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November 21, 2002

Lycos Music
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Find MP3s
You can use the search box above to search for music downloads (MP3s) from the internet.


•  At the top of the page, select the MP3 radio button.
•  Type in the artist name or song title.
•  Click search.

Music On Demand
Lycos Rhapsody Lycos Rhapsody
Download Lycos Rhapsody, our music subscription service and get immediate access to a Megastore of music - all in high-fidelity sound.

Free MP3 Player
Sonique Player Lycos Music Player
The Web's hottest media and MP3 player for Windows. Powered by Sonique , the player features support for all the latest audio formats, a killer user interface, customizable skins and visuals, and built-in access to music resources on Lycos Music and the Web.

On Sonique
Sonique Player Hundreds of Skins
Hundreds of the coolest skins on the planet. Customize your Sonique player to fit your every mood and whim.

Visualizations that will blow your mind. Audio plug-ins that that are pure ear candy. Plug your Sonique player into the possibilites.

Top MP3 Searches
1.  Crystal Method
2.  Enya
3.  Elton John
4.  Mandy Moore
5.  Pantera

Multimedia Search
Looking for other types of music files? Use Lycos Multimedia Search to search the web for audio and video streams, as well as midi files.
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