If one truely wishes to have a (guffaw) enjoyable conversation of some depth and intellegence, they would probably have to know what I tend to babble about. Going into a situation unprepared is a poor idea. So I have prepared a little list of things that I may refer to in my oh-so-profound ranting. Parts of all of these eventually mend into my master scheme of sophisticated verbal communication.

The English Language You should be able to speak English, as it is my primary tool of communication. If this does not please you, I am sure we can work out some sort of system of grunts, though.

The French Language Just a backup of English, or used occasionally as an evil tool of confusion. Si vous pouvez parler français: all the better.

The Simpsons Every episode of every season is fair game for me to quote. This is one of my humor influences and banks of quotes.

ZIM One of the best animated programs of recent times, topic of much criticism from Viacom execs. Idea of Jhonen C. Vasquez, and full of quotably hilarious...uh...hilaria. Ranting contains ideas of shows, storyboards, production, creators, producers, and fanbase.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac A modern masterpiece of art and literature by Jhonen Vasquez. Purchase of this collection of soul-scraping, sanity-questioning, deep, truthful, unrestricted, views on modern society is highly suggested. Be it for the vengeful laughs, the twisting and well-developed plot, the psychology, or any other reason, this is one story that will not let you go. Look into the psyche of a supposed psycho. If you have any emotion whatsoever, reading this will make you gasp, laugh, and cry.

SQUEE JTHM's brother comic. A bit toned down: more funny, but less thought provoking. A highly refined masterpiece in its own right.

Everything2 An incredible open source encyclopedia of facts, stories, tutorials, poems, and any other thing you may think of. Behind it's outer façade, there is an elaborate system of highly critical contributers working at all hours. Some people like it...others...not so much. It is an acquired taste, I suppose. Just don't get scared if I throw you a link to here.