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URBAN FOLK is a jazz quartet dedicated to the performance of original music. Influneces are drawn not only from the jazz tradition, but from pop, hip hop, blues, rock and folk music as well. The music is often composed, mostly improvisatory, and ALWAYS creative. The band was originally formed by bassist Matt Wigton, and is now cooperatively led by Tom Luer (Saxophone), Kevin Brunkhorst (Guitar), Jon Deitemyer (Drums), and Brian Mulholland (Bass).

Tom Luer- Saxophones

Tom Luer- Saxophones

I first learned to play an instrument in the eighth grade. It was the clarinet, and I wasn't too happy about it. Of course, I wanted to be a drummer, like every other kid. However, after a few years on the licorice stick, my parents bought me an ancient Buescher "Aristocrat" alto saxophone. From then on, I was hooked. I starting taking lessons from a couple of teachers, and continued to major in music performance when I reached college. The first jazz recordings I remember owning were a couple of Charlie Parker compilation records and "The Return of the Brecker Brothers". Then came the first Coltrane album. Once I got beyond being freaked out by Trane, I couldn't stop listening. John Coltrane remains my most profound influence even today. And..........I even enjoy playing that licorice stick now.

Kevin Brunkhorst- Guitar

Kevin Brunkhorst- Guitar

Music for me began with two things: a 45-RPM record called "Apple Of My Eye" (by Roy Head, 1966, Back Beat 555) and one of the Beatles’ appearances on Ed Sullivan. This was quickly followed by both the Beatles’ cartoon on Saturday mornings and later by the Monkees’ Saturday morning show. My first guitar was a Sears Silvertone, whose body was of the kind of compressed wood you can find in the back of a cheap bookcase. Later I took clarinet lessons, learned to read music, and played in high school band. One night an older friend put on Miles Davis’ Big Fun while we smoked a large amount of marijuana. Things changed. Miles is now dead, and I don't smoke weed anymore. I still play the guitar.

Jon Deitemyer- Drums

Brian Mulholland- Bass

Originally hailing from Anderson, SC, Brian Mulholland is an electric bassist with a varied musical background. First playing piano by ear at age 3, he formally studied classical piano before deciding in fifth grade to try learning the bass. After only three months, he substituted for the high school jazz band bassist, having learned their repertoire by ear. Eighteen months later, Brian befriended Victor Wooten and studied the Flecktones’ music religiously, all the while learning how to utilize thumbing techniques and two-handed tapping, now part of his signature style. Brian has performed with many musicians, including Béla Fleck, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Chris Potter, and David Haynes (Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige). While earning a B.M. from the University of South Carolina, he toured Europe with the USC Left Bank Big Band and performed at the 1999 IAJE Convention with the USC Jazz Strings and Darol Anger. Brian transcribed Bass Day ’98: Victor Wooten for HudsonMusic.Com, as well as musically directed and played piano for 1940’s Radio Hour for Workshop Theatre in Columbia, SC. Currently working toward a master’s degree as a Jazz Bass T.A. at the University of North Texas, Brian began his tenure with Urban Folk in February 2004.

Sound Clips from our soon to be released CD!

"Cereal Killer"

by Tom Luer

"Everything In Life Should Be This Easy"

by Jon Deitemeyer

"Texas Board of Education"

by Kevin Brunkhorst

"Urban Changes"

by Tom Luer