SilversGenesis: hi-hi.
Augmented Tom: hello.
SilversGenesis: did I beat you to it or are you just quick to reply?
Augmented Tom: you win.
SilversGenesis: yay.
Augmented Tom: you doing?
SilversGenesis: I'm...okay.
SilversGenesis: you?
Augmented Tom: my laptop makes me sad.
SilversGenesis: I hope it makes you unsad.
Augmented Tom: gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
SilversGenesis: kick it.
SilversGenesis: well..don't really. Just lightly pinch it.
Augmented Tom: NIOS-202-108: An attempt to load PIX.NLM failed because the module is not a valid NLM file.
SilversGenesis: okay, kick it.
Augmented Tom: Module C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32|IPX.NLM did NOT remain resident.
Augmented Tom: NIOS-202-109: An attempt to load SPXSKTS.NLM failed because the module references an undefined external: CNWIpxOpenSocket
Augmented Tom: SPXSKTS.NLM did NOT remain resident.
SilversGenesis: argh.
SilversGenesis: what can you do ?
Augmented Tom: There is a problem with a system file. Windows might not be able to run correctly. You might be able to fix this problem by running System Restore. If this does not fix the problem, please try reinstalling windows.
SilversGenesis: oh goodie.
SilversGenesis: sounds liek hours (and hours) of fun.
Augmented Tom: nope. i can't GET to windows so i can't RUN System Restore.
SilversGenesis: there any way you can mess with it by using an outside...input...thing?
Augmented Tom: the only thing i can access is the BIOS and i can run a linux bootdisk. but it's already been concluded that that will never work.
Augmented Tom: damnit, i should have made a windows bootdisk!
SilversGenesis: eek. I know just about nothing aroudn this area.
SilversGenesis: I wish I could help.
SilversGenesis: you can't make one with your other computer?
Augmented Tom: it's got to have specific registry files...and crap that i have no idea about.
Augmented Tom: i'm not cool enough to be a dork.
Augmented Tom: i'm pretty dull.
SilversGenesis: is this teh type of thing that you'll end up paying 1-800-geeks to fix?
Augmented Tom: no, it's all under warentee.
SilversGenesis: oh. that's good.
Augmented Tom: but the netadmin guy is evil and steals my laptop case and sends my laptop to india and molests me.
Augmented Tom: and he's mean.
SilversGenesis: India?
SilversGenesis: good god, why?
Augmented Tom: "repairs".
Augmented Tom: i don't need lepers working on my laptop.
Augmented Tom: just reformat the damn drive.
Augmented Tom: shyt.
Augmented Tom: i can't even make a boot disk if it were possible.
Augmented Tom: my laptop runs ME, this computer uses XP.
SilversGenesis: that's not cool.
SilversGenesis: Does it have anything deathly important on it?
Augmented Tom: a lot.
SilversGenesis: and is it unsure whether you can retrieve it?
Augmented Tom: sorry, i'm being selfish. how was your day now?
Augmented Tom: don't worry.
SilversGenesis: no, I don't mind. You don't talk about yourself often.
Augmented Tom: i'm just complaining.
SilversGenesis: you have the right?
SilversGenesis: duh.
Augmented Tom: i don't want to.
SilversGenesis: but, just so you know, I don't MIND...or anything.
Augmented Tom: thaaat's just okay.
SilversGenesis: but you'll still tell me what happens, I hope.
Augmented Tom: hah. yes, we'll see what happens!
Augmented Tom: now, what happened to you?
SilversGenesis: nothing really.
Augmented Tom: oh. okay. and how's the head doing?
SilversGenesis: 3 pounds lighter
Augmented Tom: feel like a new person?
SilversGenesis: ..not really.
SilversGenesis: but that's okay.
Augmented Tom: brain better?
SilversGenesis: ...probably just as deficient
Augmented Tom: perfect. i wouldn't want any of that to get mangled.
SilversGenesis: or possibly corrected. Now wouldn't that be horrible.
Augmented Tom: HORRIBLE.
Augmented Tom: don't say such things.
SilversGenesis: I won't. excuse me
SilversGenesis: (what's the dillio?)
Augmented Tom: neh, nevermind. i'm just subtly hinting that i'm dying to see. but anyway.
Augmented Tom: it seems that i've fabricated an ME bootdisk.
Augmented Tom: by selling my soul.
Augmented Tom: will it pay off?
SilversGenesis: ...I'm afraid to show you.
Augmented Tom: aw?
SilversGenesis: "an ME" ?
Augmented Tom: yep.
Augmented Tom: most letters begin with a vowel sound, you know.
Augmented Tom: "an R" "an S"
Augmented Tom: *grabby handy motions*
SilversGenesis: but.."m" isn't a vowel sound
SilversGenesis: yes, but it's very VERY short.
SilversGenesis: you might nto liek it.
SilversGenesis: ^ typos. nervousness.
Augmented Tom: It's pronounced "em"
SilversGenesis: I thought it was "meee"
SilversGenesis: but..I guess you mean " M. E."
Augmented Tom: yep. that's right, right?
Augmented Tom: (*grabbies continue*)
SilversGenesis: I always pronounced it "Windows meee"
SilversGenesis: but I'm dumb so that makes you right.
SilversGenesis: -fumble-
Augmented Tom: i don't muddle acronyms.
Augmented Tom: (*grabbies escalate to dangerous level*)
SilversGenesis wants to directly connect.
Augmented Tom ignores request; no connection was made.
Augmented Tom: damnit!
SilversGenesis: hah. okay.
Augmented Tom: that was a mistake.
Augmented Tom: and you know it.
SilversGenesis: dooo I?
Augmented Tom: i'll scream!
SilversGenesis: ok!
SilversGenesis wants to directly connect.
SilversGenesis cancels request; no connection was made.
SilversGenesis: that was a mistake too, by the way.
Augmented Tom: i baweave you.
SilversGenesis: ONE more try?
SilversGenesis: this is racking my nerves.
Augmented Tom: SURE>
SilversGenesis wants to directly connect.
SilversGenesis is now directly connected.
Augmented Tom: aha!
Augmented Tom: i grin like monkey.
SilversGenesis: for the suspense
Augmented Tom: *explodes*
Augmented Tom: (try again.)
SilversGenesis: hooold on
SilversGenesis: -loooading-
SilversGenesis: agh...don't laugh
SilversGenesis: eeek!
Augmented Tom:
SilversGenesis: yea
Augmented Tom: ah! that's so cute!
Augmented Tom: i love it!
SilversGenesis: don't lie!
SilversGenesis: be honest.
Augmented Tom: no, i love it. my face hurts from the smilies.
SilversGenesis: I knoooow
SilversGenesis: it's terrible.
Augmented Tom: it's great!
Augmented Tom: i feel as if my jaw is going to fall off, from being contorted into some sort of ultra smile.
SilversGenesis: it's a little longer than it looks there.
SilversGenesis: HAHA!
SilversGenesis: I smile now, too. Stop making me break my mouth.
Augmented Tom: haha. i CAN'T believe it.
Augmented Tom: it looks like two completely different people!
SilversGenesis: neither can I...
Augmented Tom: two completely different beautiful people at that.
SilversGenesis: that's INSANE! Only YOu, ONLY YOU could make me do that.
SilversGenesis: I've never had short hair.
Augmented Tom: aaahhaha. i love it. it looks sooooooo painfully cute.
Augmented Tom: i'd like to topple that girl.
SilversGenesis: I really hope you mean that.
SilversGenesis: I look so much liek my mom did when hers was liek that. it's creepy.
SilversGenesis: we can talk about something else now. Like my amazing COORS shirt
SilversGenesis: I'm not allowed to wear that at school.
Augmented Tom: i mean everything i say.
Augmented Tom: if i ever meant anything, i mean this.
SilversGenesis: well, thank you.
Augmented Tom: hah, i love you.
SilversGenesis: I love you. You know that.
SilversGenesis: You better know it.
Augmented Tom: i just have to be redundant because i've got nothing better else to say.
SilversGenesis: that's okay. we can move on.
Augmented Tom: i'd like to stay on you.
Augmented Tom: but that's your choice.
SilversGenesis: stay on me?
SilversGenesis: heh. what's that mean?
Augmented Tom: well, any number of things.
SilversGenesis: I'm yours. Do what you like.
Augmented Tom: oh. i'm still smiling.
SilversGenesis: I'm so glad.
Augmented Tom: i'm going to get awful wrinkles by the time the night is through.
SilversGenesis: yess!!
SilversGenesis: then my portrait can finally be accurate.
Augmented Tom: mmmno.
SilversGenesis: (no, not really. You're a wabajillion times cuter than that. )
SilversGenesis: I said wabajillion. that's a lot.
Augmented Tom: my god, that's so damn cute. ehehe. i'm dying.
SilversGenesis: no! don't die.
SilversGenesis: I'm laughing like a maniac.
Augmented Tom: i'm just... this is the best.
Augmented Tom: i don't know why. this is just... aaaahhh.
SilversGenesis: Are you okay?
Augmented Tom: i don't know!
Augmented Tom: maybe.
SilversGenesis: ahhh. Now I'm smiling again. agh.
Augmented Tom: i feel pretty good!
SilversGenesis: so do I!
SilversGenesis: you're amazing.
Augmented Tom: great...great...
Augmented Tom: eh, it's still going!
SilversGenesis: the laptop problem or the painful facial gestures?
SilversGenesis: I'll be leaving in twenty minutes.
Augmented Tom: facey smiley happy HAPPY HAAAAAAAAAPPPY...things.
Augmented Tom: comeon, that's just great.
SilversGenesis: please don't commit suicide in dispair. GOD CAN HELP YOU!!
Augmented Tom: i want that girl.
SilversGenesis: she wants you.
Augmented Tom: then get her ass over here.
SilversGenesis: but be careful, she wants you badly.
Augmented Tom: he wants you to the ooopth.
SilversGenesis: ....uh.....can't think of anything better than that. The infinith is only so much.
Augmented Tom: it works out just fine.
Augmented Tom: because i'm still smiling.
SilversGenesis: great. Hope you can fathom that.
SilversGenesis: I'm sooo glad. stop this madness. I might do something dangerous.
Augmented Tom: like?!
Augmented Tom: like!?
Augmented Tom: i live for the danger.
SilversGenesis: oh, something very crazy. don't know yet.
SilversGenesis: it's THAT dangerous .
Augmented Tom: YEs!
Augmented Tom: meheheh... you're wonderful.
SilversGenesis: naw. You're just crazy.
Augmented Tom: you wanted it SHORTER?!
SilversGenesis: oh, it;s longer than it looks
SilversGenesis: just long enough to do this wierd loopy thing on the sides. I have horns.
Augmented Tom: *squeals*
Augmented Tom: bah, that's just so adorable.
SilversGenesis: whatssamattuh?
Augmented Tom: watch as i adore you.
SilversGenesis: -watches in fear-
SilversGenesis: PHEAR.
SilversGenesis: so...when do I get to see more of you?
Augmented Tom: i...wouldn't know.
Augmented Tom: would you like to?
SilversGenesis: yes.
SilversGenesis: indeedy.
SilversGenesis: I should be going as soon as possible, so...heh...can you try to make me want to leave?
Augmented Tom: uh...what?
SilversGenesis: put me on ignore..
Augmented Tom: no, i must compliment you on your hair and beauty.
SilversGenesis: nevermind. I'll just fail on the TAKS, no big deal.
Augmented Tom: and describe in great detail my desire to tackle and kiss you.
Augmented Tom: good.
Augmented Tom: glad you understand.
SilversGenesis: and I would love that so much.
Augmented Tom: i'm planning strategy
SilversGenesis: oh?
SilversGenesis: you've peaked my interest. tell me about it.
Augmented Tom: oh, i can't tell you. (geh, i'm still smiling.)
Augmented Tom: how'd you turn out so beautiful?
Augmented Tom: that's in my interest
SilversGenesis: great. let's hear it [hee.]
SilversGenesis: you're kidding, right?
Augmented Tom: i won't tell you. you'll just have to find out. requests are welcome, though.
Augmented Tom: i kid you not.
SilversGenesis: request. a request right here.
SilversGenesis: ooh, pick me.
SilversGenesis: -waves hand around wildly-
SilversGenesis: silly Tom, I've fallen for you already. No need to flatter me. It's already done.
Augmented Tom: yes? yes you, the beauty. come on stage so i can violently hug and kiss you. then we'll maybe get to the request.
SilversGenesis: haha.
SilversGenesis: okay.
SilversGenesis: -arrives on a pogo stick to emphasize enthusiasm-
Augmented Tom: pogo!
Augmented Tom: mind if i hop on with you?
SilversGenesis: not at all.
Augmented Tom: why thank you.
SilversGenesis: no problem
Augmented Tom: i like the hair.
SilversGenesis: I liek the Tom.
SilversGenesis: like, too.
SilversGenesis: and lkei, also.
Augmented Tom: you mind if i touch it?
SilversGenesis: nope.
SilversGenesis: wish you could.
Augmented Tom: oh, mee too. i still smile.
Augmented Tom: this might be the longest smile ever.
SilversGenesis: don't hurt yourself.
Augmented Tom: i can't control it.
SilversGenesis: always have tranqualizers.
Augmented Tom: i don't want to control it.
SilversGenesis: I don't want you to, either.
Augmented Tom: then it's settled.
SilversGenesis: agreed.
Augmented Tom: *scrolls up again*
Augmented Tom: eeek! hahaha. i looooooove it.
Augmented Tom: quit that.
SilversGenesis: ahhh. stop that. I'm going to melt.
SilversGenesis: it's freezing in here and I STILL feel all feverish.
Augmented Tom: and whhhhhhhhy might that be?'(eh?)
SilversGenesis: gee...
SilversGenesis: one can only wonder
Augmented Tom: 'eah, i don't know either.
SilversGenesis: We'll probably never(TOM) know.
Augmented Tom: i'll..erm...write a letter to the president about it.
SilversGenesis: Surely he'll know.
Augmented Tom: i bet it.
Augmented Tom: he's wise.
SilversGenesis: so wise that even you don't know what he knows.
Augmented Tom: ah. nobody's ever told you that you're perfect?
SilversGenesis: you're the first.
SilversGenesis: but that's a weird kind of thign to say...
Augmented Tom: me first? well. weird.
SilversGenesis: it's not true. That's just foolish.
SilversGenesis: and I'm sure somebody's todl you how great you are at everything.
Augmented Tom: might want to look out for serial rapists at school tomorrow.
SilversGenesis: and how much your personality fits your D-lish-us appearance.
SilversGenesis: a=aha.
SilversGenesis: Alex said "you're gonig to get hit on by all the lesbians"
SilversGenesis: it's a scary thought.
SilversGenesis: How's the computer thing going?
Augmented Tom: hee. i was thinking that too.... (hah.)
Augmented Tom: glad to hear you're hetero and ashamed, though.
SilversGenesis: it's true
SilversGenesis: everyone down here likes LONG LONG hair on girls. intensely so. I'm practically signaling "all lesbians come flirt with me"
Augmented Tom: i'd have to get my wig.
Augmented Tom: you look soooooooo good.
SilversGenesis: you have a wig?
SilversGenesis: (haha. you're just saying that. thank you for the support)
SilversGenesis: oh, did you say you wanted those mecha screenshots?
Augmented Tom: neh, don't deny my rachelust.
Augmented Tom: oh, yes.
SilversGenesis: file send or just through connect?
Augmented Tom: send, i should think.
SilversGenesis: you might already have this first one
SilversGenesis wants to send file shot_23-01-03_095248.jpg.
Augmented Tom received C:\Documents and Settings\TOM\My Documents\download\augmentedtom\shot_23-01-03_09 5248.jpg.
SilversGenesis: can't find the second one
SilversGenesis: it was neater
Augmented Tom: neat toe.
SilversGenesis: look at teh bottom, it has all the seperate "screens"
SilversGenesis: that's so neat.
Augmented Tom: i'll look forward to my advanced graphic interface if no more of my computers die. thanks.
SilversGenesis: wouldn't your parents go balistic if you ruined both the computers?
Augmented Tom: heh...i don't know. whatever.
Augmented Tom: what about you?
SilversGenesis: what about me?
Augmented Tom: what about you?
SilversGenesis: for what?
Augmented Tom: what if i ruined both computers?
SilversGenesis: oh..oh. yeah.
SilversGenesis: I would...go insane.
SilversGenesis: more than ballistic.
SilversGenesis: but I don't want to think about that.
Augmented Tom: okay.
SilversGenesis: I mean...what would YOU do? go outside and play and learn what the sun loosk like..?
Augmented Tom: i got what i wanted anyway. the hair. it does not disappoint!
SilversGenesis: I hope you wake up still thinking that.
SilversGenesis: eeee.
Augmented Tom: i'd probably learn to whittle.
Augmented Tom: i'll get you tatooed to my forhead.
SilversGenesis: haha.
Augmented Tom: "what an attractive forhead you have."
SilversGenesis: so you don't have ot see it.
SilversGenesis: whittle a small dog if your computer crashes, and then send it to me.
Augmented Tom: no, so when i look into the mirror, i will be able to see something i love.
SilversGenesis: and then you'll also see something I love.
SilversGenesis: I'm so selfish.
SilversGenesis: heh
SilversGenesis: dun dun DUN!
Augmented Tom: oooh.
SilversGenesis: google. heh.
Augmented Tom: aw! i was on his buddy list...
Augmented Tom: (am?)
Augmented Tom: it's today.
SilversGenesis: how cute.
SilversGenesis: yes
SilversGenesis: just now
Augmented Tom: oh. wowie
Augmented Tom: .i thought he dislike me.
SilversGenesis: naw
SilversGenesis: why would you think that?
Augmented Tom: a feeling.
SilversGenesis: you're too paranoid.
SilversGenesis: I don't know anybody who dislikes you.
Augmented Tom: what about all of the people i respect?
SilversGenesis: what abotu them?
Augmented Tom: don't the hold me in disdain?
SilversGenesis: -doubt doubt doubt-
SilversGenesis: whoever gave you that idea?
Augmented Tom: a feeling.
SilversGenesis: I might not know those people, but they'd have no reason for NOT likign you.
SilversGenesis: I'm going to try to type slower now, because typos really make it hard to seem serious.
Augmented Tom: i get what you're saying. you don't need to try to convince me.
Augmented Tom: i've got to be going.
SilversGenesis: good. I can go now, too.
Augmented Tom: hah.
SilversGenesis: Feelings aren't always correct.
SilversGenesis: so, anyway. goodnight. sleep well.
Augmented Tom: then we all can leave in a cute widdle group.
SilversGenesis: how ideal.
Augmented Tom: now you have a FUN day tomorrow.
SilversGenesis: oh great
SilversGenesis: ice on the roads
SilversGenesis: I'm going to die in a crash.
Augmented Tom: nooooooooo.
SilversGenesis: see you then. have fun.
Augmented Tom: eheh. i save this conversation now.
SilversGenesis: haha.
Augmented Tom: goodnight!
SilversGenesis: 'Night!
Augmented Tom: (i loooove it.)
SilversGenesis: I looove you.
Augmented Tom: it being YOU. i love YOU. nobody try and stop me.
Augmented Tom: you look good smiling.
: and of course, mutualism applies!
SilversGenesis: (