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Welcome to my web page.  This page is a dream come true! So please treat it with respect!


Welcome and Behold!

I'm happy to see that this new creation of mine is coming into focus, and that I'm really enjoying making this page.

Updated - April 05, 2001


My birthday is coming up soon, and so is Easter.  I just want to wish everyone a happy easter, and hope that they enjoy their time off.

Updated - April 05, 2001


If you would like to advertise on this page, then get back to me, and I will see what I can do.  There is no charge, and I just want to keep the site active.  Thank you for your support!


Update - April 07, 2001

Have a good one!


I now have a picture page I am working on, and updating everytime I have new pictues! Check it out on my "Info" page. It's a must see!

Update August 23, 2001


Where have you been, and why are you here?

NEW - Pictures are on the "Info" page! Check them out!



Use my resources as if they were your own.

But beware, for my soul is the guardian to this domain.


For here is my compannion watching you now...

Don't forget to have some fun!




I hope that you enjoy your stay in my domain.

Don't forget to check out my Links page. If you want to contact myself or my companion, you may find out where to contact us on my Contacts page.


The rest of my pages, are currently under development, and may not be up and running for a couple of weeks.  I would susspect that around April 25th, 2001 the pages may be up and going.


Thank you for your patience!


I'm just a teenager who is trying to make a difference in his life.  I am trying to help others and sometimes I hurt myself by doing so in the process.

This page is a reflection of my feelings and my thoughts.  More or less a hobbie page, that I intend to use to inspire people.  And even put some hope back into myself when I'm all down.

Creed is my favorite band that is currently in exsistance.  They have inspired me many times to make new poems, and just to keep on thriving!

I just want all of you to remember that you are welcome to come here, and see anything that I have created.  Please enjoy your visit, and remember that I want to hear from you and your suggestions.


Dont forget to sign my guestbook!

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