Yes, I run me some websites. I like the creating, but when it gets down to content and all, I lag. But I do have many sites. Many many. I occasionally page through them and ponder to my self, "Wow. I was funny."

the perilous house of cards My novel attempt at a ZIM website. Has become mostly a news site, though. I am mostly through with the content. It is my most updated site, though on a very unreliable server. But it is now dead. Eaten by numerous server because they could not contain its amazing power.

L'art de tom Yes! My amazing page of art. The Most Abstract Place on Earth... They all agree. Some say I'm more autistic than artistic. I say: "Yep."

Insanity Incorperated This didn't last long. Well, it is insane, I suppose. It'll make you crack a semi-smile in the least.

Kowlukkurnieck The official Kowlukkurnieck page. The fan pages don't even come close. Nope.