." She waved her hand dismissively, smacking a few flies on the way. "Pay attention!"
"I'm on the installment plan--maxed out my credit cards."
"Who do you blame for that?" She shushed him before he could answer. The loudspeaker sputtered to life.
A voice, sounding as if it were coming from the bottom of a well, droned, "....arriving....Gate.... bombs....please...children....gold...carpetbagger. This announcement will be repeated, in Esperanto, in 27 minutes." The speaker fell from the wall, hanging by a wire. He and she stood directly below, staring only at each other, no expression on any face. Simultaneously, both said "No!" and pointed at the speaker (without moving their eyes or heads). A bulldog snuffled up and chewed on a pant leg. The suitcase popped open and a bra dangled out, covering one of the dog's eyes. It panted heavily and continued slobbering on the pant leg.
He and she slowly moved their other hand, crouching down to pet the dog, still locked in each other's gaze, right hands still pointing at the speaker. Each lip curled, sneering sweetly.....